The most beautiful nail designs. Ideas for everyday manicure

Female beauty is an incredible power. In addition to a neat appearance, beauty gives women self-confidence. But so that this force does not leave, it is necessary to maintain its existence by various trifles, starting from underwear and ending with nail polish.

Perfect look

Women's style is not only a fashionable handbag, shoes or clothes, but, of course, a beautiful, fashionable nail design. Now, in order to look perfect, many women go to beauty salons, where their nails are put in order. This is quite a costly pleasure. To save your budget, you can purchase gel polish and do manicure yourself, especially since a beautiful nail design with gel polish can be found in any fashion catalogs. Choosing a style, do not restrain yourself. A manicure should be not only fashionable, but also bright.

the most beautiful nail designs

The most beautiful nail designs. The choice of fashionistas in 2016

Design should begin with a choice of the shape and length of the nail. This year, women give preference to small nails with a square shape, which will be slightly rounded in the corners. And lovers of long nails are advised a rounded shape. As for the design, minimalism will be in fashion this year. But there will also be various experiments with rhinestones, stones, foil. A novelty and peak of the season will be a lunar manicure, as well as bright colors of varnishes.

Choice of summer nail design

In order to get the desired result, it is necessary to take into account not only your tastes and preferences, but also pay attention to fashion trends. Today, there are a huge variety of nail designs that you can please yourself. This summer, a multi-color style with unobtrusive drawings, stencils and patterns is gaining popularity. Such a nail design will appeal to any fashionista. Do not be afraid of acid flowers. Summer is a period of rich and delicious colors. You can safely experiment with color and not be afraid to spoil your work.

Tips from world leading experts

A huge number of fashionistas from around the world have already experienced such a miracle of nail service as gel polish. Such a service can be obtained both in a beauty salon by a specialist, and at home. Now there are many specialized stores and online stores where you can purchase everything you need.

What do experts advise this year? Most women prefer extreme minimalism, so French manicure or moon manicure is perfect for them. You can choose any colors for this type of design , because these designs will not ruin anything. French and moon manicure can be decorated in a small amount with Swarovski stones or a light and delicate pattern. You can also select one kind of fingernail, often a ring finger. It can be covered with any one color and decorated as desired.

design for short nails gel

The cell and strip will also be fashionable. In this case, you can combine two completely different colors.

An excellent choice of nail design will be a water manicure or special stencils and translations.

Beautiful modern nail designs

beautiful nail design gel polish

Gel polish has come into fashion relatively recently. Women began to experience the novelty on themselves, and nail specialists, designers began to invent new designs.

  1. French. The most popular style. The design standard is the snow-white tip of the nail plate. Often the white color is replaced by any other hue you like.
  2. Liquid stones. To obtain the desired use stained glass gels. Such decorative stones can be of any shape.
  3. The most beautiful nail designs cannot do without ombre. Gradient manicure is suitable for lovers of several colors that are harmoniously combined.
  4. The effect of broken glass. To create such a manicure, use foil or a special film. These simple materials will help create the desired nail design. Summer is the best time for this, because such a style is bright and looks great in the sun. It is best that there is a contrast between the varnish and the foil, but it should not be too large.
  5. The most beautiful nail designs are often presented in an artistic style. The base is painted with acrylic paints or medium varnish fluid. Art manicure will decorate nails with intricate patterns or ornaments. Such a design will be a great addition to any image.
  6. Classic monophonic gel polish will never go out of style. If you are tired of patterns, effects and murals, then the monotony is perfect as a replacement for them. Such a coating can be either glossy or matte.

beautiful fashion nail design

Do not choose any particular nail design for yourself, summer is a great time to experiment. You need to be bright and conspicuous, and the varnish will highlight elegant handles.

Design for short nails with gel polish

Not all women are owners of long and chic nails, many are content with what they have. Today, short marigolds with a beautiful coating have come into fashion. But not all colors will fit this length. You need to carefully choose the style. The most beautiful designs of nails with a short length can be found in various fashion catalogs.

summer nail design

  1. The bright and juicy color of the varnish (red, burgundy, raspberry, dark carrot) is perfect for short nails and visually lengthens them.
  2. Horizontal stripes only worsen the view. They visually expand the nail and make it sloppy.
  3. French is, of course, beautiful, but not in this case. Such a design will visually shorten the nail plate even more.
  4. Light varnishes are not the best solution. Such shades need to be avoided. After all, they visually reduce the nail.
  5. Glare and sparkles add brightness and visibility. Do not be afraid of such inclusions in design. They will look beneficial.


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