Reception desks - the face of your company

Remember the famous words of Stanislavsky about the hanger with which the theater begins? Paraphrasing the expression, we can say the same about the reception desks, because any company begins with them. According to statistics, the first impression of potential customers depends on the interior in the room and the harmonious location of the reception desk in it. As you know, it is often decisive, and therefore the choice of the rack should be given maximum attention.

reception desks
Do not forget that the reception desks are the face of your company. Therefore, in addition to their main functional purpose, they also carry a significant image burden. This is where visitors should get the required information about your company, as well as set the tone for further relationships.

To organize a convenient reception area does not require special investments or a huge area. By and large, a few tens of square meters will be more than enough.

The reception area must include an administrative desk, several armchairs and a sofa, where visitors can comfortably sit in anticipation of a reception. You can add to this set a coffee table with several popular publications.

As a rule, reception desks are located with a facade towards the entrance to the room. However, if you have a lack of square meters in the reception, it is quite possible to place it near the side wall.

reception desk
A good stand should be convenient for both company staff and visitors. For example, the level of the countertop from above should ideally be located at a height of 107-130 centimeters, that is, at the level of the eyes of a seated person. Employees of the organization, sitting at such a height, will be able to provide themselves with a good overview of the room and feel some psychological security.

Modern models are equipped with special height-adjustable worktops, which makes them much more profitable in terms of performance.

The reception desks may have different lengths. It depends on the needs and characteristics of the company itself. The more people you have to take daily, the larger the item you need.

The configuration of a good reception desk should include a special cabinet for the system unit, as well as a retractable stand for the computer keyboard and much more. Often inside the countertop are the so-called cable channels - wires from computer peripherals and office equipment are laid in them.

reception desks

And, of course, mobile reception desks should be trendy! The ideal option is to make an individual thing to order, which is a logical continuation of the interior of the room and presents the corporate identity of your company. As for fashion trends, options made using modern metal and glass are becoming increasingly popular. They look very simple, but spectacular, able to organically blend into almost any style.


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