The best Internet service provider in Moscow: rating and reviews

The Internet has a very important role in our lives. The average person now cannot imagine his life without him, since he is the main way of entertainment and communication with the outside world. Also here we must not forget that quite a large number of people work on the Internet, not to mention various bloggers and Internet celebrities, for whom the world wide network is the main and only source of income. That is why the question of choosing Internet service providers today is quite complicated, and this problem becomes even more tangible when it comes to big cities. That is why sometimes it is very difficult to decide which Internet service provider is the best in Moscow.

general information

When it comes to the best Internet providers in Moscow or in any other city, it is worth mentioning first of all that the Internet can be mobile and broadband. If with the mobile everything is clear from the name, then broadband is exactly the option that people are used to using at home or at work through personal computers, laptops and tablets.

best internet provider moscow reviews

Given all of the above, it is sometimes difficult to dwell on a particular provider or determine which one is better than the rest. The thing is that companies that provide access services to the World Wide Web are well aware of the level of competition and are doing everything possible to maximize the quality of their services. Thus, the answer to the question of which Internet provider is the best in Moscow is often based either on the pricing policy of the supplier company or on subjective evaluation criteria. For example, if a user needs a low ping for computer games, then the best provider for him will be the company that will provide him this service. At the same time, other people pay special attention only to customer service or to the stability of the Internet.

Nevertheless, taking into account the above and many other factors, one can still answer the question of which Internet service provider is the best in Moscow, but more on that later.

Mobile Internet

If you want to deal with mobile Internet providers, then everything is quite simple, since today there are only 5 operators providing this service to you:

  • MTS;
  • Beeline
  • Megaphone;
  • Tele2;
  • Yota.
which internet provider is better in moscow

Rating these companies is quite difficult, since they all provide almost the same services. However, Tele2 loses in comparison to the others, as it is the only operator that provides third-generation Internet (3G). All other companies have long been providing their subscribers the opportunity to use the services of 4G-Internet. As for the quality of communication, it all depends on where the subscriber is located. Ideally, there should be excellent coverage throughout Moscow, but there are areas remote from the center where the signal level is noticeably worse.


Now we move on to the ranking of the best broadband Internet providers, and Starlink is the first in it. Based on user reviews, it is the best Internet service provider in Moscow for a number of reasons:

the best internet provider in moscow reviews
  1. Speed. High-tech and modern equipment allows the provider to distribute their services of such high quality that an HD-quality film can be downloaded to your computer in a few minutes.
  2. Customer care. In addition to the round-the-clock support service, this company took care of its subscribers in the sense that on its official website posted answers to the most popular questions regarding interruptions in access to the global network.
  3. Additional services. These include: SMS-notifications, deferred payment and parental control (you can restrict your household access to certain web pages).


The next in the ranking of the best Internet providers in Moscow is the company "Onlaym". In fact, this company is in no way inferior to the above-mentioned provider, since it has everything in order to conquer the Internet services market in the capital. The main advantages include round-the-clock technical support, decent quality of services, urgent connection and much more. In addition, the services of this particular provider are considered one of the cheapest throughout Moscow.

The best internet provider in Moscow

According to reviews, the only drawback here is the need to lay a fairly noticeable cable in the room. Very often it happens that this wire can not be hidden or disguised. It is worth noting that the cable can be abandoned by installing special equipment and adapters. In this case, it is important to understand that the quality of the connection will drop slightly.


Judging by the reviews, this Internet service provider wins against the rest due to the fact that it provides its customers with free connection of its services. For many residents of Moscow, it is this fact that is decisive when choosing a provider of services for access to the World Wide Web. In addition, the company's credibility is also enhanced due to the fact that it has been distributing its services since 1996. Fiber optic connection provides high speed Internet for every consumer. It is precisely because of the foregoing that this company takes pride of place in the ranking of the best Internet providers in Moscow.

what is the best internet provider in Moscow


This is a representative of a budget class of Internet providers in the capital. It is worth noting that it is the low price for the Internet of rather decent quality that is the main advantage of the company. At the same time, you should not think that she is the only one. Judging by the reviews, in addition to a very attractive price-quality ratio, this Internet service provider is pretty good in that it has incredibly polite staff. Highly qualified specialists fulfill their direct duties very high quality, and are also always ready to help you in any matter you are interested in. You will never be denied the installation and configuration of any software, and you will receive polite and comprehensive answers to any, even the most primitive, questions.


If you want to figure out which is the best Internet service provider in Moscow, then it is impossible to ignore Beeline. In addition to mobile Internet services, this company presents its customers the opportunity to enjoy a good quality and high speed broadband connection. Judging by the reviews, the main advantages include round-the-clock support and highly qualified staff who will select and configure all the necessary equipment properly.

Beeline Company


Given the importance of the Internet for modern man, it is not surprising that people pay special attention to choosing a company to provide the necessary services. That is why reviews of the best Internet providers in Moscow made it possible to compose the above rating. Separately, it is worth noting that this list is only conditional, because it pays attention to the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular companies that provide their users with unhindered access to the Internet. In any case, the definition of the best provider depends mainly on the pricing policy of the company and on your specific preferences.


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