Is there a universal cure for insomnia?

Are you too early to wake up in the morning? Is it very hard for you to fall asleep? Do you often wake up at night and cannot sleep again for a long time ? In this case, you can diagnose yourself insomnia, it’s not sad to state this.

If this torments you for a long period of time, you need to determine why this is happening. These are mainly two reasons.

1. A serious disease, and maybe not one, in which insomnia accompanies the underlying ailment. Do not invent anything, only to the doctor.

2. Physical and mental fatigue, and possibly low physical activity, as well as stress. In this case, this problem can be eliminated without resorting to expensive sleeping pills.

You can choose your own medicine for insomnia yourself, resorting to the methods of alternative medicine. The simplest remedy is hot foot baths at bedtime. This will relieve fatigue and calm the nervous system. And if at the same time, you still rub whiskey with lavender oil, then a dream will surely come. Put a linen bag with hop cones near the pillow - the result will not be long in coming.

A cure for insomnia can be not only a folk remedy in the form of medicinal herbs, but also alternative medicine options. Yoga, with various sledges, helps to fall asleep and sleep longer. With various poses, straining and relaxing various muscle groups, as well as with proper breathing, we control our nervous system, help it achieve normal levels, respectively, and fall asleep normally. While the dream will be improved, yoga should not be done sporadically, but purposefully for a month.

A cure for insomnia is also a normal way of life. Alcohol abuse leads to persistent symptoms of insomnia. Yes, a drunk person falls asleep quickly, but also quickly wakes up, because, "the alcoholic’s dream is strong, but short-lived." Overeating at night also leads to an inferior sleep, due to the increased work of the stomach. And for smoking in general, a separate conversation. Lent vessels of the brain suffer from a lack of oxygen, the brain fights this with all means, and instead of resting, it spends all its reserves to restore oxygen in the blood.

The cure for insomnia during stress is primarily the elimination of the effects of stress. If the person cannot cope, then it is necessary to turn to the help of a therapist who will get the problem out of the soul and help find the causes, and teach how to get rid of it. Relaxing massages, warm baths, aromatherapy, self-contemplation are just some of the ways out of stress and restoring sleep.

Preparations for insomnia, which are available today in the arsenal of medicine, are quite diverse. These are barbiturates, tranquilizers, and hypnotics. In their action, they are different, and each of them specifically affects the body. But, like barbiturates, tranquilizers cause side effects, and what is most sad, addiction to them. A person becomes addicted to these drugs. Perhaps he will sleep, only the question arises: "What will happen if this drug is not before bedtime?" Nothing good. Irritability, fatigue, emptiness, aggressiveness and - depression, hello! Only for very serious medical indicators can they be prescribed for admission.

How to overcome insomnia? The question may seem rhetorical, because each person struggles with this problem alone, hoping, of course, that he will succeed. But if you really get tired of insomnia, then first of all, you need to go to the doctor to get expert help. Understand the reasons to the end, listen to smart advice and make a decision. And a way to defeat insomnia can be found: whether it’s alternative methods of treatment, alternative treatment, up to urinotherapy or medical treatment. The main thing is that you don’t need to "go in cycles", and everything will turn out.


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