Learning to build a do-it-yourself barn

A barn in the country house is an indispensable building, because it is in it that it is most convenient to store work equipment, as well as any other objects and things scattered around the site. In principle, the barn can be used by the owners as they wish. If you also need such a structure, then you probably already thought about how to build a do-it-yourself barn for a summer house . Do not rush to hire workers and pay a lot of money for their skill. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in the construction of a barn, and now you will see for yourself.

First of all, you should choose a site for the construction. It is best if the barn hides in the very depths of the plot and does not catch the eye of the guests. At the same time, it should be located so that it can be quickly accessed both from home and from the garden.

A do-it-yourself barn for a summer house begins to be built with a foundation laying. The simplest option would be a concrete foundation, but a columnar one will do as well. In the territory of your choice, enclose the area corresponding to the size of the barn. Inside the marking, remove the top layer of the earth with a thickness of about 50 cm. Pour a mixture of gravel and sand into the pit that has formed, and also a layer of rubble on top. Thus, you created a pillow under the foundation, the thickness of which should be no more than 0.1 m. Now we lay the reinforcing mesh on the pillow and make the formwork from ordinary boards. Pour concrete and wait until it dries. Spray concrete with water for several days. This is necessary so that it does not crack further.

When the foundation for the barn is ready, we proceed to the construction of the frame, which is easiest to make from ordinary beams. Alternatively, you can use a brick for laying walls, as well as combine both options. In the latter case, first several rows of bricks are laid out, and then a wooden frame is installed. If you decide to make a combined frame, then do not forget to lay a waterproofing layer between the last row of bricks and the first row of timber. The brick is able to accumulate moisture, and waterproofing will not allow this moisture to get on the tree. We fix the beam to the bricks with the help of T-shaped anchor pins. Then we install the number of racks necessary in your case at a distance of about 0.5 meters from each other.

Continuing to build a do-it-yourself barn shed, we proceed to install the walls. The easiest way is to make them from planed boards. They are easily painted and treated with an antiseptic. The most correct option for the location of the boards in the upholstery is vertical. In this case, the boards will not press against each other, due to which the whole structure will only be even stronger. If you are going to make windows in the barn, then think about their location in advance and leave a place.

And finally, the last stage is the installation of the roof. Whether it will be, single-pitched or gable, is up to you. As a roofing material, it is best to use asbestos-cement sheets, which are highly waterproof. At your request, you can choose another type of roofing material, for example, steel sheets.

That's all, a do-it-yourself barn for a summer house is ready. It remains only to restore order inside. For more convenient placement of tools and other items, build shelves, put benches, etc. Surely you will want to hold the light in the barn. It is best to ask an electrician to do this, but if you take on this work, then do not forget to do the grounding. The easiest way to do grounding in the country with your own hands is as follows: connect the casing of your electrical device with a wire to a metal pin that you need to hammer in. So you will save yourself and your family from unwanted electric shock.

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