The funded part of the retirement pension, changes and innovations

The funded part of the retirement pension is accumulated and formed at the expense of deductions of taxpayer funds to the pension fund. There they are placed on separate accounts, each of which is a registered account. Funds may be held both in state and in those funds that are non-state.

Funds not only have the right to invest in various programs, but are also required to do so so that the funds do not depreciate due to inflation and generate income. Revenues should also be recorded in personal accounts. Each funded part of the retirement pension has a separate personal account.

Amendments to the pension insurance law

It was assumed, in accordance with the original version of the 2002 law, that the accumulation of labor pensions will be made for those citizens who must retire in 2016 (men) and in 2011 (women). In 2005, the law changed, and since 2005, the funded part of the retirement pension will now be accrued only to those who had the good fortune of being born in 1967, as well as those who were born later.

Those accumulations that took place from 2002 to 2005 will also be placed in pension funds, which will be chosen by the owners of the formed personal accounts. In other words, if your birth occurred before 1967, you will no longer be accrued for making up the pension, it will consist of the base and insurance parts. But the money that managed to be formed on a personal account from 2002 to 2005 will work together with all other savings accounts and will then be taken into account upon retirement (that is, added to the calculation and paid).

How is the amount to accumulate part of the pension

It directly depends on such a component as wages. The value of the funded part for the year (the amount that is transferred to the pension fund as a tax) and a fixed percentage of a specific indicator of the amount of wages is established in the Law. They determine its size in monetary terms.

If your earnings are less than two hundred eighty thousand rubles a year, then in 2005-2007 your pension savings will amount to 4% of this amount. Starting from 2008, with the same income, 6% per year will be deducted in order to create the funded part of the labor pension.

Salaries in the range from 280 to 600 thousand rubles bring 11,200 thousand rubles to a personal savings account . and 1.6% of the amount exceeding two hundred eighty thousand - 2005-2007. Since 2008, 16800 and 2.4% respectively.

If your salary is above 600 thousand rubles a year, then the amount of charges is fixed: in 2005 to 2007 - 16320 per year and from 2008 - 24480 per year to a savings account.

How is the funded part of the pension paid

Payment of the funded part of the retirement pension is liable to citizens with a social pension, as well as to those who have a disability or receive a pension due to the loss of a breadwinner. Such payments are limited by the percentage of the accrued pension and the size of the payment. This ratio should be no more than 5%. It will be possible to receive an urgent payment of pension savings from July of this year (2012), in accordance with the Law adopted in 2011.

Otherwise, except for the above norm of the law, urgent payments will not be lump-sum. Obtaining an urgent payment is envisaged for ten years in equal shares. In other words, everything that a citizen has accumulated and recorded on his individual account will be divided into 10 years and paid as part of the accrued pension.

Urgent payments include the amount of maternity capital, if they are aimed at forming a mother's pension. She will also be assigned a payment duration of at least ten years. In the event that there is a sudden death of the recipient of the urgent payment, successors under the law, that is, the spouse or children, can inherit it.

The law provides for the adjustment of the funded part of the pension, as well as the amount of urgent payments, by the amount of income generated from the income of investment funds.


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