Brazilian manicure - a new word in the nail industry

Is Brazilian manicure really an innovation that eliminated the shortcomings of any other types of manicure, or is it another way to sell the same cosmetics and tools? Let's try to figure it out.

What is a Brazilian manicure

To make a regular cut or unedged manicure, you need: a bath, salt, scrub and cream for the skin of the hands, cuticle softener, cuticle moisturizer, nail files, nail scissors, towels, and also a lot of time. The need to simplify the maniura procedure is long overdue! This is probably why simple and effective Brazilian manicure has become popular not only in its homeland; more and more beauty salons around the world are adding it to its price list, although the reason for its appearance in Brazil was a necessity. Local craftsmen cannot afford to spend a lot of water, so they invented this new nail care.

Brazilian manicure allows you to rid yourself of a mountain of cosmetic accessories and make beautiful hands and nails much faster and easier.

A disposable kit, which includes special gloves, a nail file and a cuticle stick, is all that is needed to make a Brazilian manicure. You can buy these accessories in specialized stores. Kits usually provide instructions, so they can easily be used at home.

One procedure will cost about 500-800 rubles. It may seem that it is expensive for a one-time care, but given the huge amount of money and time that it saves, the price is perceived as quite affordable. In essence, Brazilian manicure is a spa treatment that provides intensive care for the skin of your hands or feet. According to the recommendations of specialists, a Brazilian manicure should be performed once every 5-7 days.

What equipment for manicure in this technique is necessary? None. All you need is a kit that includes only three things:

1. Disposable gloves or socks. Many women, wishing to enhance the effect of hand cream, wear cotton gloves. Gloves for Brazilian manicure are filled with a unique, completely natural composition. It perfectly moisturizes, softens a dry cuticle or corns, has a disinfecting effect, soothes irritated skin.

2. Disposable file.

3. Disposable stick to move the cuticle.

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Pros and Cons of Brazilian Manicure

The only negative is that it is a gentle procedure. With a very neglected, rough and overgrown cuticle, it alone will not be enough. Cutting of the cuticle, filing of the side rollers, thorough polishing of the nails will still be necessary. But, pay attention, the procedure of a Brazilian manicure can be an excellent base for cutting the cuticle, it becomes so soft and elastic. So this "minus" is even difficult to call a lack. The rest of the Brazilian manicure is characterized only by the pros:

1. Security. Nothing needs to be trimmed, which means that the risk of cuts, inflammation, infection or simply redness of the cuticle that appears in many women after a manicure is minimized. Remover for unedged manicure contains aggressive components that can negatively affect the skin, cause peeling and even foliation of nails. With Brazilian manicure, only natural, soft, as neutral as possible ingredients are used. The set for him is one-time, which not only guarantees high hygiene, but also saves time: you do not need to clean, wash and disinfect various tools after the procedure.

2. It is carried out simply and quickly, it can be carried out at home with comfort. For regular manicure, you need baths, water, nail brushes, a wash basin, a towel. With a set for a Brazilian manicure or pedicure, you can comfortably sit on the couch and watch your favorite movie without any extra hassle. The cream that fills disposable gloves and socks has a neutral, subtle smell, which is especially appreciated by people prone to allergies.

3. Efficiency. It’s not quite right to call a glove filler a cream, because, in fact, this is an intense mask. Its effect on the skin of the hands is comparable to the effect of paraffin therapy: elastic and soft skin, with smooth small wrinkles, hands that do not need daily moisturizing lotions.

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What miraculous means do gloves for Brazilian manicure fill and why do they have such beneficial effects on the cuticle and nails?

1. Allantoin is one of the drugs that is recommended as an antiseptic by the World Health Organization. It softens, exfoliates and at the same time promotes cell regeneration.

2. Urea - softens and moisturizes, exfoliates horny cells, promotes the penetration of active components into the skin.

3. Gammamelis and tea tree oil are effective natural antiseptics. Hamammelis shrub extract softens the skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Tea tree is an ingredient no less popular in cosmetology; its oil has such powerful bactericidal properties that it is successfully used in medicine.

4. Keratin and calcium - structure-forming components of nails. They strengthen and restore the nail plate.

5. Polymer R236 - a formula developed in one Brazilian laboratory. It makes the nails smooth, matte, brightens them, protects from the effects of varnish.

The cream also contains bisabolol, which is used to care for sensitive skin, and excipients, the purpose of which is to provide the best effect of the above ingredients.

As you can see, the composition contains both unique components and those ingredients that are found in lower concentrations in many hand creams: allantoin, basabolol, calcium, etc.

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How to perform Brazilian manicure

It can be done on both natural and extended nails. Before the procedure, the nails are treated with an antiseptic, the cuticle is slightly moved away so that the cream can envelop it well. While the nails are dry, they can be filed and give them the desired shape.

Then put on gloves with cream. The gloves are very elastic and quite wide, they need to be pressed to the skin, paying special attention to the area around the nails. This is easy to do on your own. You can pull the cream to the cuticle to moisturize it more with stroking movements from the base of the fingers to the nails. As you can see, the moisturizer completely envelops the hands, including the area under the nails, and the fingertips - these are the areas that are not often affected by the hand cream, as a result of which they dry out and become rough.

Keep gloves for 5-7 minutes. Then you can start processing the nails. It is not necessary to remove gloves. You can simply cut off their ends with scissors and, while you push and scrub the cuticle with a wooden stick, the skin of the hands gets extra nutrition. Then the gloves are removed and a hand massage is performed. Rinse with water does not need anything, during the massage the cream is absorbed.

As you can see, Brazilian manicure does not imply something over-searched. However, simplicity is exactly what many modern women who value their time need.


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