Stavropol spas: overview, services

In the bustle of working everyday life, the soul and body require rest on a fundamentally different level than the usual rest on the couch. In spas, this problem can be solved without problems: complete relaxation, a cozy atmosphere, qualified specialists, various procedures will help not only get rid of fatigue, but also improve the body. In Stavropol, for example, there are several institutions working in this profile. Where are they located, what services can I get in them?

Cosmetology center "Beauty Gallery"

Center "Beauty Gallery"

The salon is loved by many women who live in Stavropol. For 10 years, spa specialists have been making their visitors a little happier. All procedures are carried out only on professional equipment using branded cosmetics and products.

Spa services in the "Beauty Gallery":

  1. Wraps. Products of the companies Styx (Austria), Thalasso Bretagne (France) are used.
  2. Comprehensive biostimulation with Futura Pro brand products.
  3. RF electric field therapy.
  4. Comprehensive care from AYPA.

Various facial procedures are popular: peeling, botulinum therapy, cleaning, mesotherapy, microcurrent therapy, facial massage, laser biorevitalization, contour plastic surgery and much more.

Salon address: Dzerzhinsky street, 138-140.

Center "Angel Concept"

Beauty salon "Angel Concept"

"Angel Concept" is a famous spa in Stavropol. The company began operations in 1995 as a supplier of branded clothing. Today, Angel Concept is a boutique, spa, and beauty salon. All infrastructure is located in a separate building at the address: Lenin street, 440 V.

The spa offers the following services:

  • Body care: stone therapy, program "Algotherm", depilation, skin care cosmetics brand TANAMERA, program "Thermo-SPA".
  • Massage: medical, Russian power, anti-cellulite, biovascular, etc.
  • Hydrotherapy: Charcot's shower, underwater massage.

In parallel with spa sessions, cosmetic surgeries are carried out: face cleansing, anti-aging wraps, nursing sessions.

Salon "Atma-Sphere"


Atma-Sphere Spa is a place where all procedures are carried out in accordance with the laws of yoga and the secrets of Ayurveda.

The complex center conducts fitness classes, dance lessons, wellness programs, yoga classes, cosmetology sessions and, of course, body treatments.

Salon Services:

  • Comprehensive programs for two: "Yin Yang", "Fire and Water", "Indian Travel".
  • Wraps: T-Shock, Ginger and Rosemary, Hot Guarana, Indian Chrysanthemum, etc.
  • Various types of massage: Lomi Lomi, Urichil, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Marma, Thai, Japanese, microvibration, Creole, etc.
  • Cosmetology: Slimness programs, peelings, face care (lifting, lightening, rejuvenation) and much more.

Addresses of Atma-Sphere salons: 28/8 Tukhachevsky Street, 393 A. Lenin Street

Spa center "Capital"

Spa center "Capital"

"Capital" is a center that offers unique services to its customers, which come with pleasant discounts. For regular visitors, individual programs are developed.

Popular procedures in the "Capital":

  • solarium;
  • massage;
  • infrared sauna;
  • chromotherapy and underwater massage;
  • pressure therapy;
  • underwater massage and thalassotherapy.

Particular attention should be paid to the NEO QI spa capsule. Due to the thermal effect, all wraps and masks are much more effective than at normal room temperature. Thanks to such equipment, you can not only affect the skin and internal processes, but even cure diseases.

The address of the spa in Stavropol: Mira street, 264 A, office 13.

Cosmetology clinic "Sofia"

Sofia Spa is an institution that specializes in beauty treatments designed to prevent age-related changes. The center has been operating since 2009, annually expanding the list of its services and gaining more and more new customers.

List of popular services at the Sofia spa:

  • biorevitalization;
  • photorejuvenation;
  • botulinum toxins;
  • coagulation of blood vessels;
  • thread lifting;
  • manual massage;
  • SPA wraps.

The center’s specialists do not stop in their development and constantly improve their qualifications, expand their knowledge, including abroad. The clinic is located at Krupskaya Lane, 29 k3.

Cosmetology center "De-Ko-Rum"

Cosmetology center "De-Ko-Rum"

"De-Ko-Rum" - Stavropol spa with qualified specialists and a pleasant atmosphere. Convenient location and mode of operation attract customers who leave only positive feedback about the center.

Spa treatments at De Co Rum:

  • pressure therapy;
  • endermological lipomassage;
  • SPA capsule Mediq.

For a full range of treatment sessions at the center, you can undergo procedures of hardware, aesthetic and dermatological cosmetology. With regular visits, a nice bonus is to pay only the initial consultation with a doctor.

Location of the center: Marshal Zhukov street, 23.

Health Center "Ksenia"

Xenia Spa in Stavropol is a unique place where you can relax with body and soul. The center's staff is sure that the beauty of a person lies in his health, therefore in Ksenia you can find cosmetological, anti-aging, and medical procedures.

In the salon you can visit:

  • paraffin therapy;
  • massage;
  • cedar barrel;
  • phytobar;
  • wraps;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • cryocapsule;
  • cosmetology sessions;
  • halochamber;
  • peloid therapy and much more.

Before going to a particular procedure, the doctor examines the client. Visitors in their reviews note that "Ksenia" is a mini-resort where you can use a variety of medical services.

Center address: st. 4th Industrial, 2A.

These and other Stavropol spas guard the beauty, health and youth of the city's residents. Do not deny yourself pleasure, arrange beauty procedures, and there will be more positive emotions in life.


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