Mortgage without down payment at Rosselkhozbank: conditions, interest rate

Housing is one of the main needs of each of us. Unfortunately, in our time, own square meters are not cheap. But since it is difficult to exist without an apartment or house, people solve this problem by issuing a targeted loan. And before that, they carefully study the proposals that are in the financial market. And many are very interested in mortgages without a down payment at Rosselkhozbank.

mortgage without down payment at the Russian Agricultural Bank

general information

To begin with, I would like to say that you can trust this financial institution. Since it is in sixth place in the reliability rating among 600 banks in Russia. The total assets of Rosselkhozbank exceed the amount of 2.76 trillion rubles. And the fact that people trust him with their money is credible.

What can you tell about such a service as a mortgage without a down payment at Rosselkhozbank? So, firstly, it exists. And secondly, it is not issued to everyone. In general practice, there are only three cases in which this is possible.

First: the down payment is not needed, but the conditions for issuing a mortgage will be stricter. And this will manifest itself either in a shortened payment period, or in an overstated percentage.

The second case: the amount that was taken on the security of real estate that the borrower already owns is accepted as a contribution. A loan for its payment and for the purchase of new housing is issued immediately, together.

And the third case: the maternity capital that the borrower received at the birth of the child is used as a contribution. So it’s just practiced at the Rosselkhozbank. By the way, young families (with or without a child) are provided with preferential conditions, which imply a reduced bar for the first installment. However, this can be described in more detail.

Affordable property

A mortgage without a down payment at Rosselkhozbank is issued for the purchase of objects of certain categories. People using maternity capital can purchase an apartment in either the primary or secondary market. It is possible to purchase housing in a house under construction (this, by the way, is the most profitable solution).

Also, houses with land and townhouses are available to them. More money can be given for independent construction of a private house. As well as the purchase of a land plot on which housing will be built. In addition, a mortgage is issued for the purchase of an unfinished house with land, if people plan to finish the construction. It is also possible to obtain a targeted loan for the acquisition of a plot.

Russian Agricultural Bank Mortgage Calculator

Main condition

In order for a mortgage to be approved without a down payment at Rosselkhozbank, the potential borrower must meet certain requirements. The most important thing is to note the separate attention.

The borrower must have full right to dispose of the notorious maternal capital. And if the amount that he has is covering the amount of the declared down payment, which is determined by the terms of the preferential program, then the mortgage will be approved. The same decision will be made if the amount of funds exceeds it. This means that the down payment for the potential borrower will be 0%.

The owner of the property, which will be pledged, must be an adult. And within three months after issuing a loan, he must contact the RF PF to transfer maternity capital to the bank. This is necessary for partial repayment of the mortgage - these are the conditions. And yet, in addition to the standard package of documents, when applying for a loan, you will need to provide a certificate for the MSC and a certificate from the pension fund, which will say what amount is stored in the maternity capital account.

Russian Agricultural Bank mortgage interest rate


But now you can list the papers that you need to collect and present to the person who decided to take a mortgage at Rosselkhozbank. The list is as follows:

1. Application form on the bank form of the established form.

2. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. A substitute document will also work (for example, a certificate of a soldier serving).

3. Military ID - required for men under the age of 27 years. An alternative is ascribed evidence.

4. A document certifying the marital status and the presence of children, if any.

5. Paper confirming the employment of the potential borrower and his financial condition.

6. All documents on the property, the acquisition of which is planned.

The list of securities may be wider - if you need something else, the client will be notified about this individually.

Basic requirements

Many people have issued this type of loan as a mortgage at Rosselkhozbank. They leave good reviews - they assure that the conditions are favorable and understandable, which is important. The organization is well-disposed to conscientious customers with a good credit history. This, by the way, is one of the requirements for potential borrowers. There are a few more:

1. Age - at least 21 years. The loan must be repaid before 65 years.

2. Citizenship - Russian. Like registration.

3. Work experience - from six months at the last place of employment. And at least a year for all professional activities in general. There is a discount for Rosselkhozbank customers - they are allowed to have 3 months experience at their last place of work.

For elderly people who have gone on legal vacations and receive payments from the RF PF to an account opened with this organization, Rosselkhozbank offers special conditions. Mortgages are provided to pensioners on gentle terms - for them, having a one-year work experience over the past five years is not necessary.

