We make DIY crafts in the garden

DIY garden
Do you want to spend time in the country, not only fun, but also to good use? Try to make DIY crafts in the garden. Your children will be happy to take part in such a creative activity and maybe even succeed in such matters.

If you have a large garden, then do-it-yourself crafts in the garden will be very welcome! They will bring some bright colors and originality to the design. You can start with the simplest: decorating flower beds. Well, what kind of boredom is this when flowers grow on an ordinary garden bed? Why not put them in an old, useless cart, which every year they forget to take to the trash? Crafts in the country and so interesting that the seemingly the most ordinary-looking things can be turned into real works of art.

So, first you need to prepare our "flowerbed". So that it doesnโ€™t look really scary, it needs to be slightly renewed and painted, but, on the contrary, you can bring in antiquities and simply cover it with varnish or a special coating for wood so that it does not deteriorate longer.

DIY crafts in the garden
Next, we prepare the soil for plants: it is advisable to choose the most fertile soil, not sparing fertilizers. By the way, we note that it needs to be updated every year to make plants comfortable. Therefore, flowers should be selected annuals and plant them with seedlings.

Arrange a celebration for indoor flowers, take them out to fresh air. Just do not forget and they come up with an unusual place. You can convert the old bedside table into another flower bed, and put up a few flower pots upstairs. To open boxes at different levels, plant begonias, ageratums, coleuses, pansies and other annuals, which, in your opinion, will be well combined with indoor plants.

You should not think that crafts made with improvised and natural materials cannot be adapted to the garden. In labor lessons, children often make different trinkets. For example, figures from fir cones. You can find them great use on the lawn, especially if you make them a couple of friends. But what about mushrooms from old stumps or a hedgehog from unnecessary plastic bottles? By the way, youโ€™ll get a great flowerbed if you stick a lot of them into an earthen mound, giving the form of a hedgehog. Cut the bottom of the bottles and plant different undersized flowers there. The eyes and tip of the nose are cut out of wood. Such a creature just can not go unnoticed!

crafts to the country
Do-it-yourself crafts can also be made from wood in the garden. From it turns out to cut funny figurines. It can be a goby from a poem by Agnia Barto or Valli from the cartoon of the same name. And if you like Russian folk tales, you can create a bun with a company or a hare with a hut.

Even in the garden, do-it-yourself crafts are well made of stone. Such figures will be able to build and children. The easiest option is to find smooth cobblestones and paint them, for example, making a butterfly, ladybug or smesharika. All you need is imagination, paints, brushes and varnish for coating.

In fact, not all ideas will be obtained the first time, but perfection has no limits, and even clumsy turtles will look pretty cute on your lawn. The most important thing is that such exercises will have a pacific effect on you, and you will tenderly admire these crafts.

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