Nail design: french with sparkles. Manicure Ideas

French with sparkles on the nails has a unique magical effect of attracting the admiring attention of others. This is not surprising: in addition to the already recognized worldwide and over the years proven technique of decorating nails in the style of French manicure, nails decorated with additional shiny elements look quite expressive and attractive. This is evidenced by the furrowing Internet open spaces of a photo jacket with sparkles on the nails, relevant in the season 2018-2019.

Classic brilliant french manicure

The classical modification of the nail frame in the French design, which has long been loved by most of the beautiful half of humanity, began to be adjusted, modified, improved over the years. In place of the snow-white classics in combination with the transparency of the main coating come new variations of the nail decoration as a shiny french. At the same time, there are many ways to apply such a technique, and the most common of them is applying a clearly defined smile line in the form of shimmering microparticles densely planted to each other in the form of a thick gel, gel polish or shellac with sparkles on a previously prepared glossy transparent nail surface.

Brilliant French combined with a pigment base

In addition to the standard application on the natural color of the nail surface of the jacket with sparkles, the nail design using colored materials for painting the main coating looks even more expressive. In this case, you can choose absolutely any color, of course, in compliance with their compatibility with each other. For example, silver spangles in the smile zone against a deep coal background look very extravagant. The golden shining placer of shiny pollen on the pronounced scarlet coating of shellac looks quite expensive and fashionable. And the delicate pink surface of the base studded with pearl spangles according to the level of the French smile captivates with its sophistication, sophistication and grace.

Do not forget that any jacket with sparkles can be decorated with a design in the form of an additional drawing, painting or various kinds of blanks in the form of stickers, adhesive-based prints, aquarium tools and other elements of nail decoration.

Shiny french with pigment base

Glitter french manicure

One of the very convenient ways to turn manicure into an aggregate flickering radiance is glitter. He is a true helper in modeling brilliant nail designs. Photos of glitter french sequins, which are full of social networking pages, are living proof of this. At the same time, its convenience lies in the initially dry sandy substance, due to which the jacket with glitter is very easy to apply on nails in different spatial planes:

  • entering sparkles under the gel as a plain French smile;
  • the formation of the ombre effect by mixing two colors of glitter;
  • modeling a rainbow smile in a French jacket in the manner of a twist with laying out several color shiny lines in parallel to each other.
The use of glitter in modeling the jacket

French shimmer manicure

French with sparkles on the nails in the form of a shimmer is an alternative to manicure with glitter. The only thing that distinguishes them is the sparkle calibration: in the shimmer they are even more actively ground. Often, a shimmer is used as an accent element in modeling the demarcation zone between a smile drawn with a bright gel and the main surface of the nail bed. Many different photos with a french jacket and a nail design with sparkles from shimmer dust reflect the current trend in manicure 2018, focused on the accented transition from the base color (or a transparent primordial background of the foundation) to a brightly colored smile pigment layer of the gel - the effect is amazing.

French with a shimmer

French manicure with mica

Mica as an integral attribute in the arsenal of any qualified nail service master must be tested by him as a material for modeling a jacket with sequins on nails. Due to the thick consistency of its composition and the filling of a bottle of various calibers with spangles of shredded foil, mica can turn an ordinary French manicure into a shining work of art. In this case, the main color of the main coating of the nail can be absolutely anything, it is only important to observe the contrast during the subsequent selection of the shade of mica. In other words, when choosing a light base coat, it is appropriate to use a dark, pronounced mica, distributing it with a thick layer along the cut level of the nail and gently disappearing closer to its middle, thus forming a smooth line of a smile of a jacket, rather than a clearly defined one. And vice versa: you can recreate the picture from a dark base in combination with a light shade of mica in the opposite manner - the effect is no less striking, as can be shown, for example, a photo of a white jacket on nails with sparkles of snow-white flickering mica on a deep bright background.

French manicure with mica

Mirror glitter french manicure

Perhaps the most relevant, most sought-after and most popular type of jacket with sequins on nails today can be called a design with a mirror effect. Appearing on the world stage relatively recently, this nail design won the hearts of a huge number of fashionistas and now does not let its audience go. The technique of modeling this kind of nail art is to outline the smile zone of the jacket not with a simple gel, but by applying dust shine crushed into dust - rubbing it on. Treated with a sponge and rubbed into the gel, it creates as a result the amazing reflective effect of the mirror presence on the nails. At the same time, you can also choose any color scale and shade of rubbing, observing the compatibility of colors in one combination. You can also vary the usual gloss or mat of the base and the mirror of the smile of a jacket with a reverse model, making the basis of the design a mirror coating, and the smile zone with gloss or mat.

Mirrored French Manicure

A wide range of modeling possibilities for a bright french jacket with sparkles on the nails pleases with its diversity and inspires modern girls to create new bright and extraordinary shiny images.


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