Howard Dwight: biography, career, photo

Duyat Howard is an American basketball star who played in the center and heavy forward positions. He played for the Oranlando Magic Club for most of his career, and also played for the Los Angeles Lakers in one season. Currently playing for the Houston Rockets. He played for the USA at the 2006 World Cup and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games .

Carier start

Dwight Howard studied at a school in Georgia, Atalanta, where he became a fan of basketball. He won one competition after another, at the children's and youthful levels he had no equal. He so impressed everyone with his game that he was noticed by scouts from the NBA, and already in 2004, after graduating from school, he immediately signed a contract with Oranlando Magic.

Howard is one of the few Americans to hit big basketball bypassing college. At the beginning of the season, the young man showed his talent, and in his debut season the average result for the game was 12 points and 10 rebounds. For his game, he was in the top three rookies of the season, skipping ahead only Okafora and Gordon. In preparation for the second season, Howard strengthened his muscles and significantly increased his weight, which helped him play defensively much more effectively. As a result, he improved his statistics in the next season, and the coaches had high hopes for him. In the 2006-2007 season, Dwight Howard first became a participant in the match of all NBA stars.

Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard

In the 2007-2008 season, the young athlete significantly improved his statistics and received reinforcements in defense in the person of Lewis and Turkoglu. The team began to play better, like Howard himself, and from this season, Dwight has secured constant participation in the match of all NBA stars. In 2008, the basketball player won the slam dunk contest, winning a fantastic margin of vote. Thanks to this victory, Howard earned the nickname "Superman." He became the leader of Orlando for many years, while receiving the most time on the floor.

In the 2009-2010 season, Howard Dwight, along with Orlando, struggled for a long time and stubbornly through the playoff sieve, trying his best to fulfill the dream of hundreds of thousands of Florida fans. Having defeated the Boston Celtics in a bitter struggle, the โ€œwizardsโ€ reached the first final in 14 years for themselves, where they faced the Los Angeles Lakers. At first, everything worked out well for Orlando, and they led in a series, but in the end, Howard and his team were forced to capitulate to the Lakers. Basketball players from Los Angeles won their 15th title for the first time since 2002.

Since 2008, Dwight Howard was included in the first team of the NBA stars 5 times in a row according to the results of the whole season, including the playoffs, however, reaching the final in 2009 remained his highest achievement for his team.

Lakers and Rockets

Howard Dwight

In 2012, Dwight decided to move to a new team. It turned out to be rivals of the "wizards" in the final of the playoffs of 2009, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Howard deal was part of a four-way exchange between the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia Seven Sixers and the Denver Nuggets. Dwight transferred to the new team with an injury, so he failed to prove himself in the Lakers camp, since it took about six months to recover.

At the end of the season, the basketball player became a free agent and moved to the Houston Rockets, although he was also interested in Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks. Currently, Dwight Howard (photo below - from the match against Milwaukee Bucks) has recovered from his injury and continues to improve statistics with each season, helping the new club go into the playoffs and advance to the top in it.

Aquarium business is a win-win for Dwight Howard

USA team

In 2006, Dwight Howard first hit the United States basketball team. At the World Cup, he spent all the games as a center, speaking usually from the first minutes. However, the national team lost to the Greek national team in the semifinals, which became a sensation of the championship, and the United States was content with only bronze medals of the world championship. Howard also played at the basketball championship of America, where he went from the first minutes to the floor in 8 out of 9 matches. The United States team defeated Argentina in the final and received a ticket to the Beijing Olympics.

Dwight Howard photo

In 2008, the United States national team was not equal on the Olympic floor in China, and Howard Dwight won 9 of 9 victories with his team, and in the final he defeated the 2006 World Champions, the Spanish national team. Howard himself did not distinguish himself by expressive play, gaining an average of 11 points per game and making 6 rebounds. Since then, he has not been called up to the United States team.

Personal life

Dwight Howard is married to Oriceo Magic and Miami Heat Support Group dancer Royce Reed, with whom they raise Brighton's son. The hero of the article is very religious, so he often attends church. The basketball player created his own charity fund, which supports gifted children and creates educational programs, grants scholarships and organizes internships for children with special academic successes.

In addition, the query "Aquarium business is a win-win for Dwight Howard" has long been popular in the US segment of the Google search engine. The fact is that Dwight is not a typical businessman-athlete. Unlike his colleagues involved in real estate, investment and other things, he is fond of creating large reservoirs for huge exotic fish that are not suitable for living in home aquariums. Among athletes, this is at least unusual, but Dwight Howard is the person who first of all wants to do what he loves, and not multiply his assets.


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