How to discipline yourself: ways and methods, psychological techniques, tips

Who is a disciplined person? First of all, he is the one who rationally uses every minute of his life. In our turbulent age, this quality is especially necessary. In addition , discipline is one of the components of success in life. It affects the formation of personality and human habits. In other words, discipline is one of the most important elements that make up life success. If a person does not have such a quality, then he will not have internal growth and movement forward. Indeed, in this case, the energy will be wasted on completely unnecessary things, which will not allow the individual to reveal his inner potential.

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Of course, solving a problem whose main question is “How to discipline yourself?” Is not so simple. It can be difficult for us to control ourselves. Of course, this will require willpower, and personal motivation, and faith in oneself. So how to become disciplined?

Is it necessary?

Many people believe that only those who are very lucky can achieve their goals. Indeed, sometimes it seems that the quick rise of individuals who were not known to anyone yesterday, but today are at the pinnacle of fame, is nothing more than luck. Of course, such a factor as luck is present in our lives. And this is not even excluded by psychologists. Nevertheless, even a happy accident is not able to help a person who is not ready to perform the actions that are required of him. But the acquisition of various skills is possible only when the individual has discipline.

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In addition, self-organization is simply necessary for those who understand that they give up, give up, stop believing in themselves and succumb to the negative influence of various external factors, because all this interferes in achieving life goals. In the event that a person wants to achieve something, he must abide by certain rules, which will help him to solve the problem. And it doesn’t matter if he likes it or not. Only by following certain rules can you come to what you dream about. How to become a disciplined person?

Willpower Development

How to discipline yourself? To do this, you need to develop willpower, and a person can always do this independently. Moreover, it does not matter at what level in this indicator he is currently. You can always develop this quality in yourself.

It is worth noting that self-discipline is almost the same as willpower. We can say that these concepts coincide by 90%, or even more. Indeed, in both cases it is a question of opposing the desire to do something or, on the contrary, not to do it. However, willpower is considered a limited resource. As for self-discipline, it is a model of human behavior, its way of life.


How to become a disciplined person? At the initial stage of work on this issue, it is necessary to allocate some time. And this will already be the first step towards self-organization. You need to sit down and calmly think over a plan that will allow you to reach your goal. It should include those actions that need to be taken in order to carry out the plan. Psychologists recommend heading such a plan. For example, "Discipline yourself." Such a title will become his main goal for a person. In addition, the plan should contain columns with specific names. Among them are the following: “Actions and the beginning”, “Possible difficulties” and “Strategies for overcoming problems”, as well as “Report”. Consider what the content of these columns should be.


How to discipline yourself? For this, it is necessary to outline the steps that will allow you to reach your desired goal. What should they be? For instance:

  • give up habits that in vain take the right time;
  • find the necessary information on the issue of interest;
  • Ask experienced people for advice.

Actions can be very different, which is why they should be considered in advance and entered into the plan.


How to discipline yourself? To do this, you need to decide on the time when the steps outlined in the first column begin to be performed. Of course, you can plan for yourself any term and schedule any day. However, psychologists recommend not delaying this issue, because this will already be some counterweight to human self-organization. But when the deadline is set, adhere to it without fail. Otherwise, all work will become futile.

For example, a person who decides to attend a gym, just needs to start doing it within the time limit set by him. Otherwise, the desire to engage in will disappear, and the goal will not be achieved. After some time, most likely, the person will again decide to play sports. However, at the same time he will be tormented by remorse that he had not previously achieved his goal.

Probable difficulties

When preparing a plan for self-organization, it is necessary to consider and predict the obstacles that may arise on the way to achieving the goal.

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For example, someone who wants his habit to get up at 7 a.m. but knows for sure that he will fall asleep after the alarm rings should indicate his desire to sleep in this column. A person predicting possible obstacles in advance greatly enhances the chances of success.

Coping strategy

How to increase your own organization? For this, a person sometimes needs to turn to someone for advice or use the brainstorming method. Such ideas will be the most remarkable options reflected in this column. Those ways in which the problem was unsuccessfully solved earlier can become action templates. They should be applied in the future in various situations.

In the event that a person knows that his previous experience can hardly be successfully used as a strategy to overcome difficulties, he should come up with new, more effective methods. For example, when the alarm clock is not able to lift a person out of bed with his call, he should put it away. In this case, to turn off the signal you have to get up, which will make you finally wake up.


This part of the plan does not contain any planning points. This column is filled only after a person has performed all the actions to achieve the goal.

