DIY wicker fence - a great addition to any site

The country house offers great opportunities for those who prefer a beautiful and vibrant design of their site. For example, wicker hedges that always look original and colorful are the decoration of any garden. In addition, this design is quite inexpensive, and it is easy and simple to build a wicker fence with your own hands, because it is made of rods, branches that are

do-it-yourself wicker fence
fly among themselves.

Harvesting branches

To begin with, it is worth stocking up with material, namely rods. It can be a vine, willow, hazel and any other shrubs and trees with flexible branches. Installation begins with the fact that pegs are driven in at a distance of about 50 cm from each other. If the rods weigh quite a lot, then the distance will increase. Do-it-yourself wicker fence is created, as a rule, from twigs and branches harvested in spring or autumn. As stakes can use pine branches of greater thickness, their lower ends are sharpened and processed with bitumen or vitriol. Stakes are interlaced horizontally with rods. Willow branches are ideally suited for weaving, since they are distinguished by sufficient flexibility. So, for work you need to stock up:

- rods of willow;

- pegs made of metal;

- carpentry hammer;

- strong wire.

How to make a wicker fence?

how to make a wicker fence

By the way, if a functional and durable fence is planned, then the rods should have a thickness of at least 2-3 cm, and twigs with a thickness of 1-2 cm are suitable for creating a decorative fence . For example, to give the branches a certain shade, you can use stain or potassium permanganate, vitriol and even varnish.

Before you start making wicker fence their hands, you need to prepare the branches: clean them from the bark, then immerse thick ends in water. This is necessary for the allocation of juice. After a week, the rods are cleaned using a special device called a โ€œsqueezerโ€ - this is a kind of narrow-shaped plug, the inner edges of which are sharpened. It consists of two parts, between which they insert a branch and pull on themselves. By the way, this part of the work is the most complex and lengthy.

wicker fence

After the vine is prepared, it is dried. The fence itself can be made using horizontal or vertical weaving - it depends on the wishes of the owner.

Wicker fence their hands erected in several stages:

1. Fence supports are installed - they should be the same height and thickness. If the weaving is vertical, then between the posts you will need to install the cross members -

DIY wicker fence photo
they will become the basis of the frame of the future fence.

2. Horizontal weaving begins at the bottom of the fence. Rods "snake" one after another lead over different sides of the supports. The ends of the rods must be secured with wire for structural reliability.

3. The vine must be constantly sealed with a carpentry hammer, while the ends of the rods should be located on the inside of the hedge.

So the wicker fence is ready with your own hands. The photo shows all the beauty and harmony of this design, if it is performed correctly. You can use a similar fence inside the site, for example, when dividing it into zones, or you can enclose the entire site as a whole.


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