Feng Shui in the apartment: the secrets of the ancient method

feng shui in the apartment
Feng Shui in the apartment of most Russians, and residents of other countries - this phenomenon is permissible, but not entirely correct. This situation is due to the fact that this technique appeared more than 6 thousand years ago in China and was intended for the arrangement of burials. In the following millennia, it was transformed into methods of design and layout of a detached house, which was designed according to certain canons.

If people have the opportunity to live in a separate building, then you can try to use Feng Shui for home. And you need to start from the adjacent area. If possible, it is better not to make the driveway directly directed to the house, especially if it also narrows in front of the doors. This can attract negative energy. But it’s also better not to have paths far from home, because in this case energy will not come to your home at all. Optimal is a slightly winding, smooth road approaching the entrance. Such options for planning the site, by the way, were often used in European palaces, where carriages drove up to the side of the building in an elegant semicircle. In the same way, water flows adjacent to the dwelling of rivers. It is better if the site itself has a square or round harmonious shape. If there are sharp corners, then it is advisable to block them with a decorative fence, plant trees, plants.

The implementation of the principles of Feng Shui in an apartment or house begins with the front door. She must have a threshold of a couple of centimeters to avoid household health problems. If the door is at the very top of the stairs, then to attract financial luck, you need to hang a small octagonal mirror on it. It also makes sense to pay attention to which side of the world the entrance / exit from your home is carried out. For example, if the door goes to the northwest, then the man will dominate in the house, and if to the southwest, then the influence of the feminine is great. The door to the south promotes active life, and its opposite is the entrance from the north side, on the contrary, a quiet or even passive life, etc.

feng shui for home

Feng Shui in the apartment can be used in the selection of furniture, fabrics for decor or bedding, when arranging some decorations. For example, even a door mat can be selected to enhance or neutralize the flow of energy. Chinese craftsmen do not recommend installing chairs directly in front of the door, especially for honorary people. It is better to put them facing the entrance, but slightly to the right or left. It is also advisable not to put chairs and armchairs with the backs to the window. If there is no way to avoid this, then you need to put plants on the windowsills in order to avoid the feeling of danger in the person sitting in them.

The basic rule of feng shui in an apartment that any family can adhere to is order. Chinese sages said: β€œIf it is cleaned in the house, then there will be order in the country. And if there is order in the country, then there will be peace on earth. ” Clean windows, washed floors, laid out things contribute to the proper circulation of energy, maintaining a favorable, healthy atmosphere.

feng shui zone
Dividing an apartment into certain sections, each of which is a container of some values, is another area that feng shui deals with. Zones in the home are determined based on the cardinal points. There are nine sectors in total:

  • North (position in society, career);
  • central (wealth, stability);
  • southern (family reputation);
  • Eastern (happiness in family life);
  • Western (happiness and luck of children);
  • southeast (material well-being);
  • southwest (relationships with partners);
  • northeast (study, life experience, mentors);
  • Northwest (business relations).

In order to determine the location of zones in the apartment, you need to draw its plan into a square, including nine quadrangular figures (squares, rectangles), where in the middle there will be a central sector, on the sides are the main cardinal points, and on the diagonals - intermediate. Then put the northern sector on the northernmost part of the apartment and get the location of the remaining zones, each of which must subsequently be issued in accordance with the canons.

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