How to make a horizontal bar with your own hands on the street: instructions

On a private courtyard or playground in the yard, you can simply build various sports equipment. They will allow not only to usefully spend free time, but also to develop the makings of future champions. Next, consider the following: how to make a horizontal bar with your own hands on the street, a set of required materials, model options, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating sports equipment. This production is not as complicated as it seems.

how to make a horizontal bar with your own hands on the street


A standard horizontal bar is a design with one or more rungs. They are mounted at different heights, which allows people of different age categories to engage in the projectile, depending on growth data. Before you learn how to make a horizontal bar with your own hands on the street, you should consider a number of factors. For example, if the equipment is mounted for members of the same family, it is necessary to choose the distance between the crossbars depending on the height and age of the people living in the house.

It is important to supplement the element with a horizontal or vertical ladder, a punching bag, bars and other elementary gymnastic devices. This will expand the functionality of the inventory and muscle groups being worked out. In addition, you will receive a whole sports complex for a minimum financial investment.

Benefits and Benefits

Next, we will describe in detail how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands. But first, consider the benefits of sports equipment. Besides the fact that it can be practiced at almost any time of the year, the following advantages are obvious:

  • The ability to maintain a stable physical shape, including toned muscles of the arms and abs.
  • A simple hanging on the horizontal bar will allow you to relax your back muscles, which is important for people experiencing stress on this system. This is a great way to relax after a hard day.
  • For the younger generation, exercises on the crossbar provide an opportunity not only to strengthen the body, but also to correct posture.
  • Wide functionality allows you to maintain excellent physical shape also in a competitive or playing manner. For example, pull-ups in the "ladder" or the maximum number of exits until the winner is identified.

The popularity of the projectile in question is obvious, as is its usefulness. Therefore, it will be useful to learn about how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands.

how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands

Seat selection

The site for installing the future complex or a single horizontal bar is selected based on the estimated size and configuration. In addition, the unit must not impede the movement of people. The best option is the backyard, where there are a minimum of passers-by and neighbors. In the private sector, you can choose a site and placement at your discretion.

It is best if the projectile is mounted on soft ground or lawn. This will allow children and adults to engage, minimizing the possibility of injury. Another important step in how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands is the choice of a site taking into account the shade. It is advisable that a thick shadow be present, since it is uncomfortable and dangerous to engage in the sun on a hot day. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of clothes clinging to branches or other protruding structures.


Before you make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands, you need to consider a number of factors. Firstly, standard shells of this type are designed for instant weight loads of the order of 1300-1700 kg / s. Secondly, for inventory in an apartment that excludes a large amplitude of rotation, a part that can withstand a load of about 250 kg / s is suitable. A home-made street model should be designed for a minimum of 700-800 kg / s.

how to make a DIY horizontal bar

As a rule, the crossbar is created from a pipe metal profile with a diameter of 30-40 millimeters. Optionally, you can measure the size using a tape measure, measuring the width of the palms at the level of the lower base of the fingers, multiplying the resulting value by a factor of 3.3. Different diameters of the crossbars are used for children and adults, which improves the efficiency of training and reduces the possibility of injury due to an uncomfortable grip.

Components for a horizontal bar made of steel pipes:

  • Crossbar thickness - not less than three millimeters.
  • It is possible to use square analogues with a cross section of 50/50/3 or 60/60/2 mm.
  • If wooden elements are present in the structure, they must be made of high-quality wood and processed accordingly.
  • For wooden supports, the cross section is taken in the parameters of at least 100 millimeters.

How to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands?

For the construction of a gymnastic apparatus you will need the following devices:

  • Iron pipes with a diameter of about 100 mm and a height of at least three meters. The number of crossbars depends on the final design of the inventory. For a conventional U-shaped model, two support pipes for racks and one crossbar are enough. As supporting parts, you can use wooden bars with a cross section of 100 mm or more.
  • The crossbar should be made of high-strength steel with a length of 1500 mm and a diameter of about 30-35 mm. Depending on the scheme used, the amount of these elements and their location in relation to each other are selected.
  • Primer for treating metal parts against corrosion and to achieve an acceptable appearance.
  • Shovel for digging trenches under racks.
  • The welding machine, if the crossbar is attached by welding.
  • Building level.
  • Brushes or rollers for painting the finished structure.

If wooden supports are used, holes must first be made in them for fixing fasteners.

how to make a DIY horizontal bar

How to make a DIY horizontal bar: instructions

The manufacturing process of the projectile begins with the following steps:

  • Two pits are excavated, serving as a seat under the supports. Their depth is at least 600-800 mm. The distance between the supports should correspond to the size of the crossbar. The stability and reliability of the entire structure depends on the preparation of these elements.
  • Next, support columns are inserted into the dug trenches, which are covered with sand at a level of 100-150 millimeters, after which they are rammed and filled with cement mortar. The vertical location of the supports is checked using a building level, to ensure stability, fine gravel or gravel is added to the mixture.
  • Before pouring concrete, the posts are treated with waterproofing impregnation or anti-corrosion compound.

