How to learn to stand on hands

The ability to stand on hands cannot be called a mandatory exercise, which is necessary for every person in everyday life. Nevertheless, those who can stand on their hands, can boast of quite strong muscles, toned. The thing is that this stance is a very difficult physical exercise. Everyone can learn to stand in their arms, but this requires enhanced training and frequent training. In addition to muscle tone, this exercise significantly improves people's self-esteem.

Many people are interested in the question of how to learn to stand on their hands without resorting to the help of a professional trainer. The answer to this question contains several points:

1) Firstly, you need to regularly develop your body. Regular push-ups and pull-ups are an excellent preparation of the muscles for a handstand. You need to train your muscles until you no longer feel discomfort while standing on your hands. It is best to do the exercises several times a day. It should be noted that 20-25 push-ups should be done daily. Only such classes can lead to a good result and at the same time answer the question of how to learn how to stand on hand. The muscles of the upper extremities can be strengthened not only by push-ups and pull-ups. Regular swimming can help with this.

2) It is best to start trying to do a handstand with insurance. To do this, you just need to go up to the wall and stand on your hands in such a way that you have your back to it. This will not allow you to fall, which many people are afraid of who want to understand how to learn how to stand on hands. In this case, you first need to fully lean on the wall. And then slowly try to give the body a vertical position. This surface should only be used as insurance. From the wall you need to periodically push off. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor the position of the palms. It is advisable that they are 25 cm from the wall. At this stage of training, vertical push-ups will perfectly help. For convenience, between the hands you can put an ordinary pillow and push-ups, touching her head. Such an exercise can quickly develop the body.

The above items will help the muscles of the arms and the whole body to prepare for the execution of the rack.

People who want to understand how to learn how to stand on their hands, during training, need to remember what should be the position of the body. The most important thing is that the body should be upright. The body should in no case bend in the lumbar region. Also, the body should not be a bent corner, which may appear as a result of the fact that the legs are not brought to the top point.

At the moment when it will be clear that the hands are able to hold the whole body in an upright position for a long amount of time, you need to go to the next stage - the first step, standing on your hands. If at the same time you can maintain balance, you need to take a few more steps. If after one step it was not possible to maintain balance, then you need not stop, but try again. When everything starts to work out, you need to try to "walk on your hands" over long distances. To do this, when walking, you need to bend your knees, balancing them. This will help maintain balance during such a difficult load. Having successfully completed such actions, we can assume that the question of how to learn how to stand in the arms of a house is closed.

The ability to stand on hands is a rather difficult exercise. But, having learned to fulfill it, each person can consider himself athletic and strong. It is also worth adding that a stance on the upper limbs increases self-esteem. After all, not everyone can perform this exercise.


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