Large hypermarkets in Moscow: photos and reviews

Hypermarkets in Russia have long become an integral part of urban life. A large selection of food and non-food products, various promotions, using which you can make profitable purchases, the convenience of self-service - all this makes using them very attractive. For some families, going to the supermarket becomes even a pleasant weekly duty.

Price categories

Moscow hypermarkets can be divided into different price categories. Among them there are economy and premium stores. The latter are not so numerous in comparison with the former - because of the high price tag that is not available to all families (for example, the Alphabet of Taste). As a rule, such stores have a large number of delicacies and exotic products, their own bakery, and the opportunity to offer farm products. Buyers in reviews often speak positively about the service that such stores provide, but at the same time they can complain about the presence of low-quality goods. In addition, some note the fact of unjustifiably high prices for ordinary products, which can be found in every economic store.

Moscow hypermarkets

Supermarket chains

The largest hypermarkets in Moscow with an affordable price tag are Auchan, Karusel, Metro, and Lenta chain stores. They can boast a large assortment of both food and other goods - at different prices. On the shelves you can find both cheap products and more expensive. A separate advantage is the availability of own brands that have relatively good quality at an affordable price, including due to the lack of financial investments in advertising.

home appliance hypermarket in Moscow

Chain Store Products

As a rule, in addition to food and household chemicals, in such places a choice of equipment, goods for the kitchen and home, furniture, clothes, children's toys, hygiene products, building materials, decorative and caring cosmetics, and pet products is presented.

construction hypermarkets of Moscow

Online ordering options

Many buyers have long appreciated the convenience of ordering products through online stores: they provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the assortment without leaving home, order at any time of the day, delivery to the door of the apartment. Some Moscow hypermarkets have adopted this experience and created online stores on their official websites. For example, the Auchan group offers to remotely purchase furniture, cottages, electronics, toys, stationery, and even musical instruments. Moreover, the delivery of ordered products can be carried out until 1 am, which distinguishes the store from many other hypermarkets of this class.

Children's hypermarket Moscow

Children's products

Despite the choice of products that universal Moscow hypermarkets can offer, they cannot fully satisfy the demand of a buyer who wants to purchase specialized goods: for example, upholstered furniture, a large amount of materials for repair and construction, a variety of children's clothes and the like. Currently, there are hypermarkets that offer products of one segment.

Parents who want to buy and see before buying a stroller, crib, car seat, bicycle, shoes, clothes, milk formula, a specific toy should pay attention to the children's hypermarket. Moscow is a city in which there is an opportunity to find the largest stores of children's products. In them you can get detailed advice from sellers, purchase a large number of goods in one place and order delivery. For example, the Lyulka hypermarket offers a huge selection of various baby foods, strollers, car seats, furniture, books, hygiene products, toys, bicycles and scooters, as well as gifts and accessories. They can be purchased on site or made an order in the online store.


Modern residents of the metropolis cannot imagine themselves without the presence of household appliances and electronics, so any home appliance hypermarket in Moscow has a large turnover and often offers purchases on various stocks (discounts, gift products, exchanging an old appliance for a new one, and so on). Such stores have a developed system of orders through Internet sites with the possibility of delivery or pickup.

The most notable chain stores that have the most positive reviews are Technopark, MediaMarkt, Eldorado. The first of these is the largest home appliance hypermarket in Moscow and Russia. He has his own warehouse and showroom, having visited which, the buyer can get acquainted with a huge assortment of electronics, digital equipment, household appliances, as well as all kinds of accessories. The main sale takes place through the online store, where you can immediately buy or leave an order for the necessary goods. Delivery is made not only in Moscow and the region, but also in the regions.

large hypermarkets in Moscow

Construction Materials

When repairs are made, searching for individual products in stores can be very inconvenient, especially for residents of a metropolis who are forced to travel to different parts of the city. But all the necessary products or most of them can be found in one place. Here Moscow construction hypermarkets come to the rescue : Leroy Merlin, OBI, Sadko. As a rule, they offer a wide selection:

  • building materials;
  • electrical goods;
  • tools;
  • plumbers;
  • tiles;
  • doors;
  • hardware products;
  • flooring;
  • paints;
  • decor;
  • lighting;
  • storage devices;
  • furniture and accessories for the kitchen;
  • household appliances.

Thus, visiting these stores, you can not only purchase materials for repairs, but also pick up items that will give a complete look to the updated room. All major construction hypermarkets in Moscow have a developed system of online orders, delivery to Moscow, the region and regions.


After reviewing the list of stores in the capital, we can say that the most convenient are large outlets with a huge assortment of goods, the possibility of ordering through an online store and quick delivery. Hypermarkets in Moscow, which compete with each other and fight for the attention of the buyer, also constantly conduct various promotions and offer discounts.


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