Work on yourself: how to stop drinking alcohol yourself

“I’ll stop drinking tomorrow” - you say to yourself or even out loud, pour a “saving drink” into the glass and ... of course, the situation does not change either tomorrow or after tomorrow, never.

how to quit drinking alcohol yourself

The problem of alcoholism exists throughout the world, but in Russia it is most acute. In addition to personal problems, economic and social crises constantly fall on our citizens, they intimidate us, they constantly inspire us how dangerous and scary to live. Gradually forming in his head this picture of the world (actually false) and drinking from time to time to relax (again - false), a person quickly moves to a disease called alcoholism.

Those who consider themselves to be drinking intellectually (on holidays, weekends, in honor of especially significant events, which, if we calculate, turn out to be not so few) and are not interested in how to quit drinking alcohol on their own, can safely say: everything, absolutely everything alcoholics were once “intelligent drinkers.” No one wanted to stoop to such a state - a fire drink made a choice for them.

If you intend to give up alcohol gradually, it is unlikely that you will succeed. Remember, if you are wondering about how to quit drinking alcohol on your own, the first and most important thing you need to do is collect all the bottles that poison your life and pour their contents into the sink. Not a drop of alcohol should remain in your house.

I'll stop drinking tomorrow
Surely you drink in company. No matter how rude it may sound, but to hell with such companies! Find any excuses so that you don’t meet these people anymore. Just imagine: you are going together to make another huge and swift step together towards terrible diseases and death. And all this with jokes, humor and songs. But all this is not very fun, right? And if the thought appeared in your head: “How to quit drinking alcohol on your own?”, You are already on the right track, you have already begun to separate yourself from this company.

Refusing alcohol, like any other bad habit, is very difficult. Every time you feel the need for a new dose of alcohol, start doing physical exercises that are hard on you. Push-ups, pull-ups or something else. Do you think this is pointless? But you have not tried! Sport is the best antidepressant and a replacement for a hundred psychologists.

In addition to such sudden bouts of sports activity, make it a rule to do exercises every morning. In addition, experts advise grinding with cold water.

how can a woman stop drinking
And how can a woman stop drinking? It is more difficult for the weaker sex than for men. There is only one strongest incentive - children. Future or those that have already been born. You don’t want your child to be brought up in an orphanage? This will happen if you are only interested in how to quit drinking alcohol on your own, but not make any attempt to do so.

No need to stay home for the weekend. Within the four walls, it will be more difficult for you to cope with the temptation to go to the store for a bottle. Get out into the nature. Desirable alone. Do not be distracted by listening to music or anything else. Listen to nature and yourself. You will be surprised how beautiful the world is. You will realize that fearing him is pointless. You realize, finally, that the world without alcohol is much more beautiful than with it.


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