How to answer an uncomfortable question? Psychological tricks

How often do we hear questions related to the level of wages, the desire to have a baby, marriage or divorce! The ability to correctly respond to a violation of personal space is considered an excellent practice for people who are prone to succumb to pressure from their surroundings. Despite the nature of the question that you were asked, the psychological techniques discussed in the article will help you adequately overcome an awkward situation.

Support and participation

How to answer uncomfortable questions, most people care. Probably, each of us was interested in what we do not want to talk about. It often happens that our relatives and friends ask about painful not out of simple curiosity. They really tend to worry. It often happens that a friend asks a girl why she is not yet married, trying to find a worthy groom among her surroundings. And an old friend who is interested in your work recalls whether he has a vacant position for you at the company.

Conversation between people

Such people should not be offended and angry. If you really feel that they are worried about you and trying to help, then just tell them briefly about your problem. If the topic is sensitive, then explain that you are not ready to discuss this issue. The person to whom you are dear will perfectly understand you.

Urgent business

How to answer an uncomfortable question? If you do not want to spread on a topic that is very interested in your interlocutor, you can apply a psychological technique. It allows you to avoid talking on a topic that is forbidden to you. And this technique consists in the fact that you recall some important matter and suddenly leave the intrusive interlocutor. Of course, using this technique often will not work, but several times it will definitely be possible to avoid an unpleasant dialogue.


How to answer an uncomfortable question? If the interlocutor put you in an awkward position with his question, then try to repay him with the same coin. Suppose he is interested in the level of your salary, so ask him about his own earnings. In practice, such tactics scare away a curious acquaintance, he stops asking such questions. If he still requires an answer from you, you will have to use another psychological trick.

Philosophical answer

How to answer uncomfortable questions? Sometimes you can just speculate on a given topic. If you are not married yet, and your environment is very interested in this situation, then refer to the fact that family values โ€‹โ€‹today are changing so much, divorce statistics are growing, and men have become completely different.

how to answer with humor

Most interested people in your community will agree with you and possibly support a conversation about major changes in family values.

Joke - it's annoying

How to answer an uncomfortable question with humor? Let's say your girlfriend is very interested in the cost of your new dress. Tell her that you had to starve for the sake of buying it for almost 2 weeks, but you do not regret it, because a lot can be done in the name of fashion.

answer with humor

Consider the universal answers:

  1. โ€œI am amazed at your ability to ask questions that are perplexing!โ€
  2. โ€œYou are a wonderful man, you know what always surprised me in you? This is your ability to regularly ask rhetorical questions! โ€
  3. โ€œDo you really want to talk about this?โ€ If in response to the interlocutor you hear โ€œYesโ€, then boldly parry the following answer: โ€œBut I am not interested in talking about this,โ€ and smile.
  4. "For what purposes are you interested in this?"
  5. "I will be happy to answer your question, just tell me first, why are you so interested?"

How to answer uncomfortable interview questions

Very often at interviews, employers are interested in personal matters. When communicating with a potential boss or human resources officer, you may hear the following questions:

- โ€œAre you planning a child?โ€;

- โ€œWhy are you not married yet?โ€;

- โ€œHow much does your husband / wife earn?โ€;

- โ€œCan you manage a large team of men or influence the women's team?โ€

Girl hiding behind her hands

All these questions can be called tactless. Few people want to talk about their personal lives at the interview.

Your answer largely depends on how much you are interested in the vacancy and work in this company. There are two extreme options that will help you avoid answers to uncomfortable questions: laugh it off or end the interview.

  1. First, make sure that you are not a member of the stress interview. If a human resources officer asks you strange questions and behaves boorishly, then most likely your nervous system is tested for strength. Most often, such techniques are used in the search for people in leadership positions, where there are a lot of stressful situations. Therefore, it is very important for the employer to see the reaction: she can talk about how the new employee will behave at her workplace if she gets a position in his company.
  2. Ask your employer why this issue is so important for him. Just ask about it gently and calmly, without aggression and nervous notes in the voice. Perhaps the employer had a previously unpleasant incident with one of the employees, so he is interested in this moment in order to protect himself from similar situations in the future.
    A man communicates with a woman
  3. How to answer an uncomfortable question when it concerns your personal life? Explain to the interlocutor that his interest is tactless, since you came to get a job, and your personal and family relationships do not affect the ability to do a good job. Then carefully remove the interlocutor from an awkward position and translate the topic of conversation. Remember that you need to be polite and confident person, as this is one of the best strategies for an interview.
  4. If the employer does not understand the hints, then answer directly that you feel uncomfortable when asked about this.

And remember, not a single question of a personal nature displays information about your professional skills.


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