Artem Dolgin: biography, sports achievements

Artem Dolgin is a professional bodybuilder who competes in WBFF federations. Today, the athlete lives in the United States, acts in films and conducts a personal video blog.


Artem was born in Moscow. It so happened that he grew up in one of the villages of the Lipetsk region. When he was 5 years old, his parents decided to move to Ukraine in Zhytomyr. Studied Dolgin in one of the universities in Kiev. From the age of 8 he was seriously engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. By the age of 18, he left this sport and plunged into classes in the gym.

Relocation to the USA

Artyom Dolgin

As a child, Dolgin had an idol, which was Arnold Schwarzenegger. The boy first saw him in the movie Commando, and from that moment he had a dream - to go to America and become a famous bodybuilder. After graduating from the university, Artem took part in the Work and travel program.

Fate smiled at Dolgin, and he managed to move to the United States. At first, he had a hard time. Life in America, which previously seemed like a fairy tale, turned out to be different, and the guy had to work as a laborer. However, the athlete did not give up and combined workdays with training.


Today, Artem Dolgin is studying at an acting school. He is invited to star in low-budget films. But Artem is sure that his acting career is ahead, so he continues to do what he loves and actively train.

Artyom Dolgin: bodybuilding, the principle of training

When the athlete was at the very beginning of the career of a bodybuilder, he knew little about how to properly build a diet and what supplements to use so that the result was not long in coming.

Once, during a training session, a coach approached Artyom and offered him a nutrition program, for which the guy paid $ 600. In an interview, Dolgin admitted that it was she who changed his life, and after a couple of months he became a pro in bodybuilding.

Artem is constantly changing the scheme of his training, but basically the athlete is training with heavy weights in an intensive mode. He starts each approach with a light weight, constantly increasing the load. Between the approaches there is little rest. Trained by Artem Dolgin in a fairly tough mode - twice a day. The athlete's main diet is made up of protein foods and healthy fats.

Participation in WBFF

The athlete assures that for him a career in sports has two goals - to inspire, motivate and help others achieve their goals.

Artyom Dolgin bodybuilding

Speech at Mens physicist Artem was not to his liking. He is confused by the lack of posing and the injustice of the judiciary. The athlete believes that WBFF is much more competitive. Athletes in such competitions really have something to show the public and the judges. They have room to grow and strive for.

The athlete admits that he, like all athletes, has weaknesses, but he works hard on them. Artem's goal is to become a legend and inspire people to follow their dreams through all obstacles and fear.


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