Shopping centers in Minsk - a great opportunity to start your business

Minsk is the city of the future. A beautiful and modern metropolis is fraught with opportunities for career growth and development. The capital of Belarus rightfully takes the leading position in the ranking of buying and selling a business. One of the most popular offers are: auto services, beauty salons, catering. But the most popular retail and retail business, which is always relevant and brings income to its owners. Shopping centers in Minsk are always open for cooperation with entrepreneurs.

Shopping centers of Minsk.

How to start

First you need to take care of a properly selected outlet. This is practically the most important point in creating a successful business. Not every entrepreneur at first has a round sum to buy his own store. The smart decision is rent. To start, you need to find a good place, because the revenue will certainly depend on the number of customers, who are not so many on the outskirts of the city. Shopping centers in Minsk are an ideal and almost win-win option.

  • Diversified shops are located in shopping centers. Even if the buyer came for a specific group of products, it is likely that he will be interested in other offers and go to your store.
  • Transparent display cases optimally open the view of existing products. Buyers can notice an interesting product for them and make a purchase.
  • Trading premises are always neatly decorated. Bright walls and good lighting will save on repair costs.
  • Centers almost always provide tenants with storage facilities for storing products.
  • The ventilation system will maintain an optimally comfortable temperature for visitors and staff.
  • The rental price pays off quickly, thanks to the excellent patency of customers.

Galileo shopping center in Minsk

Shopping centers of Minsk

The capital developed in all areas will be able to offer beginner businessmen the rental of trading floors.

Famous shopping centers:

  • "Capital".
  • "Rock".
  • "Castle".
  • "Galileo".

Each of these centers has a constant flow of customers, which is necessary for a new company. Not only possible purchases, but also recreation areas of shopping centers, various entertainment events, discounts and promotions guarantee the attraction of new visitors. Depending on the desired location, you can choose the right shopping center.

Fashionable "Capital"

One of the current rental offers is “Capital” (Minsk). The shopping center is located in the heart of the beautiful city, the capital of Belarus, under the central avenue. The entrance to the "Capital" was opened not far in 2006 and still attracts many customers, especially tourists who are not averse to get carried away by shopping in another country. A variety of brands returns customers to the "Capital". Especially the shopping center will please fans of Belarusian products, visitors or simply connoisseurs of domestic producers. Small cafes, bistros, restaurants, banking services and much, much more are evenly distributed over 3 floors. The parking is quite large, for about 500 cars. Many shoe and clothing stores are diluted with grocery stores. In general, the “Capital” has absolutely all the conditions for shopping, as well as opportunities for starting a business.

The capital is Minsk shopping center.


Buyers leave good reviews about the Skala shopping center in Minsk. The first thing worth noting is the original architecture of the building itself, which stands out from its other competitors. The rock opened in 2013. Walking through the levels of the shopping center is easy thanks to convenient and modern escalators. Actual brands of home and personal goods in a wide price segment attract buyers with different incomes. People come in families, buy clothes for children in stores for little ones. Restaurants, cafes, a pharmacy, flower salons and other services are nice additions.

"Castle" for shopaholics

Castle shopping center in Minsk

The shopping center "Castle" in Minsk opened its doors in 2012 and is in no way inferior to others. The four-story building lives up to its name. Beautiful, architectural design attracts customers and makes their stay fun. Large parking for 2000 places is provided free of charge. At the levels there are absolutely all types of goods: clothing, shoe stores, jewelry, children's goods and for the home. Rest for visitors is provided by restaurants and bars, as well as other necessary services. Also in the "Castle" there are 3 rooms for watching movies. Before the session, you can relax from the bustle of the trade and wait for your time at the cozy tables. Children's entertainment center and ice rink delight kids and their parents. This shopping center is equipped not only for shopping, but also for family leisure, which will certainly attract more customers and increase demand for products in stores.

Minsk shopping center rock


Shopping center "Galileo" in Minsk is relatively young and imprisoned for shopping and leisure visitors. Food court, restaurants, a cinema with 7 halls - what else is needed for a modern person? The city center and proximity to the train station are undoubted advantages. Almost the entire floor is reserved for accessory stores. Electronics, accessories, and other stores are scattered across floors. Galileo also fell in love with textile connoisseurs, which are specialized in several departments. This is a wonderful shopping center with high business opportunities.

If you decide to create a business, then pay attention to the shopping centers of Minsk, where thousands of residents make purchases every day. This is a great start to a successful business.


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