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email client for android
Without digital technology, it is already impossible to imagine the modern world. Real meetings are replaced by social networks where we communicate daily. Any things can now be purchased via the Internet, and everyone has e-mail. And even if you do not have a laptop or computer, but just a smartphone or tablet, there is always the opportunity to install an email client for Android, if your device runs on this operating system. Next, we will consider the most famous programs and describe their main features.

One means invincible!

Many devices on this platform already have a built-in application for checking emails. Its only drawback is that it suits people who have only one mailbox. As a rule, the role of such a program by default is played by Gmail or Yandex.Mail. The latter has expanded functionality, the user can use it not only as a mailbox, but also store their documents on Yandex.Disk, as well as communicate in the social network If you have several email addresses registered, then the pre-installed email client for Android will be inconvenient for you. Consider other mail programs that will allow you to receive correspondence from different services.

K-9 Mail

email client for android exchange
When it comes to receiving mail from different email addresses, they always remember this email mobile application. What is it convenient for? Of course, first of all, the fact that this program is absolutely free. Moreover, the developers created it on the principle of open source, that is, any user can improve its functionality if desired. Many users who have downloaded this email client for Android 4 note its amazing usability and intuitive interface, even if this is your first time working with this program. Yes, โ€œK-9โ€ does not have any outstanding functionality, but the standard features required by each user when working with mail are enough. You can search for letters in a mailbox, enable notification mailing, synchronize folders, mark individual messages. It is impossible not to say that this application allows you to insert your signature at the end of the letter, and also supports the ability to store mail on the smartphoneโ€™s memory card. Download and install the program "K-9" allows most telecom operators and mobile Internet providers.


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This email program for Android belongs to shareware or, as they are also called, trial versions. This means that you can use the email client for free for a month, after which you will need to pay for further use of the application. ProfiMail has a fairly โ€œancientโ€ interface design, which modern users will not be easy to understand.

Mail droid

The name of this application speaks for itself and makes it clear that the program was created specifically for the Android operating system. MailDroid is perhaps the best email client for Android, which exists in both the free and paid versions. Moreover, these two options are not much different: the difference is only in the way of turning pages (in the free version there are no special buttons for this task) and scaling to fit the screen automatically. But the developers of the program took into account the ability to view pages, moving from one to the other using a swipe, and the scale changes on the touch screen with two fingers in the zoom mode.

What about the interface? He got a modern design and convenient usability, where the control buttons are in the top menu. All standard mail client functions are saved in MailDroid, here you can filter and sort incoming messages in various ways. This will protect you from spam and help you always find the right message among hundreds of others. The application also supports the automatic movement of incoming emails to the folders you set (for example, notifications about comments on social networks will be immediately moved to the designated folder).

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For e-mail holders on the server, it may be convenient to use this vibrant mobile application. This mail client is suitable for "Android Exchange", supports downloading the logo or initials of the sender, which simplifies the recognition of the recipient. Itโ€™s easy to manage, as the program is perfectly adapted for touch screens. In addition, the client allows you to add several electronic mailboxes of other services, which is also very convenient.

So where to stop?

Checking dozens of mailboxes using dozens of mobile applications is inconvenient and irrational, so opt for one, but the most functional service. For example, if you are completely satisfied with the built-in mail client on your device, use it. But if you have several active email addresses, you will have to choose programs with different capabilities. And you already know some of them!


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