Skin holes: causes and treatment. How to get rid of post-acne

In adolescence, many are haunted by a phenomenon such as acne. Gradually, the problem goes away, but the skin does not look at all as before. Few people go to the doctor for specialized help, and cope with the problem with the help of mechanical stress. As a result of squeezing, holes appear on the skin. Therefore, cosmetologists say that it is better to spend time going to the office than to leave a serious defect for life.

holes on the skin

Deciphering the concept

Before looking for options on how to get rid of post-acne, you need to understand what is included in this concept. By it is meant traces that remain after seborrhea or acne. Most often, holes on the skin appear as a result of attempts to open the eels mechanically.

But this is not the only thing that doctors attribute to the manifestations of post-acne. There are a number of signs by which a cosmetologist can confidently say that the patient suffered from rashes on the face:

  • Expansion of capillaries, mesh on the skin.
  • Scarring.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Uneven skin texture.
    how to get rid of post-acne

Intensity of manifestations

The most difficult defects are holes on the skin. In fact, these are damaged skin pores. Firstly, the expansion is due to the inflammatory process, the accumulation of pus and sebum. Secondly, the mechanical extrusion of eel, when it is not yet fully matured, leads to ruptures. If inflammation occurs in one place many times in a row, then the resources of skin elasticity are exhausted. As a result, the stretched pores remain large. So holes are formed on the skin.

The intensity of these processes depends not only on how much the skin has been affected. If acne developed in a young man and he promptly seeks help, then usually the pores are not too deformed. In addition, the skin is still very elastic and easily restored. Another thing is if skin rashes began in adulthood, and the removal of blackheads was performed independently, by mechanical extrusion. In this case, the skin lesion will be much more serious.

How to treat acne

To a certain extent, this phenomenon can be corrected. Therefore, if you still have holes on your skin, you need to seek help from a specialist. There are a lot of treatment methods, but the attending physician should choose the most suitable. At this stage, there is no inflammation anymore, it is necessary to choose suitable methods to increase skin elasticity, to simulate cleansing and narrowing of pores. To do this, you have to use a whole range of measures, the main of which we will give for review.

skin hole disease

Corrective measures

Now we turn directly to how to get rid of post-acne. The first task is to tidy up the sebaceous glands. It can be retinol or retinoic acid. These drugs have several important functions:

  • Skin softening.
  • Thinning of the stratum corneum, which means renewal.

But keep in mind that the problem was not born yesterday. And whatever your attitude, acne is a disease. Holes in the skin are consequences. But treatment is not a question of one month. Be patient.

holes on human skin

Acid Peels

This is the most popular tool for cosmetologists. In some cases, if the patient turns to them after a severe course of acne, holes can be seen with the naked eye on a person’s skin. You can start work on correcting skin defects with the correction of hyperkeratosis. This condition is successfully corrected with the help of fruit peels. They can be used at home, which means serious savings in time and money. The compositions can be bought at any professional cosmetics store.

But procedures with acids cannot be abused. It can be addictive. It is recommended to take breaks after 3 months. Usually this is 1-2 months, after which you can continue treatment.

many holes on the skin

Skin color correction

Often, if a person has many holes on the skin, then it casts blue. It is difficult to disguise even with a corrector. The problem is that when squeezing acne , hematomas appear and the work of small capillaries is disrupted. This is especially intense in the cold season.

In this case, drugs based on ichthyol, nicotinic acid and camphor, as well as menthol, isopropyl alcohol, are used. These drugs improve blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin. The result will be a narrowing of the capillary vessels. The elasticity of their walls increases, the inflammatory process disappears.

Such treatment gives an excellent result when sharing chemical peels. This is a vasodilator and protective effect. All procedures in the complex have a good effect and allow you to quickly get excellent results.

holes on the skin of the face


The long-formed holes on the skin of the face are treated much more difficult than fresh ones. Therefore, do not delay with the appeal to a specialist. The following procedures will be effective for treating post-acne:

  • Massage.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Phototherapy.
  • Ultrasound Therapy

Today, there are already practical developments in the use of intradermal injections. This is a relatively young direction, the essence of which is the introduction directly into the affected area of ​​a healing and restorative cocktail, which includes vitamins and collagen, as well as a number of other substances. Moreover, none of them gives a one hundred percent guarantee of getting rid of this defect. Therefore, cosmetologists use immediately a set of measures.

Deep peels

All the effects of acne are successfully treated with a median or deep peeling. In fact, this is the burning of the upper layer. After two to three days, redness disappears, and a crust forms on the site of the burn. It cannot be cleaned on its own, it is necessary to wait until the skin heals and it falls off on its own.

Of course, one procedure will not solve anything, but the skin will look much better. She will return her homogeneous structure, but this is clearly not enough. Experts recommend at least three procedures with an interval of three months. Do not try to do the TCA procedure at home, it is too dangerous. The procedure causes severe pain in the patient, so often anesthesia is prescribed first, and ice is applied after the procedure. And take a vacation for a couple of weeks, because the skin will not look the best way.

Instead of a conclusion

These are not all the possible procedures that are good for treating post-acne. Among one of the most demanded, it is possible to note the laser skin resurfacing. Under the influence of a laser, the skin becomes inflamed, reddens, this effect will persist for three weeks. The result will be reduced pores and improved skin condition. To make this happen faster, you need to use herbal decoctions and medicines that your doctor will recommend.


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