Russian Agricultural Bank mortgage with state support

Young families

As you can see, Rosselkhozbank offers quite understandable conditions. Mortgage with state support is popular, especially among young families. And for them there is separate information.

A young family is considered a union in which the age of one of the spouses (ideally - both) does not exceed the mark of 35 years. Potential borrowers without an official partner, but with a child, also fall into this category. However, a single mother / father should also not be more than 35 years old.


Now about the installment. Maternity capital can be paid at least 10% of the price of the property. But if it is a new building (primary market) - its size increases to 20%.

An important point: if a couple had a child during the loan period, they are allowed to defer payment of the debt. But only until the baby is 3 years old.

take a mortgage at the Russian Agricultural Bank


This is the most important topic. Everyone wants to know how much he will have to pay as a debt. And people are primarily interested in this, turning to the Russian Agricultural Bank. Mortgage Calculator is an excellent assistant if you need to calculate everything.

Suppose the spouses' income in the amount of 60,000 rubles per month. In this case, he can be approved a loan in the amount of up to 2 617 500 p. For example, they decided to take two million to buy a one-room apartment for 10 years. The annual rate is 12.9%. And 15% of the declared amount was paid in three months by maternity capital. In this case, they will have to pay 29,745 rubles a month to pay off the debt. As a maximum, their payment may amount to 43,313 p. The bank cannot accept a large amount, even if customers have an additional source of income and can afford to repay the debt in large amounts. To change the conditions, you will have to contact Rosselkhozbank directly.

Mortgage Calculator is a good service because it shows a repayment schedule. Looking at him, you can understand how much the person overpaid. If we talk about the above example, then in general, borrowers will pay the bank 3,569,400 rubles. Two million in debt and 1,569,400 (hardly less than the amount borrowed) - as interest.

Information for civil servants

These are not all the interesting offers that Rosselkhozbank has. Military mortgages are another topic worth noting. A very interesting mechanism for acquiring housing. It is available to servicemen participating in the funded mortgage housing system.

So, here's how it works: the military opens a savings account, to which the state transfers a certain amount every month. For 2016, it amounted to 245,880 rubles per year. Three years after participating in the NIS, the military may draw up a report to obtain a certificate that will give him the right to receive a targeted housing loan. When he is in his hands - it's time to pick up real estate that meets certain requirements. They are established by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the bank itself and the insurance company.

mortgage at the agricultural bank reviews

Further actions

After the military determines for himself the housing that he would like to buy, you can go to conclude a mortgage agreement. Russian Agricultural Bank opens a separate account to which all funds accumulated within the NIS are transferred. They will pay the down payment.

Requirements for the borrower are as follows:

1. Citizenship - Russian.

2. The minimum age is 22 years.

3. Maximum - 45 years at the time of debt repayment.

4. The term of participation in the NIS is at least 36 months.

The maximum amount that the military can receive as a loan is 2 050 000 rubles for the purchase of an apartment. If you need to purchase a plot with a house - the amount will be 1 850 000 r. The rate will be 10.5 and 11.5% per annum, respectively. So, as you can see, buying an apartment is more profitable in all respects. By the way, the accumulated funds within the framework of the NIS should be enough for at least a 10 percent contribution.

How does repayment occur? The mechanism is simple. Repays the debt FSUE "Rosvoenipoteka". Funds are taken from the federal budget. The monthly payment is 1/12 of the amount that the military had as an accumulative contribution.

mortgage agreement Russian Agricultural Bank

What else is worth knowing?

Attention should be noted and other nuances regarding the processing of a loan in an organization such as Rosselkhozbank. Mortgage, interest rate, terms - this is all really important. But it is much more interesting nowadays to know what needs to be done for the speedy approval of a loan and how to save. And here are the tips:

1. It is worth bringing as many documents as possible that testify to financial viability. The more papers confirming various sources of income - the better. Many people who rent their existing housing, even bring contracts that testify to the veracity of this fact.

2. You need to take a mortgage for the shortest possible time. Overpayments will be less.

3. It is advisable to attract a co-borrower. Or even two.

4. The down payment should be maximum - so that the debt becomes less.

5. To get a better offer at the interest rate, you should become a bank customer in advance.

But the most important thing is that you must first familiarize yourself with all the points prescribed in the conditions and contract. And only after that decide to arrange a loan. Prudence in financial matters is never superfluous.


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