What feedback does the hardware pedicure cause for customers?

It is nice to be healthy and attractive, especially for women. The presence of manicure and pedicure has become mandatory in self-care today. But remember how much time you had to spend in the cabin for carrying out these procedures? Now it is required much less thanks to the use of modern processing methods. That is why hardware pedicure gets a more favorable review from customers than the classic trimmed way of treating legs.

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This type of procedure can not be used in all cases, for example, if the skin of the feet and the nail plate are too thin, then they are easily injured. On the contrary, for too coarse feet, the combined method of treating the feet is more suitable, that is, first steaming with a classic trimmed pedicure, then grinding with a machine. The hardware pedicure receives the best review with constant care. If you do it once every two weeks, the result will be pink, like a baby's heels. The main thing in this matter is not to let foot care go by its own accord.

What is the difference between a hardware pedicure technique and a usual one? The sequence of actions is approximately the same. First, the nail plate is processed, then the cuticle is removed using a machine, and the last stage is grinding the feet with cutters of varying degrees of roughness, depending on the condition of the skin.

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The only difference is that the review states that the hardware pedicure is done without steaming, instead it uses a special tool to soften the roughened skin and disinfection, which is applied using a spray directly on the skin of the feet a few minutes before treatment.

The device is something like a boron machine, which can be seen in the dentist’s office, only with a small control unit. The difference between an amateur home use machine and a professional appliance is not only in price, but also in power and, consequently, in the number of revolutions per minute. Also, the professional use kit includes a large set of milling cutters for processing, the surface quality of which is higher, due to which the best result is achieved when processing the feet.

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Apparatus pedicures Moscow and other regions are increasingly preferring classical edged, because the better the surface is treated, the longer it remains smooth. After the usual smoothing of the skin surface by a machine, it is possible to have not completely polished sections, which subsequently turn into cracks and abrasions, and this is impossible in the case of machine grinding. Such a recall is caused by hardware pedicures for most customers, but how many people have so many opinions, so you should always be based on personal experience. Better to try once than hear a hundred times. You can find this service in almost any modern salon, the masters try to switch to the hardware type of processing, since it takes much less time to complete it.

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