Fortune-telling by the Book of Changes

The Book of Changes is not just fortune telling, it is one of the oldest philosophical texts in China. The earliest mention of it dates back to 672 BC. The Book of Changes, in fact, is a kind of code of wisdom based on observing the world around us. Under its influence, the science, philosophy and art of ancient China developed . Its name arose from the main idea - the variability of the world. To this day, fortune telling in the Book of Changes is used to understand how harmonious life is, how much it goes in unison with the natural cycle, and also to get answers to important questions of the present and future.

The Book of Changes was used by many psychiatrists and psychologists, the most famous of which is Carl Jung. It contains 64 hexagrams - a symbol that reflects a certain life situation in the process of its development. Hexagrams consist of six features - solid or intermittent. A solid line indicates an active state (or Yang), and an intermittent state indicates a passive state (or Yin). From these designations, the name of the science that studies this type of fortune - telling - ijinistics - arose. Deciphering the combination of these traits is fortune-telling according to the Book of Changes. This interpretation takes place according to tetragrams, i.e., all hexagrams are divided into parts consisting of three lines.

Fortune-telling according to the Book of Changes was as follows. In order to get a hexagram, it was necessary to take the yarrow stems (50 pieces) and very slowly place them between the fingers, trying to remember the combinations, translate them into numbers, then to build a diagram. Of course, this was a very long, complicated and not accessible to everyone process.

Of course, now fortunetelling has been greatly simplified, and instead of stems of yarrow, other objects are used, most often coins. To conduct fortune-telling on the Book of Changes in our time, you will need three coins of any denomination, as well as paper and a pen. Next, you need to concentrate, clear the mind of extraneous thoughts and think about the question that interests you. After you have clearly and clearly comprehended and set yourself this question for yourself, toss up the coins and see how they went down. If most of the coins (i.e. two or all three) lay down with the eagle up, you need to draw a solid line, and if it is tiled, then an intermittent one. Repeat the process six times to get six lines. Each subsequent line should be drawn above the previous one. Then you need to find among the hexagrams the one that corresponds to your drawing, and read the interpretation.

Fortune-telling according to the Book of Changes does not always give a clear and precise interpretation. The fact is that it is built on images that you yourself need to understand and comprehend. Not all hexagrams speak of good, there are also very unpleasant predictions of the future. However, do not worry too much about this: The Book of Changes is a philosophical treatise that not only predicts, but also advises. Try to understand what she told you and keep unpleasant predictions to a minimum.

Before starting the fortune-telling, you need to familiarize yourself with the simple rules. You cannot ask more than one question in one fortune-telling session. You cannot also ask the Book the same question several times - the first answer will still be true, even if you did not like it. A book is a creation of good and light; it cannot be asked questions that are somehow related to causing harm to other people. And the last: if you have a hexagram with a meaning that scares you, do not be discouraged, rather try to make sense of the situation and understand what you are doing wrong.

In order to read fortunes from the Book of Changes, it is not at all necessary to buy it. There are many fortune telling sites on the Internet, among which there is fortune telling by the Book of Changes: Juno, Fortune Teller and others.


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