Maple Leaf on Nails: Autumn Manicure Ideas

Autumn has so many attractive sides! How many colors gives the surrounding autumn forest! Maple leaves are especially attractive with their carved five-pointed shape and red-yellow gamut. Many fashionistas try to express this in their manicure. What should a perfect manicure with maple leaves look like? What is better to portray - gloomy and rainy autumn on the nails or bright and colorful? We present you some creative approaches to the image of autumn maple leaves on nails.

maple leaf on nails

Is not it, a bouquet of autumn leaves stasis uplifting? And why not paint them with nail polish? Best of all - one or two or three leaves. How to draw a maple leaf on nails? Autumn nail art involves many different options. We offer you a trip to the world of magnificent shades and colors of the autumn season.

Use juicy shades

The best solution for the positive design of maple leaves on the nails is an image of a small bunch or an abstract drawing of a single leaf in red-yellow or green colors. The most popular design is the use of juicy shades of lemon and orange. Hands with such a manicure will surely be noticed by outsiders, and it will be the best way to bring bright colors to everyday life.

Autumn style requires the use of shades of red. It goes well in manicure with other tones and brings nobility to it. Scarlet color always attracts attention.

Stylish and charming will be the design in wine shades. Elements with burgundy and cherry tones look very rich. Also suitable for autumn nail art is a brown gamma. For the base, you can use beige, milk, pale peach varnish.

how to draw a maple leaf on nails

Luxurious golden hue in autumn design

Autumn for its rich colors is also called golden, so it is worth using golden varnishes at this time of year. It can be brilliant saffron, lemon, canary, amber shades. It is appropriate to make an ombre with golden varnish to make pearl tips. In this case, it is better to draw a maple leaf on the nails on one or two fingers.

To make the golden tone on the claws more saturated, take special sprinkles, they are also called sugar or sand. Foil strips of gold color are perfect for designing a manicure with a maple leaf on the nails. It is possible to use the effect of broken glass of golden tones on one nail.

maple leaf manicure

The best ideas of autumn nail art

A manicure with maple leaves looks extraordinary, brings notes of charm and grace to the image. You can choose a calm option or use a fun and cheerful one. Here is a very interesting design:

  • The little finger and index finger are covered with burgundy varnish.
  • On the remaining nails apply white pearl varnish.
  • On the ring finger on top of a white base, several maple leaves of different sizes are painted with burgundy varnish.

The technique of drawing a maple leaf on nails may be different. Some girls prefer more realistic images, while others like cartoon drawings. The following option looks beautiful: light chestnut pearl base on nails, golden maple leaves with black contours.

The original solution will be to paint one or two nails to imitate the texture of the tree, and draw the falling maple leaves on the rest. Unusual leaves can also be laid out with shiny sequins.

master class maple leaf on nails

Autumn sliders

A great solution for creating autumn manicure with maple leaves without any special costs and special skills. To do this, use water stickers (sliders). They are very durable, bright, with clear lines of the image. You need to glue such sliders on white or very light varnish. Some stickers cannot be distinguished from art painting.

French with maple leaves

Autumn jacket looks very original on the nails. It is performed with red-orange tips. Small maple leaves are drawn near the "smiles" themselves in the form of a pattern. The tips of a French manicure can be sprinkled with golden sparkles.

Maple Leaf Nail Technique

Master class: "Maple leaf on nails"

Experienced masters without any difficulties create a beautiful autumn manicure. If you do not know how to draw a wedge sheet on the nails, we offer you step-by-step instructions. To get started, prepare all the necessary fixtures and materials:

  • strengthening base for varnish;
  • main coating;
  • varnishes for drawing leaflets: yellow, red, brown, orange;
  • thin brush for contours;
  • black varnish for contours;
  • golden topping;
  • fixer.

As soon as all accessories for manicure are ready, proceed to its execution. After these steps, you will understand how to draw a maple leaf on the nails. When creating cheerful autumn nail art, follow these tips:

  1. Apply a base coat to the nail plates. It will protect the nail from the harmful effects of subsequent staining.
  2. Make the staining of the nails the main color. It is better to use beige, light brown, chestnut varnish. After drying, apply varnish again.
  3. Proceed with the image of leaflets. First, remember the shape of the maple leaf - it is five-pointed. Put five dots of orange on the nail plate, on top of them apply dots of red tone, then yellow. After that, with a brush, draw from these points the five ends of the leaf. If you find it difficult to make a sheet of three tones, use one color.
  4. With a thin brush and black varnish, draw a barely noticeable contour around the sheet.
  5. If you decide to draw some falling leaves, then repeat the drawing according to the above plan.
  6. Sprinkle each leaf with golden sand.
  7. Lock the design with a fastener.

If you want to look 100% autumn, choose beautiful nail art with maple leaves.


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