How to find talent in yourself: ways and methods of self-development, tips

A rare person is not familiar with a situation in which he regrets looking at something made by others - paintings, films, photographs, culinary dishes, or something else. Regret does not cause a work or an object that a person considers, but the understanding that he himself does not possess any talents, is completely ordinary and boring.

However, such self-esteem is fundamentally wrong. Each person is talented and capable of something that others are not able to create. The only problem is to find the ability in yourself. Those people who are called talented were just lucky in childhood. Their parents were able to correctly determine the abilities that the child was endowed with and created the conditions for their development, or simply did not prevent the child from doing what he was interested in. Those who were unlucky in discovering talents during childhood should find them on their own and, of course, develop them.

How to understand whether you need to look for talent?

Before you find talent in yourself, it would be nice to sort out your own idea of โ€‹โ€‹this human property. Often a person has unique abilities and, moreover, realizes them, but does not realize that they are precisely his talent.

For example, a housewife loves to cook and makes unrivaled cakes worthy of being called works of art. But at the same time, she sadly looks at how others paint mediocre watercolor landscapes and envy them. She is sincerely convinced that talent is the creation of paintings, and not the baking of confectionery. In this example, there is no need to look for abilities in yourself and develop them. The stage of finding talent in this woman has been completed. She needs to realize that what she knows best than others is precisely her talent. Moreover, someone is envious of her gift for creating cakes, just as she herself does - with watercolor.

Talent for creating masks

You can find a lot of similar examples if you pay attention to people around you. Therefore, before you find a talent for something in yourself, it is worth considering what exactly you do very well and bring satisfaction. It is possible that you just need to develop these abilities in yourself, and not look for new ones.

Understanding that ordinary action is just a manifestation of talent is not always easy on its own. It makes sense to talk with friends, to listen to their opinion. Or at least recall what you happened to hear the phrase: "Yes, you have talent!". Although most people consider this statement a template compliment, it is not every time that it is.

Where to begin?

How to find talents and abilities? You should start with memories and analysis of addictions. According to the majority of psychologists, human talents are not something given from above, but are a combination of the characteristics of thinking and perception, life experience, received impressions that form a predisposition to a particular occupation.

Artist Talent

Recollections of childhood desires and preferences, as well as an analysis of their current priorities, can help find the talent for an adult. In practice, it looks like this:

  • two sheets of paper are taken;
  • on the first, children's desires and preferences are recorded;
  • on the second - adult preferences and hobbies.

Any points are sure to match. It is in the directions corresponding to them that you need to look for your abilities. For example, in childhood, a man loved painting walls, but was indifferent to creating images in albums. Having matured, he does not pass by โ€œstreet artโ€, approving some drawings, while others fiercely condemning, considering them manifestations of vandalism. So, he needs to pay attention to the art sphere. It is possible that the street artist in him did not "die", but the talent of the organizer of the exhibitions, the owner of galleries, auctions disappears, or he could find his calling in criticism.

What can be done if there is nothing among the memories?

How to find your talent and discover abilities for something? This question does not have a clear answer. There are not so few ways that you can discover abilities in yourself. You can resort to radical options - sign up for a hypnosis session or start visiting a psychologist. Experts quite often manage to find in a person a tendency to some kind of activity.

Talent for magic tricks

However, experts are looking for talents in the same place - in a combination of childhood memories and today's addictions. The fact that a person does not find the same points among the hobbies of childhood and today does not mean that they really are not. It's just that a person is not looking there. In order to prevent the necessary memories from escaping, it is quite possible to use peculiar questionnaires.

Find Talent Questions

The list of questions can be any, but all of them should be suggestive, prompting guesses, recollections or thoughts.

Questionnaire example:

  • What was your favorite toy through your childhood?
  • What were the preferred games, both board, home, and collective?
  • What films have you watched more often than others (your favorite genre or a particular movie)?
  • What kind of gifts pleased you more?
  • Was there a dream?
  • What did you like - drawing, reading, sports, singing, recitation of verses?

The essence of the questions is to โ€œpushโ€ the memory. As a rule, the answers arise associations, memories, which until then went unnoticed.

How else can you discover talent?

Not everyone likes to indulge in childhood memories or draw parallels between them and adult hobbies. And not everyone in childhood had expressed addictions, often people do a little of everything.

How to find talent in yourself

In this case, you just follow your intuition. If you suddenly wanted to draw, sew, photograph, play the piano, sing or cook, then you need to do it. It is not so important what the result will be. It is much more important what sensations will arise in the process and emotions upon completion. If the activity brings joy, it means there are abilities for it and they should be developed.

Do I need to develop abilities?

Often a person cannot find a destiny for his talent due to the fact that he does not own a business for which he has abilities at the proper level.

Activities for adults and children

In this situation, there are two possible solutions:

  • develop your abilities;
  • turn a lesson into a hobby.

Even if there is a desire to do only what you love, you should think about whether it will be possible to find application of talent in life. For example, with a penchant for photographing landscapes, it is worth considering how much such work will be in demand.

How to develop abilities?

Parents often wonder how to find talent in their child, especially if they themselves are not keen on anything. A logical continuation of this issue is concern about how to develop one or another ability. Of course, the development of talent is also of interest to those who think about themselves, and not about children. Although quite often it happens that, starting to engage with a child, the parents themselves are drawn in and discover abilities in themselves.

Early development of music abilities

A generalized talent development scheme for both children and adults includes the following:

  • you need to give time to classes daily;
  • you should find like-minded people, visit studios, circles, sections, clubs and more;
  • no need to be afraid to copy, in any case the repetition of the work of others is the acquisition of technical skills, honing skills.

And the most important thing in the development of abilities is getting joy and satisfaction from classes.


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