IBD gel polish - a new concept in the nail service industry

ibd gel polish

It would seem how much more time must pass before the modern beauty and nail service industry could come up with such a varnish that, after application to the nails, could not be washed off or damaged within a few weeks. In this case, it would not be worth turning to nail extensions. After all, many representatives of the fair sex continue to consider this procedure very harmful for their manicure. Some complain that after building the nails have become brittle and no longer grow.

What is IBD gel nail polish?

First of all, this is a modern tool for the final part of manicure and pedicure, with which your nails will be brought in full order. IBD gel polish is not considered to be gel and varnish counting. This is the most durable structure, which is one hundred percent gel. The invention of such a plan was made back in 2011, and is getting its direct distribution now. Fashionistas increasingly like the fact that IBD gel polish is absolutely harmless to nails and adheres to them perfectly.

Procedure for applying and removing IBD gel polish

In fact, IBD gel polish does not require unnecessary investments for its use. That is, you will not need to buy additional expensive funds that will need to be removed. The entire application and removal procedure is similar to regular manicure and pedicure.

The positive aspects of using IBD gel polish

IBD gel polish has many advantages that tend to the use of this particular nail care product an increasing number of fair sex representatives:

  • Absolute absence of any harm to your nails. The application and removal procedure (a thin film will come off the nail plate upon removal) of such a gel polish will not be any different from a regular manicure or pedicure.

gel polish ibd reviews

  • Price question: for many, this is the main criterion in favor of choosing one or another personal care product. As experts explain, since the procedure for applying such a gel polish is not much different from the usual, it means that its cost is the same. It will vary between 120-150 rubles., Depending on the salon and specialist.
  • The consistency of IBD gel polish is very similar to regular varnish. Therefore, the usual procedure will bring excellent results.
  • In addition to the aesthetic effect, this gel polish in the most remarkable way affects the health of your nails. They strengthen and look shiny in the end.
  • It dries quickly on nails even without the use of special UV lamps.
  • IBD gel polish does not have any unpleasant odor and is approved for use in absolutely any salons and beauty institutions.
  • Its main difference from other similar means is that the gel content in it is 100%, therefore it is non-flammable and completely life-threatening liquid.
  • Usually, it’s customary for masters and specialists in the field of nail service to call this tool just like gel, so it becomes more clear for the bodies of inspection of beauty salons.

gel nail polish ibd

Women's opinion about IBD news

Many fashionistas have already tried IBD gel polish. Reviews about it are mostly only positive or neutral. Of course, in the modern world there are a lot of fakes of any means. Therefore, if we are talking about quality cosmetics for nail care, then visitors to beauty salons note the following advantages of IBD gel polish:

  • does not drip on the nails;
  • easy to apply and dries quickly;
  • the color scheme of the presented company impresses with its variety of different shades;
  • the price of the procedure surprises and stimulates to do it again;
  • the product stays on the nails for a long time, even if you do any homework, and also do not correct the manicure for several weeks;
  • Some women have shown a significant improvement in the health of their nails after applying IBD gel polish.

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