Final work

Consider the further process of how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands from iron. 2-3 days after stable hardening of the cement mortar, installation of racks and crossbars is started. By welding, fix the crossbeam in the selected place. Alternatively, bolts can be used as fasteners. In this case, the edges of the pipe are flattened to allow drilling of holes for the screws.

how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands without welding

To fasten the upper and side elements to wooden blocks, hardware is used, such as bolts or self-tapping screws. The most reliable is the bolted assembly where washers and locknuts are used. Equipping the crossbar will help to give equipment with wide clamps or brackets.

Features of children's design

It is logical that this option is smaller than the adult counterpart. An element of one meter long will be enough for the crossbar, and the support posts will fit 1500-1600 mm high. It is desirable to equip such a design with a special staircase, which serves for a normal approach to the main element, excluding bouncing, which is fraught with falls and injuries.

It is appropriate to equip such a horizontal bar with additional handles to change the grip during exercise. A round footrest will help a small child to engage if there is no technological ladder.

Exterior finish

After finding out how to make a horizontal bar with your own hands on the street, you will need to study the possibilities of its finishing. The special coating will perform not only a decorative function, but also protect metal parts from rust, and wood from fungi and insects.

Recommended decoration methods for the sports equipment in question:

  • A medical tourniquet is purchased in a pharmacy, with the help of which a bar is wound in places of a manual grip.
  • Users are advised to coat the pipe with a special, slip-resistant paintwork.
  • There are neoprene pads on sale that contribute to the reliable fixation of the athlete's hands. They have a cylindrical shape and various indicators in diameter.

how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands from a tree photo

Optimal gymnastic equipment parameters

Features of how to make a horizontal bar, do-it-yourself parallel bars on the street are presented below:

  • Crossbar length - from 1000 to 1500 mm.
  • The design drawing includes several elements.
  • The crossbar diameter is 35 mm for adult users and 25 mm for children.
  • The minimum load indicator is 250/800 kg.
  • A complete set of sports equipment with bars, provides for their width within 500-600 mm.

Wall option

How to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands without welding? To do this, the installation method of internal analogs of a spacer device mounted in a doorway or the space between the walls is suitable. This design makes it possible to perform exercises limited in amplitude.

For installation work, the following tools will be required:

  • A metal pipe whose length exceeds that of 300-400 millimeters.
  • Grinder and hammer drill with drill function.
  • Screws, drills.
  • Vise.

How to make a DIY horizontal bar in this case? The job is to perform the following processes:

  • Making cuts at the end of the pipe in the form of teeth, the processing depth of which is approximately 20 millimeters.
  • Paired opposing teeth are cut.
  • On the remaining workpieces, holes with a diameter of 40 millimeters are made, which are then bent away from the crossbar at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • A similar manipulation is carried out with the opposite edge of the crossbar.
  • When mounting the structure in the door frame, the final fixation is carried out using screws.
  • To strengthen the system, use metal corners that are attached to the walls using self-tapping screws.

Complete equipment

How to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands from a tree for children? Manipulations practically do not differ from the erection of a metal structure, with the exception of additional processing of the projectile with impregnating materials.

Wall-mounted home-made gymnastic complex is created as follows:

  • A pipe with a diameter of 30 mm and a length of at least 750 mm is taken.
  • 6 similar pieces of 150 mm are prepared.
  • In addition, you will need - two metal profiles and pipes - 30 * 30 mm with a length of 400 mm / 30 mm in diameter with a length of 200 mm.
  • Sheets of metal - 140/120/5 mm and 300/70/5 mm.

how to make a horizontal bar on the street with your own hands from iron

Operating procedure

How to make a horizontal bar on the street with our own hands from a tree, the photo of which is presented above, we examined. Now we will study the process of creating a projectile type of a hinged apartment option. Stages of work:

  • We determine the installation location.
  • The necessary material and tools are purchased.
  • The structure is welded or bent according to the prepared drawing.
  • The base for the pillow is cut out of plywood.
  • In the horizontal bar, holes are made for fixing the pillows.
  • After painting the equipment, the pillows are fastened under the unit by fixing them with metal sheets.
  • As fasteners on the walls, long dowels and hooks from a metal corner are used.

Additional reliability will provide a metal frame with two pairs of hooks. The supporting structure itself is attached at 6-8 points, which will allow to redistribute the load and avoid damage to walls or doorways.


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