What navigation programs for Android are considered the best

Before you review the navigators, it should be said that the concept of "best" is very vague. It's all about personal preferences and tastes. What one person likes may not be suitable for another. This is explained by different needs, tasks and conditions of use. But nevertheless, today there are several options for the most popular navigators. They really earned trust and a rating of at least 4 out of 5. These navigators have proven their functionality, usefulness and usefulness to people. So, let's begin.

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The very first in the field of vision is NAVITEL. Almost all navigation programs for Android fade before the popularity of this utility. This is not difficult to explain, since NAVITEL has a very friendly interface, rich functionality, the ability to view maps of cities not only in Russia, but throughout the world. This program can be safely called "poppy", as it is installed on most users who have gadgets on Android OS. The functionality of the "Navitel" navigator is quite enough for ordinary use. But there are also bad reviews in the form of messages about deviations in the route or positioning of the vehicle. It should be said that this is not a โ€œbugโ€ of the program itself. Most often, these failures depend on the weather or the built-in GPS module in the gadget.

iGO Primo

The second in the list of โ€œBest Navigation Programs for Androidโ€ is iGO Primo. This is a fairly simple and very functional program. It is adapted to almost all mobile devices with GPS modules. Naturally, the most popular mobile OS is no exception. Users appreciated such original and very useful features, such as reporting two upcoming maneuvers and the ability to set the driver's return route to the car if it is in an unfamiliar place. In addition, detailed maps of almost all cities of our country are provided. According to these indicators, the iGO navigation program for Android is breaking out in the lead.

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City guide

This navigation program has gained popularity among those people who often travel around the city. These are taxi drivers, delivery service employees, etc. The thing is that the City Guide provides complete information in real time about the presence and size of traffic jams. Also noteworthy is the ability to use free OSM cards. In general, if you compare all the navigation programs for Android, the City Guide is the most suitable for use within a specific locality (especially a megalopolis).


The navigator from one of the most famous companies - Yandex, has become a practical replacement for standard cards. There is a huge number of detailed maps of cities and small towns of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. This navigation program is often pre-installed on smartphones and tablets sold on our shelves. It is useful and functional.

Google maps

This navigation program, like Yandex.Navigator, is already preinstalled on all devices running on Android OS. The thing is that the operating system itself is a development of Google. The fact that this is the most complete navigator cannot be said. But its functionality and capabilities are quite enough to properly navigate the terrain and lay routes.

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Sygic: GPS Navigation

Perhaps this navigation program is not the most popular in the CIS, but the fact that it is the best has been confirmed by the world community. This fact obliges to pay attention to it. All existing navigation programs for Android can be safely called inferior against the background of this monster. Sygic: GPS Navigation can work with detailed maps called TomTom. At the same time, the user has full access to all information about attractions, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, traffic jams, traffic lights, cameras, etc. Additionally, there are voice prompts and pedestrian mode. Unfortunately, this navigation program does not work on all devices. But if it fits your gadget, you can be sure that Sygic: GPS Navigation will remain in it for a long time.

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Having examined the most popular navigation programs for Android (tablets and smartphones), we can conclude that each utility is good in its own way. It all depends on the taste preferences of users. Some choose functionality and the presence of a large number of features. Others - ease of use and a minimum of settings. But it is worth saying that the above list is not complete, since there are many worthy navigation programs. Some are good on trips, others on travel when looking for attractions. For this reason, it is recommended to try them yourself and draw a conclusion.

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