Fortune telling at home is a great way to know the future

A variety of fortunetelling methods have been known since ancient times. A man has always been interested in how his future life will proceed when he gets acquainted with his soul mate, how many children he will have, especially the female part. After all, the future of the girl largely depended on when she got married, whether she would give birth to children, whether she would be happy. The young women wanted to prepare for their fate and find out what the future husband would meet: whether he was handsome, rich, quarrelsome or affectionate, a hard worker or a drunkard.

Today, fortune telling at home is more fun, a way to spend time and make girl gatherings more diverse. Nevertheless, interest in such an event does not cease. There are various specialists who are able to answer any secret questions with the help of crystal balls, cards and other attributes. The Internet is also not far behind. By accessing any online resource with fortune telling and prediction, you can find out the future, and be prepared for the blows and surprises of fate.

But, nevertheless, fortune telling at home is the most interesting. Obviously, not a single computer will create a special intriguing atmosphere that occurs when a house is enchanted. The atmosphere itself enchants when girls, taking candles, mirrors and other accessories, perform a ritual of divination or start fortune telling on maps at home.

In order to find out if there will be love, when the bridegroom appears, girls of a suitable age gathered together, cleaned the house, prepared the details and began to try their luck.

For example, they took wax candles, inserted them into the walnut shell and lowered them into a basin filled with water (today they use special floating candles). That girl whose candle burned faster than others will get married in the near future, and the one whose candle has floated and burned the longest is waiting for a bachelor life. And, if the shell sank, then its owner will remain a girl for the rest of her life.

Another variant of fortune telling at home is the ritual at the crossroads. You must go to the crossroads at midnight, draw a circle, stand in it and wait patiently, listening to the surrounding sounds. If you heard funny music, singing, laughter or the sound of bells - there will soon be a wedding. If a sad song or crying, then be unhappiness.

Fortune-telling on New Year's Eve happened like this: the gathered girls went out into the canopy and from the woodpile, without looking, took firewood in an armful. Returning to the room considered booty. If the number was even - you will marry this year, odd - in the coming year with the wedding you will have to wait.

In addition to the prospect of getting married, the girls were always worried about who would become their life partner, how he would look - suddenly someone from friends.

Those who had stronger nerves arranged fortunetelling at home with two mirrors. This method since ancient times is considered the most terrible and dangerous, but the result is the most understandable and clear.

The fortunetelling girl needs to put two candles on the table, between which one large mirror is installed. The second is set opposite so that the reflection in both mirrors creates an endless corridor. Here it is also required to look out for the image of the groom. This process is quite lengthy, and you can dream of anything, but you can’t talk, and there should be no pets in the house. When the groom appears, he can be seen, but you can’t get him closer along the corridor, you immediately need to put a mirror on the table.

In cases where there is a fiancée, but you want to know about his feelings, they make fortune telling at home on a camomile, like yes or no. If a flower is not found, then everything that has parity will do. For example, peas or beans, cells on the tablecloth, nails in the floorboard. Then a question is asked, and it is considered that if an even occurs, then the answer is positive, otherwise it is negative. The same thing with solitaire, if formed, then it will come true.


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