Coffee "Cart Noir": types, consumer reviews

Coffee "Carte Noir" refers to a premium product. Several varieties of it are presented on the Russian market. A distinctive feature of this product is that the manufacturing company uses only the highest quality raw materials for its manufacture.

Coffee "Cart Noir": a brief description of the product

coffee card noir
The above product is manufactured by Kraft Foods, which appeared on the Russian market 15 years ago.

“Carte Noire” is a whole line of types of coffee. Both natural ground and soluble above products are available on the market. Although the latter is in great demand among consumers. The fact is that the Carte Noir brand instant coffee is of rather high quality and practically does not differ in taste from custard.

It is interesting that a consumer who prefers coffee in Turkish chooses this particular product in a soluble form.

Historical reference

The Kar Noir trademark originates from 1978. It was founded by a resident of France, Rene Monier.

To gain popular popularity, the manufacturer decided to use only the highest quality arabica to make the above drink. Therefore, in the near future, “Cart Noir” took the lead.

This name was invented by the image maker Frenchman Jacques Segela. This man is called in the world as "the one who makes kings." He created a special image for such persons as Alexander Kwasniewski (President of Poland), Francois Mitterrand (President of France), Joseph Antalla (President of Hungary), etc.

With the "kitchen on your knees" began the production of the above product. Over time, the manufacturer attracted more and more new technologies for making this drink. Nowadays, the Kraft Foods company produces about 28 varieties of Carte Noir coffee, natural and 9 types of instant. At the moment, the company is releasing a new product: coffee in pads and capsules.

It is the unsurpassed quality, unforgettable aroma and exquisite taste that made the product of the above brand popular all over the world.

Soluble Carte Noir

card noir instant coffee
This product is represented by two types:

  • decaffeinated - in a package of black and blue;
  • classic - in black and green packaging.

The manufacturer of “Carte Noire” offers its consumers several varieties of packaging: portioned bags, glass jars and others.

It should be noted once again that it is Carte Noir instant coffee that is very popular. The price of this product in Russia is from 696 rubles per can of 190 grams.

Its distinctive feature is that it retains its taste and aroma as much as possible.

Natural ground "Carte Noir"

coffee card noir Price
This product is produced in two types:

  • coarser grinding;
  • soft grinding.

The first type is used to make espresso.

Coffee "Carte Noir" in beans is quite high quality. Special packaging is able to maintain the original taste and aroma of the product. “Cart Noir” is an excellent option for daily use, especially for those consumers who love high-quality arabica.

It is interesting that the French are the true connoisseurs of this drink. Every day, residents of France prefer to start their day with a fragrant cup of coffee. It should be noted that the drink of the above brand meets these criteria. Premium product is Carte Noir natural ground coffee. Its price in Russia is from 300 rubles per package.

The cost of Carte Noir coffee beans is from 287 rubles per 250 grams.

Types of coffee above

coffee card noir milicano
This product is produced in several types, which are well represented on the Russian market:

  • "Cart Noir" instant (in bags) is an elite coffee. It is produced according to special technology. The difference between this type of coffee is that it retains a truly real aroma of a natural custard product as long as possible. The “Carte Noir Milicano” coffee is characterized by a special taste. It is called a new generation product. This is freeze-dried instant coffee that contains a natural roasted ground product.
  • “Carte Noir Velor” - this type of coffee is made from selected varieties of arabica, it is distinguished by a particularly fine grinding. It has a fairly strong taste and a very bright and rich aroma. This variety of the above product is great for whipping up. Therefore, the main group of its consumers is office workers.
  • “Carte Noir” in grains - it is made from Colombian arabica varieties, which are distinguished by premium quality. This drink is characterized by a strong and bitter taste, quite rich aroma.

Carte Noir has many more varieties of coffee, so every lover of this drink will be able to find a unique, their own taste.

Coffee "Cart Noir": consumer reviews

coffee card noir reviews
The above coffee is very popular among lovers of this type of drink, as evidenced by many positive reviews. People write that “Carte Noir” has an exquisite taste with a certain sourness.

Many consumers prefer natural ground coffee, they are only advised to brew it in a Turk or in a special machine. It has a richer taste, and more benefits.

There are reviews of a group of people who like granular instant coffee of the above brand. They claim that its taste and smell really resemble natural ground.

Consumers do not consider the price of this product too high. After all, it fully justifies its quality. And even more.

Carte Noir coffee is special. This product is for true connoisseurs of taste and smell of this drink. Feel its sophisticated rich aroma. And you can never drink coffee from another manufacturer.


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