How to connect digital television - step-by-step instructions without puzzles!

Currently, almost all houses have televisions, the main purpose of which is to broadcast television channels. But analogue television cannot transmit the full spectrum of colors, it does not have a wide variety of channels, so digital television is gaining popularity every year. The main advantage of the new TV is the protection of the signal from various kinds of interference. Thanks to her, we get an image of excellent quality.

how to connect digital tv
Digital terrestrial television makes it possible to watch television programs in good quality in the territory of any region of Russia. Another advantage of digital television is its good signal transmission, which makes it possible to watch television even in remote areas.

Digital terrestrial television (in Moscow or any other region of the country) allows you to choose the appropriate package of TV channels.

Now let's figure out how to connect a digital television.

  1. To get started, become (if you have not already become) a cable television subscriber,

  2. Then check your home’s connection to the ATK line. You are unlikely to be able to do this on your own, therefore it is better to call the service provider by phone.

  3. If it turns out that you are not connected to this network, then you will need to fill out a connection request. This can be done at the company's offices, by phone, through company agents or online resources.

  4. After connecting you need to purchase a digital receiver or a CAM module.

    digital television how to connect

  5. The next step will be to conclude an agreement to purchase this device. It can be concluded at any office of the service provider, as well as by phone or through the company’s website.

  6. After purchasing the receiver, you need to install it. The radio mechanics of the service provider company can help you with this. They know exactly how to connect digital television. If you do not need installation services, then you can install it yourself. Regardless of who will perform the setup, after all the manipulations on connecting the receiver have been done, you will have the opportunity to watch digital television.

  7. You can pay for all services for connecting and broadcasting TV in any nearest ATK salon, as well as in places of payment acceptance.

digital terrestrial television in Moscow
You can, of course, watch the “figure” without a decoder, extra wires and an additional remote control. How to connect digital television without a receiver, you will be prompted at the offices of digital TV. The only thing that can be said is about technical limitations. Such services are available only to owners of TVs with a built-in cable tuner DVB-C, Cl-slot, supporting the standard of digital sample MPEG-2 or 4. If you have an analog TV, you can watch digital TV only with a set-top box.

If you wanted to watch digital television? How to connect? It is better to contact the offices of the providers of this service for help and advice; there, experienced operators will help you figure out how to connect digital television.


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