Fortune telling: gypsy alignment

Fortune telling on Tarot cards is a fairly popular way to look into the future. Those who are already familiar with this type of predictions have probably heard of the gypsy distribution of Tarot. This is a very ancient method of divination, which can help in covering many interesting questions.

tarot gypsy layout

What is it for?

Before we consider how to correctly guess in this way, we find out why this alignment is necessary. As a rule, during its implementation it is very important to take into account a certain period of time: week, month, year. He can show the relationship in a person’s environment, his hidden abilities, talents and what fate hides from him. As a rule, for the gypsy distribution on the Tarot, there is no need to clearly formulate the question. It is enough to think about the event of interest to you and the time during which it will occur.

Fortune telling

Before proceeding to divination, you need to relax and free your head from unnecessary thoughts. Incorrect attitudes can lead to cards giving false answers. Only one question or situation that worries you should remain in your head. Think about it, feel the feelings that it causes in you. Only after that it is necessary to pick up the deck and begin to shuffle it. Gypsy alignment in the Tarot, like any other, must be performed without the presence of unauthorized persons.

tarot cards gypsy layout

In addition, there are several varieties of this fortune-telling: small and large layouts. The second gives a more detailed answer, but also requires more time for divination. Let's consider them in more detail.

Small layout: fortune telling technique

This method of divination is the most popular, since it requires much less time and knowledge of card combinations. Even a novice to perform this alignment will not be a big deal. It requires only 7 cards. In addition, if the question is quite important and complex, then for fortune telling you should use only the cards of the Senior Arcana. To conduct a small gypsy distribution of Tarot, they are laid out in the shape of a triangle, starting from the top, while pronouncing the necessary words. The first card is my Self, the second - which adorns me, the third - which frightens me, the fourth - which leads me, the fifth - which will not leave me, the sixth - what will become of me, and the last - what will remain with me. Next, you need to determine what the drawn cards mean in the gypsy distribution of Tarot.

Interpretation of the results

Of course, in order to get an answer to this question, you need to know the meaning of each card. Consider an example.

guess tarot gypsy deal

The first means "higher self." These are thoughts that worry a person, the essence of the problem that he asks about, its deep meaning. In this case, the Page of Pentacles means that a person has a chance to change something. Most likely, he is at a crossroads and does not know which way to choose.

The second card - “that loves you” - indicates events and people who bring positive emotions and good luck to your life. In this particular case, the Strength card fell. It means that in fact a person has a hidden inexhaustible power. He does not use all his reserves and for this reason finds himself in a difficult situation - this is what Tarot cards say in the gypsy scenario.

The third card indicates negative circumstances and people. The Seven of Wands signifies gossip, intrigue, and struggle. The card warns that through the fault of others, you may find yourself in a quandary.

fortune telling tarot on love men gypsy alignment

Answering the question “what leads me” the map indicates events that should become a lesson for you. It is necessary to pay special attention to this card, to rethink your behavior and change it. In this case, the Four of Cups means an oversupply. She warns that a measure is needed in everything. If, for example, the question concerned love relationships, then this card may warn of excessive pressure on the partner.

The fifth card symbolizes inevitable events. Even knowing about them, you cannot change them. In an inverted position, the Ace of Swords means a conflict situation, aggression, unforeseen expenses.

Sixth and seventh show the coming events regarding the issue. They symbolize the outcome of the situation. In this scenario, Nine Cups and Page Cups symbolize good news, unexpected pleasant meetings. Undoubtedly, the situation that was asked about will be solved in the best way if the questioner corrects his mistakes that the previous cards told him about.

Big deal

To get a more detailed answer in this way, it is recommended to guess. In Taro, the gypsy alignment (large) is performed with the help of the Senior and Minor Arcana. They must be divided. Senior Arcana is used by everyone, but from the second you need to randomly select 20 pieces. Next, the deck must be well shuffled, ask her a question and put it into six piles. Each will produce the same number of cards, equal to seven. Now the first pile must be laid out in one row (top), the next below - and so all six piles. You will get a rectangle consisting of six rows and having 7 cards in each. Next, you need to determine the value of the received cards.

fortune telling gypsy

The interpretation of the divination of the tarot. Gypsy layout (large)

Of course, determining the value of all 42 cards seems at first very difficult. However, in fact, everything is much simpler. First of all, you need to remember that the first row tells about the past, the second - about the present, the third - about the future, the fourth - about inevitable events, the fifth - what should be avoided, and the sixth is the result of the situation. In addition, in this scenario, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the Senior Arcana and begin to interpret each series precisely from them.

There is another way of interpretation. It is associated with a sphere that a person asks about. For example, if the question is about the financial plan, then first of all, you need to pay attention to the suit of the Denarius (Pentacles). It is based on the value of these cards, and we should continue to interpret all the others. In relationships and the love sphere, the suit of the Cups will help to understand. First of all, attention is paid to them and their combinations with the Senior Arcana and only then they begin to interpret all the others.

fortune telling tarot gypsy layout

The Significance Of The Senior Arcana

These cards are very important and significant in each scenario. In the divination on the Tarot cards in a large gypsy scenario in the second row, you must select the Senior Arcan, which corresponds to the requested problem. It is starting from this card that the interpretation should continue, considering other cards. For example, the Tower means the collapse of all hopes and plans, the Wheel of Fortune - fate, events that cannot be influenced. Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Priest - these cards in the gypsy layout symbolize the people around. The Jester and the Hanged Man - foes and frivolous acquaintances, the Moon, the Sun and the Star - are certain important events in the life of the questioner.

The Significance of Junior Arcana

Of course, one should not underestimate the role of the Minor Arcana in divination on the Tarot cards. Gypsy alignment is no exception. First of all, you need to know that they are all divided into 4 suits: Denarius, Cups, Swords and Wands. Each of them symbolizes a certain sphere of life.

So, Denarius represent the element of the Earth, and therefore, are associated with monetary affairs. The predominance or lack of these cards in the layout is not a good sign. In the first case, this suggests that a person is over-active in life, and in the second, on the contrary, that he is passive.

small gypsy layout tarot

Swords - a suit of struggle and confrontation. Too many cards of this suit indicate that the person is in a quandary. If you guess the love of a man in the gypsy scenario of the Tarot, then in this case, the Swords indicate that you will have to fight for attention. Most likely, you will have a rival.

The element of the suit of the Cups is water, which means that they symbolize feelings and strong emotions, both good and bad. These are all the experiences that a person will experience in relation to his problem. The interpretation of this particular suit is very difficult, since, as a rule, the cards of the Cups need to be interpreted depending on those nearby.

When fortunetelling on the Tarot in a gypsy scenario, such a suit as Wands can also fall out. They symbolize work, responsibilities, business transactions, plans. If the questioner asked the question about this particular area, then it is necessary to pay special attention to the Wands in fortune-telling. They will tell how a person’s work will progress, whether he should take risks and what to expect.


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