What does peony feng shui mean?

Peonies are very beautiful flowers. Their aroma, probably, will not leave anyone indifferent. Note that this flower is endowed with extraordinary power and strength. Probably no other garden plant has such qualities. Now we’ll talk about what peony in Feng Shui means.

What do such flowers represent?

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, terry peonies are and, by the way, have always been, a symbol of dizzying love, passionate emotions and romantic relationships.

peony by feng shui
It is believed that peonies can cause hot feelings, extraordinary love, mutual passion, and also contribute to the construction of new, exciting relationships.

And how can you use the power of peonies?

Specialists in this teaching advise using their wondrous power in the design of the internal space of their home. In particular, it will be useful for those who want to soon find their soul mate and build strong relationships in marriage (or strengthen). This recommendation will not hurt the lonely girls who are now in search of a life partner.

For example, let the picture "Peonies" decorate your home. Feng Shui, or rather, experts in this industry, recommend hanging such images in living rooms and bedrooms. But in this case you need to know one feature. Peony in Feng Shui has powerful power, therefore, as soon as the goal in the form of the long-awaited satellite is achieved, such paintings and posters should be removed from a prominent place.

red peonies by feng shui

Marital life and peonies

Fresh flowers in a vase that are in the bedroom, or just a photo of peonies in feng shui are considered a real magnet, attracting a new wave of passion and romantic feelings into the relationship. When such a talisman is in an intimate room, the spouses begin to be anxious towards each other. Such an action of a peony is its undoubted plus. Note that for some couples this talisman gives emancipation, frees them from excessive shyness and complexes.

Feng Shui reckons peony to those things whose capabilities can not be predicted. Experts advise not to lose sight of the negative side of the action of such a talisman, which is that a peony can stir up a new galaxy of romantic emotions. Peony can push one of the spouses to a banal betrayal. To prevent this from happening, a picture of these flowers (or another similar talisman of feng shui) needs to be hung for a short time in the bedroom. In order to refresh the relationship, you do not need to hang the image for a month or two, it will be enough for several days of this attribute to stay in the room.

Peonies for career and business

From ancient times it is believed that a peony is a β€œroyal” flower, a flower of emperors and power. He is not only a symbol of aristocracy, selectivity and courage, but also personifies the upward movement in the field of achievements.

If you are planning to make a breakthrough in the business sphere or to move up the career ladder, then a peony will be appropriate. A bouquet of such flowers needs to be placed in the living room or in the office, thanks to it you will receive a charge of good luck and positive energy. If you do not want live plants, then you can hang a picture. In winter, in order to maintain the energy of success, you can decorate the apartment by hanging a picture with soft colors on the north wall.

Peony color

Color also plays a big role in what feng shui peony means. Flowers of different shades attract different things to the house. So, bright red peonies in Feng Shui are a powerful activator of energy flows that circulate in the space of the home. These, by the way, are the strongest peonies. Less powerful ones are light pink and white.

picture peonies feng shui
Note that a less saturated color, of course, does not deprive their properties of attracting romantic dates, acquaintances and meetings into a person's life.

Where to place peonies in feng shui?

If you are a lonely person, then experts in this area are advised to decorate the entrance to the bedroom with a beautiful picture with peonies. A married couple who has long legitimized their relationship, but seeks to refresh feelings, should hang such an image in the living room.

photo of peonies by feng shui

Those who have country houses need to remember that energy flows are not only in the space of the home, but also outside its walls. Therefore, to strengthen marital relations, make a flower bed and plant peonies on it. It should be located near the house (in the southwestern part of it).


Note that from the sector, which in Feng Shui symbolizes family well-being and love, you need to remove all possible objects that impede the goal. This applies, in particular, to things related to water, such as aquariums, fountains, flower vases and more. Experts say that water negatively affects the effectiveness of Feng Shui symbols, which are designed to attract mutual, passionate love under the arches of the house.


Now you know what peony in Feng Shui means, how these flowers will help you in your personal life and career!

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