Summer manicure for vacation

Summer manicure for the holiday suggests that as the main color, beautiful female representatives will choose bright and catchy options. During the rest, I would like to paint the everyday grayness somehow and make it brighter. To help in the implementation of such a bold plan can a beautiful and original manicure. On vacation at sea, we suggest choosing one of the options below.

This year's fashion trends

The most fashionable and stylish this season are the following tones:

  • light blue color (association with sky and sea);
  • never losing relevance - white color;
  • sand, orange and yellow colors (association with the sun and sand on the beach);
    manicure on vacation
  • light pink color;
  • all shades of red (coral, bright red, burgundy);
  • all shades of green;
  • fashionable this season - nude.

On some fingers, you can make a semblance of a striped vest. As a rule, it is performed not only in the usual blue and white colors, but also in any others. Bright strips on the nails are the basis of modern manicure on vacation. It is advantageous to combine a striped pattern with a more gentle monophonic version of manicure, which can be decorated with a thematic pattern, for example, a goldfish or a sea anchor.

What manicure to do on vacation?

This year, various colors and shades are used for manicure. One single condition is to display a marine or beach theme.

manicure on vacation at sea

So, for example, the golden general background of summer manicure can be diluted with an unusual pattern of blue or blue, placing it on the edge of the nail. Also, the marine theme can be realized with the help of colored wavy stripes, interwoven along the length of the entire nail, creating an original pattern.

In order that the sea manicure does not look very vulgar and tasteless, it is necessary to refrain from a large number of elements and various colors during the application of the drawing. A couple of combining or, conversely, several contrasting shades using one decorative element is the key to a beautiful and stylish manicure on vacation.

In the event that the radical options when applying the pattern cause only negative emotions, then you can use the combination of delicate and rich colors (garnet, pink, wine or peach) with gold and silver.

Features of marine manicure

A manicure for a vacation borrows ideas from nature itself, since for the period of rest there is an opportunity to choose the most unusual and original option. The color of the nails, their texture and drawings are dictated by those landscapes that are nearby. The manicure option is complemented by an acquired stylish swimsuit, slates and various accessories. Thus, a new fashionable bow is created and a good mood for the whole vacation.

When choosing a variant of marine manicure, preference is given to flowers that are closely related to the sea and the surrounding nature:

  • aquamarine color;
  • golden and silver colors;
  • turquoise;
  • all shades of blue and green;
  • White color.

As a decor for creating a summer mood, elements such as rhinestones, beads, stickers with the image of various thematic drawings, gold glitters, figurines-patterns with a nautical theme are widely used.

what manicure to do on vacation

Manicure care on vacation at sea

Beautiful and high-quality manicure is half the success. However, do not forget about the care of nails and hands. In order to keep the manicure on vacation in excellent shape, you need to listen to the advice of experienced professionals and try to follow them while relaxing at sea:

  1. It is necessary to refrain from the build-up procedure, since during the rest the nails should also have a good rest, soak up useful vitamins and minerals.
  2. For a more persistent manicure on vacation, you can use gel polish.
  3. So that the nails do not peel and do not break while in the sun, masters recommend the use of various oils and creams. Such funds must be applied in the morning and before bedtime.
    summer manicure for vacation
  4. Also, to preserve the nail plate, you should definitely purchase a drug that has a sunscreen effect. As a rule, such tools help to save nails from any physical impact, which will help to extend the well-groomed look of summer manicure.
  5. Do not neglect the set for manicure. This kit will be able to maintain a neat appearance of nails throughout the rest.


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