What is yoga good for men?

Nowadays, the word "yoga" takes on a completely different meaning, which has little in common with real yoga. A variety of fitness centers, seeking to attract the attention of as many customers as possible, teach yoga along with aerobics. In these classes, a fitness instructor who has read some book on yoga exercises shows members of the club simple asanas. Such training has nothing to do with the ancient discipline. This is just a stretch mark. It would be a big mistake to go to yoga in the fitness center. The student can not do without a real experienced teacher who has been practicing this discipline for about a dozen years.

The ancient concept of yoga is very deep, it can not be explained in a nutshell, it is associated with Hinduism and with many Indian traditions. But this discipline teaches to control your consciousness. Meditations help one become more conscious and wise. A practitioner of yoga gets rid of harmful negative emotions - anger, envy, resentment ... He significantly improves his physical and mental health. Yoga classes take place on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Undoubtedly, this discipline is one of the best ways to improve oneself. However, not everyone has the tenacity to continue classes regularly.

Yoga for men will be especially beneficial. A strong half of humanity usually lacks the ability to control their mind and control themselves. Yoga classes will make a man more responsible, persistent, courageous, help to keep calm at a difficult job, teach you not to give up on difficulties and quickly make reasonable decisions.

Everyone who at least once tried to seriously plunge into the world of real yoga, noted that this discipline has many different directions. The most popular direction is hatha yoga. Such yoga is well practiced at home. For beginners, this is the simplest direction that you can study at home without continuous monitoring by the teacher. Hatha yoga techniques are based on working with breathing and on strengthening physical form with the help of static asanas. Performing these asanas, the student should focus on his feelings and do all the proposed exercises consciously, relaxing the muscles during stretching.

Classical yoga is a complex structured teaching based on the eight steps of Patanjali. A lot of literature has been written about this yoga, but I must say that this direction is rarely practiced in its entirety.

Another common area of ​​yoga is Kundalini Yoga. This kind of well-known discipline is associated with the awakening of kundalini energy. The practices of such yoga are based on meditation. This direction is undesirable for beginners and everyone who is poorly aware of their internal energy.

Raja yoga, kriya yoga, jnana yoga and others are much less common in our country. However, there is one relatively new direction - dynamic yoga or Ashtanga-Vinyasa. This yoga is ideal for men and all who find it difficult to concentrate without physical exertion. This school develops physical endurance, forcing the student to spend all his strength on complex dynamic exercises. After such a training, as a rule, complete relaxation and deep meditation automatically ensue. It is to this complete physical, emotional and mental relaxation that everyone who practices yoga strives for.

Why is Ashtanga-Vinyasa the best yoga for men? Many men are result oriented. They are used to the fact that to achieve any effect in the classroom, you need to make an effort. It would be psychologically difficult for them to engage in a calm static discipline. Yoga for men should gradually change that consciousness. Of course, these classes should include good meditation, and not stop at ordinary sports training. However, you need to carefully choose the time for classes. Dynamic yoga before bedtime is not the best solution for a novice student. But Ashtanga Vinyasa in the early morning is the key to a successful cheerful day, a guarantee of good health and excellent mood.

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