Death Valley (Myasnoy Bor, Novgorod Oblast)

Until today, inexplicable, full of various mystical details of history, take place on the sites of past military battles and battles. It seems that time stands still. Among these territories is the village of Myasnoy Bor (Novgorod region). Death Valley - this name this place received from archaeologists.

Modern Meat Bor

This forest marshland surrounding a village with a rather strange name has a separate page in the history of World War II. It is the largest place in the world, which is completely covered with the remains of fallen soldiers of the Soviet army.

Death Valley Butcher Forest

The results of excavations, which are conducted here almost year-round, testify to the terrible facts that Myasnaya Bor hides. Death Valley (the lists of soldiers who died here are constantly expanding and contain names belonging to thousands of unburied heroes) located northwest of the village. A description of the incredible stories that are associated with the heroism of the soldiers can be found even in the works of the military historian Boris Gavrilov.

The prediction of a madman

The village owes its unusual name to the slaughterhouse that was once located here. The correct name of the village, near which is the Death Valley - Myasnaya Bor. The people who were the indigenous people of this settlement tell an amazing story. It refers to a strange local old man who lived here at the beginning of the last century. He had the fame of a madman, because he constantly kept saying that the name of the village would sooner or later justify itself. A lot of blood will be shed here on earth. Therefore, the coming generations will consider that the name came precisely from this, and not from the presence of a slaughterhouse. But no one could even suggest that the prediction was destined to come true in the near future ...

Historic Death Valley Events

At the end of 1941, during the war, Soviet soldiers carried out an operation to release Leningrad. It was in that place near the village where Death Valley (Myasnaya Bor) is located that the Red Army broke through the fascist defenses. The resulting "gap" was used by soldiers of the 2nd shock army. They quickly advanced their positions along it to an important strategic object - the densely populated Lyuban.

Myasnoy Bor, Novgorod Region Death Valley

Very fierce battles were fought for this corridor gap that arose near Myasniy Bor. Over the course of seven months during 1941-1942, the dimensions of the passage constantly changed: either its width was 3-4 kilometers, then it narrowed to 300 meters of fully shot space. This introduced additional difficulties during supplies of the Red Army through such an unreliable corridor. This was the main reason that the Luban operation failed and the 2nd shock army completely disappeared.

On June 25, 1942, the German army and the Spanish Blue Division liquidated this corridor. This contributed to the complete encirclement of the 2nd shock army. Trying to escape, most of her soldiers died. Others were captured.

Features of this place near Meat Bor

On the territory of Russia there are a lot of territories where soldier blood was shed. But Meat Bor has a special place. Wooded and marshy lands of the Novgorod region are inherently quite scary places. And if swamps, forest edges, lanes are filled with an incredible amount of whitening human bones, they become completely terrible.

Meat Bor Death Valley lists of the dead

It is very difficult to find this territory, therefore the Death Valley (Myasnaya Bor) is a place where there are no random people. Only the remnants of a narrow gauge railway dating back to the time of hostilities lead here. There are swamps around it, so the road here is very difficult. Often there are only search engines who are trying to find the remains of Soviet fighters, and black diggers looking for military values. Although every year innumerable corpses of our military men rise and rebury by search squads, they do not become smaller.

The phenomenon of Vasily Roshev

Many years have passed since those memorable times when the tragedy of Meat Bor occurred, but even today in the Death Valley living people meet with the dead. The most striking of all known is the story of Vasily Roshev, a search engine from Novgorod.

Myasnoy Bor Russian Death Valley

Almost everyone knows about him, who were destined to visit at least once a place called Death Valley (Myasnaya Bor). Almost every summer for 10 years he came here to conduct excavations and search for soldiers' remains. He performed their reburial in the local cemetery in accordance with all Christian laws.

From about thirty years old, Rochev began to dream about military events: attacks, battles, and death. At night, he woke up in a strange way, fled to some place and left a stick with his neckerchief there. And in the morning there they dug up the remains of a soldier, or even several.

When archaeologists wanted to be photographed near one of the craters, the figures that appeared behind Vasily’s back strangely appeared in the picture. This was not the only such case. Almost all the photographs had some figures behind the scientist's back.

Death Valley War Anomaly

Communication of this forest with humanity takes place in an extraordinary way. Someone can go into it without problems, but for someone the entrance here is closed. According to the stories of local residents, to this day you can hear the voices of men, the smell of shag or how the twigs creak. But no one responds when screaming ...

The tragedy of Meat Bor

Then it becomes very creepy. First, this silent silence, and then again the sounds of voices and machine gun bursts. Myasnaya Bor - Russian Death Valley, where you can not hear the singing of birds. They are simply not here. They may return here when absolutely all the dead will be reburied.

Death Valley is a valley of repentance, not only for those who are somehow connected with this place, but for all of us, who owe their peaceful lives to those whose remains are there.


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