Daily planning

How to discipline yourself in business? Doing business requires the daily execution of a large number of cases. How to keep up with them? To do this, you should devote time in the evening to planning the next working day. Such tactics will save a ton of time and tune in already in the right way. In addition, waking up in the morning, you don’t have to think about where to start doing your job.

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When drawing up such plans, psychologists advise specifying the time period that will be required to complete the plan. It is recommended to start the most difficult tasks in the morning. The fact is that they will take the most time.

Planning your day in this way also develops that very self-discipline. When setting the time interval, do not forget about a small reserve. After all, not everything goes as smoothly as we would like. Unforeseen contingencies may interfere with plans. For example, a car breakdown, a sudden illness, etc. In this regard, in addition to the main plan, it is always recommended to develop a fallback.

It is also necessary to have responsibility. A disciplined personality is always distinguished by this. A man should never tell anyone that he is unable to accomplish anything. And even in the case when the opinion of others is not so important for him, you should not deceive yourself. If a person is really strong and disciplined, then he will not throw words to the wind. A person who hears such advice will soon gain confidence in his abilities and will feel self-satisfaction.

Implementation of the plan should not be postponed. Largely thanks to self-discipline, you can achieve your goal.


One of the most effective psychological techniques for establishing self-discipline is to punish yourself for not fulfilling your plans. How does a similar system work? In order to accustom themselves to do everything on time, psychologists recommend using a kind of whip. Its role should play various fines.

What excites modern man most of all? Of course, the material side of life, that is, money. Therefore, they are chosen as punishment.

A person will be able to develop self-control and self-discipline much faster if he knows that failure to fulfill his task will lead to a loss of money. It is up to him to establish a specific amount. For example, this may be 1% of the average monthly income. So, those who receive 30 thousand rubles a month will have to pay 300 rubles. How to do this? For example, when making plans, a person made a promise to do yoga daily. But one day he did not conduct these classes. The result is a fine of 300 rubles. Psychologists also recommend somewhat complicating such tasks. For example, to pay fines in case of violation of the terms of the plans. Suppose if classes were scheduled for the morning, but because of laziness, the person transferred them to the evening.

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To whom should such fines be paid? To the one who does not return this money. For example, to children. They can buy toys or tickets to the circus for the whole amount. Money in the form of fines can be given to charity, as well as to parents or other relatives. But in any case, they should no longer return to the person. Only in this case, such fines will bring significant benefits in establishing self-discipline.

Of course, on the one hand, it seems that 1% is quite a bit. However, the amount that will accumulate for several fines will make a person think that sticking to their plans is still better than sacrificing salaries.

Not only a whip, but a gingerbread

A person will not be able to become disciplined if he does not have an additional incentive to this. Otherwise, according to psychologists, sooner or later, but he will certainly refuse to complete the task. What should be this gingerbread? Here everything will depend on the preferences of the person. For example, if he really likes massage, then this procedure can be allowed as a reward. The main thing is that what is supposed to be incentive does not particularly affect the implementation of plans.

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How to discipline yourself for losing weight? In this matter, you can also allow yourself to eat something that is not part of the chosen diet after a week of proper nutrition. But it should be something that is not too harmful (not a cake). A woman who can say about herself that she is disciplined and organized is recommended to encourage herself, for example, with baked meat.

You don’t have to leave the plan at all, motivating yourself by meeting with friends, going to the cinema, etc. The rules of self-discipline do not have a rigid framework and most often vary on a case-by-case basis. But be that as it may, a person should have a certain “carrot”, which will allow him to find strength at the moment when it becomes especially difficult.

Child discipline

Parents should not only engage in their own self-organization. To ensure that the child is disciplined is also important. However, approaches to this issue will be somewhat different, because there are serious age differences between adults and children.

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How to discipline a child? Psychologists do not recommend applying physical punishment for this. This method only hardens children, making them aggressive and irritable. They need to be praised and rewarded in every way for good behavior. However, the "carrot", which is intended as a reward, should be given only after what has been done. Advance “payment” will only relax the child. And subsequently, he will do everything after the sleeves.

Important in this matter is the behavior of adults in society. So, disciplined adolescents always understand that their parents themselves are responsible people. That is why they strive to take an example from them.

In order to accustom the child to discipline, psychologists advise in every way to promote his good behavior. To do this, adults must say aloud the praise their child deserves.

Children are waiting for their actions to be approved by their parents. That is why adults should hug, kiss and smile at the child, if he really deserves it. At the same time, the actions of the child should be commented on. Parents should say, “You're done.” This will allow the child to understand that all actions entail certain consequences. It is this awareness that will help him discipline himself.


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