How to disassemble a computer chair: brands, models, technical differences, necessary materials and tools, step-by-step instructions for performing work and expert advice

A computer chair is a piece of furniture that provides the user with convenience and comfort in the workplace. On the market, it is office models with a large number of varieties that are suitable for both office premises and home. This article will discuss models, major manufacturers, as well as step-by-step instructions for disassembling a computer chair.

Designated Varieties

Chairs are divided into the following classes:

  • For the head of a company or enterprise. Such a piece of furniture is characterized by a high degree of comfort and convenience, since it is required to provide just such conditions for the work of the head.
  • For workers and staff. The chair is less comfortable in relation to the previous view, but also does not cause the user any obvious inconvenience.
  • For visitors. Due to the fact that many people use this item during the day, the products are not particularly distinguished by their qualities, but are very durable.

If we are talking about home use, then the choice depends on the preferences of the owner. For important people who focus on convenience, of course, a head chair is suitable, since there are armrests on it, and the comfort of such furniture is very high.

professional chair

For the rest, budget chairs that have a standard set of functions are suitable.

Varieties by Material

The following materials can be used as a coating:

  • Genuine Leather.
  • Imitation leather.
  • Mesh material.
  • The cloth.
    worker chair

Of course, a leather cover will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than others, however, the quality will also be higher, and the chair will be more durable. Basically, a leather cover provides relaxation. However, the office option makes the place comfortable, but not designed to relax. You can highlight the advantages of leather chair cover:

  1. High strength eliminates the risk of scuffs and tears.
  2. Convenience in the care of the material. Leather coatings do not need frequent cleaning, and are rarely contaminated.
  3. Softness and warmth. It is these qualities that provide comfort to the user.
  4. The skin is resistant to low temperatures, so there is no risk of cracking of the material.

Faux leather is actually a great substitute and a budget option. Such material is almost no different from its original and has all the same properties as natural. Therefore, do not underestimate the seats with artificial leather.

The mesh material provides the user with additional ventilation. Basically, the backs of chairs are made from this material. However, the seat can also be made with such a coating. It is worth paying attention to the mesh material, as it is hygienic due to ventilation.

Fabric chairs are budget furniture, so they are suitable for people who can not afford leather. The fabric of the chairs gives softness and also does not absorb odors.

Varieties by mechanisms

The solution to the main question, how to disassemble a computer chair, will also depend on the mechanisms present in the chair. Designs can be both ordinary and advanced. The following devices belong to modern models:

  1. Wheels They provide chair movement in any direction.
    castors for chairs
  2. Height adjustment It is regulated by a special lever, which is located under the chair. Such a mechanism is arranged in the form of a piston. He then picks up the phone, increasing the height, then lowers the handset, reducing the height.
    height adjustment
  3. Backrest tilt adjustment. This mechanism is very useful, since it can be used to set up a chair as a working chair, as well as change it to a resting place by folding the back.
    chair back
  4. Mini pillows for the head and back. Some facilities are equipped with such amenities. With the help of these pillows you can remove the load from the spine and neck and provide yourself with maximum comfort.
    chair cushion


The main companies in Russia for the production of armchairs are:

  • CHAIRMAN. The organization presents a large assortment of chairs for both home and office. The company is constantly improving its products depending on the needs of users. Armchairs are tested by many people.
  • "BUREAUCRAT". The company also has a large number of different chairs. You can choose exactly the model that suits the characteristics of the user.
  • "METTA". Armchairs of this manufacturer have a rather low price. Also, the products are distinguished by their metal base, due to which the strength of the chairs is high.

Reasons for parsing a computer chair

There may be several:

  1. Change the location of the chair. The chair may be too large to move it assembled, so it would be more advisable to disassemble it into parts.
  2. Damage to the details. To find out the reason, you may also need to disassemble the chair.
  3. Replacement of the component. It may be that the user is not happy with some detail, so he needs to first take apart the chair.
  4. Other reasons.


Before you learn how to disassemble a computer chair, you need to prepare the tools that you will need for this process:

  1. The key with which you can unscrew the bolts.
  2. Rubber mallet.
  3. Hand gloves so as not to get dirty with lubricant.

Step-by-step instruction

Now that you have prepared all the necessary tools, you can get down to business. How to disassemble a computer chair:

  1. First you need to turn the chair over so that the legs are at the top. In this position, it will be much more convenient to work with a chair.
  2. Now you need to disassemble the armrests, if any. They are usually attached to the seat and back with bolts. They must be unscrewed and the armrests disconnected.
    armrests armchair
  3. Now you need to remove the connecting part between the seat and back. This is done by unscrewing the bolts that secure it. After removal, the back and seat are divided into two parts.
    chair mechanism
  4. The next step is to remove the pipe on which the entire structure is installed. This is done by knocking it out with a rubber mallet.
  5. Now you should understand how to disassemble the wheel from a computer chair. It is necessary to unscrew the bolts that secure the part. This is done with a wrench corresponding to the size of the nut securing the wheel. It is best to do this with a disassembled base to make it more convenient.
    chair cross

How to disassemble the back of a computer chair?

The back is disassembled if it is necessary to replace the upholstery or it is damaged. Also, the removal of the headrest is carried out by disassembling the back.

As already mentioned, when the connecting part is released, the back and seat are also disconnected from each other. This is how the back of the chair is disassembled. To remove the headrest, you need to unscrew the bolt holding the part.

chair head


The question of how to disassemble a computer chair with your own hands is resolved. Apparently, an inexperienced person can do this. Therefore, there is no need to call the wizard.


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