Card game "Burkozel": rules

Russian "Burkozel" is a card game, a type of "Borax" or "Thirty-one." The main difference between the first and the second is the lack of great excitement and a great dependence of the determination of the winner on the case. In “Burkozl” you need to think more and calculate the next moves, the game is not designed for quick winnings. We propose to consider in more detail the game "Burkozel", the rules and the winning strategy. And before you start the gameplay, we recommend stocking up with a pen and paper.

Number of players

Russian burkozel

The game "Burkozel" provides for the optimal number of players - two to four people. But actually it all depends on the size of the deck. Although the more players, the less the game will be interesting. Therefore, when they want to play at Burkozel as a large company, it is recommended to divide into groups of optimal size. You can play a couple for a couple, then there will be two groups of tricks.

Cards. Burkozel

In “Burkozel” they play, as a rule, with one deck of thirty-six cards.

For all cards, except nine, eight, seven and six, points are awarded.

So, an ace costs eleven points, a dozen - ten, a king - four, a queen - three, a jack - two.

Game "Burkozel": rules

The first card handler determines the draw. It can be a flipped coin, the game “Rock-paper-scissors” or just the largest card, drawn at random from the deck. Subsequent times, the deck is shuffled by the players in turn.

burkozel rules

So how do you play Burkozel? Rules of the game:

  1. From the shuffled deck, four cards are dealt in total (one at a time) to each player.
  2. The first card from the remaining deck is a trump card. The distributor announces it and shows it to all the players, then returns it to its place.
  3. The first move is carried out by the player to the left of the distributor.
  4. A move is carried out from any one card or from several, only one suit.
  5. The other player must lay out exactly as many cards on the table as how many calls were made to him.
  6. The bribe is taken by the player whose cards of the same suit are older, or who puts the trump card. If the return card was not the right suit, the player who made the move takes the bribe.
  7. After a bribe move, all players again draw cards so that their number is four. First, the player takes the bribe, then the rest in a circle.
  8. The next move is made by the player who took the bribe before this.
  9. The game continues in the same vein until someone scores more than sixty one points, or someone has four cards of the same suit as the trump card (a combination of “Boer”).

Rules Notes:

  1. In the case when one of the players has a combination of Molodka, Four Ends or Moscow cards, the right to move is transferred to him.
  2. The player who mistakenly reported that he scored sixty-one points, but in fact this is not so, is considered a loser. Like the one who took the fifth card.
  3. If several players of “Burkozl” have the same combinations (for example, two players have four trump cards - “Bura”), then the winner is the one with the highest card.
  4. It is possible to announce that a player scored sixty-one points before the end of the game only during his turn.
  5. You can agree in advance on changing the amount of points needed to win. For example, instead of sixty-one there may be one hundred or one hundred and fifty and so on.

Card combination

Sometimes the names of card combinations that allow you to make a move out of turn can change. But their meaning remains the same.

card burcozel

The most common names for card combinations in the Russian game "Burkozel":

  • "Borax" - four trump cards in one hand.
  • "Young" - four cards of the same suit in one hand.
  • “Moscow” - three aces with a trump card.
  • "Four Ends" - the player has collected all four aces or four tens.

Scoring and determining the winner

In addition to the points that a player receives for cards in his bribe (the cost of each card was discussed above), throughout the game “Burkozel” the rules provide for additional points:

  1. The player who scored zero points for the entire game, that is, did not receive a single trick, or the trick was from cards from six to nine, receives six additional points.
  2. Four additional points are earned by a player whose score is between zero and thirty-one, if only two or four players played, and between zero and twenty-one, if there were three players.
  3. Two points goes to the piggy bank to a player who has scored more than thirty-one points.
  4. The player who receives the highest score in the entire game does not receive additional points.

These additional points are needed if several games are lost before the main winner is determined.

Game Strategy Features

The purpose of the game “Burkozel” is to score the most points (more than sixty one) or the winning combination “Boer” (four cards of the trump suit).

game burkozel

Those wishing to win must:

  • try to collect four trump cards, especially if you already have three on hand;
  • follow the cards of opponents;
  • try to keep an account of the cards in their bribes and tricks of the opponent.

Have a good game in Russian "Burkozel"!


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