Cherry manicure: photos, design ideas

Every girl or woman in her desire to be beautiful wants to surprise others, create the perfect image and emphasize her personality. Dark shades of nails, such as burgundy, blue, emerald, gray, are now in fashion. They look solid, expensive, sexy and not very catchy.

cherry manicure

Burgundy shades add elegance to the look. Cherry-colored manicure , the photo of which is presented in the article, Suitable for a young girl and a respectable woman. The variety of created images and their combinations with a burgundy shade makes this option popular.

You can just paint your nails, or you can create a unique design in the cabin or on your own at home. You can complement the cherry-colored manicure with sequins, rhinestones, matte stripes or ornament, stickers, paintings and much more. This design looks good on both long and short nails. The main rule is that the nail plates must be professionally processed. There are a lot of options for creating a unique and unique manicure. But the most popular of them will be considered by us today.

Plain coating

Different shades and variety of materials for nails will allow you to choose the perfect color for the image. Varnishes can be with different textures, with sparkles, glossy and matte, with a dense and translucent coating, holographic and chameleons. Each fashionista will choose the right one for herself. In magazines you can find a lot of images in which cherry manicure. You can see photos of the original design of nails in our article.

cherry color manicure
This manicure is simple and it can be done at home. After processing the cuticle and shaping the nails, you need to degrease the surface of the plate, apply the base, then varnish, and then the final coating. A quality base for manicure will protect the nail from the harmful effects of the chemical components of the coloring composition.

One finger coated manicure

Against the general background of burgundy color, one finger with any decoration looks favorable. It can be a decorative element, sticker, glitter and much more. Such a glamorous performance is suitable for courageous young girls. Variants of application of matte or shining sparkles on one of the fingers will add brightness and completeness to the image.

Cherry manicure with a design of rhinestones is very simple to perform. First, the nails are painted in one or two layers with the main varnish, after which a decorative coating is applied to any of them. After that, the plate is strengthened with a finish coating. Such a manicure adds charm and mystery to the girl. It is suitable for an evening out. In everyday life, at school or at work, it is better to limit yourself to a simple coating without design.

Option with drawings

This type of nail decoration allows the artist to express any mood or embody the most daring ideas. You can use a thin brush to apply any pattern with gold or contrasting varnish. A rather serious and at the same time elegant cherry manicure is obtained with a twist.

Drawings can be applied to one or more fingers. It can be any pattern, ornament, geometrically patterns.

cherry manicure photo

You can use painting nails. The plates are painted with the main varnish, then the master paints whole works of art on them with a special brush and paints:

  • flowers
  • plants;
  • any images.

The manicure option with a pattern of parallel lines is quite popular. Creating such a house design is very simple:

  • It is necessary to paint the nails with matt burgundy varnish.
  • Apply a gold composition with a thin brush on one plate of parallel stripes.

You can do the same stripes differently:

  • Apply strips with transparent varnish, and on top, before drying, attach a piece of metallized foil.
  • After it needs to be removed, and on the strips of transparent varnish there will be a shiny coating.

Moon manicure

Now, manicure is especially relevant when the nail hole is not stained at all or highlighted in a contrasting color.

There are a lot of options. The hole can be rounded (as by nature), triangular or straight. And it can be specially overpriced. Such a manicure is very simple in execution:

  • It is necessary to paint the nails with the main varnish, then draw a hole with a brush. You can apply flesh and beige varnish, then draw the main hole.
  • For an even border, you can use tape or a regular medical patch.
  • Before covering the nails with a second layer, it is necessary that the bottom is well dry.

A manicure with cherry lacquer in this design looks quite contrasting, but also very elegant. If you want to paint the hole, you can use a contrasting tone or similar in tone. In any case, the colors are matched to the overall image.

dark cherry manicure

There are a lot of options for performing such a manicure. The hole can be adjacent to a French manicure. At the border of the nail and the hole can be:

  • simple contrast strip;
  • sparkles;
  • rhinestones;
  • painting and other decorative elements.

When applying an ornament to a rounded hole, you can use strips designed to create a French manicure. First, apply the first layer (the color of the hole), then the second (main), wait for complete drying and create a decor.

French manicure

This is one of the most popular nail design options. It is more common in natural colors, but it can be done in burgundy. A dark red shade may be the edge of the nail or its base.

The rules for performing such a manicure: the nail is painted over with the main color, after it has completely dried, a special strip for the French manicure is glued to the edge, and the edge of the plate is drawn. A neat French manicure adds charm, charm and elegance to a woman.

Geometry in Nail Design

This type of nail design is now very popular because of its simplicity and at the same time its effect. If these are bright colors, then such a manicure can be worn in the summer, if more restrained - then in the cold season, as well as for study and work. Some fashionistas always use this option, contrary to accepted stereotypes.

cherry color manicure photo

In cherry tones, such a manicure is very simple. You can use burgundy varnish as a base or in elements.

Rules for the implementation of such a manicure

First comes up with a drawing (something like a sketch). It is necessary to determine the approximate location of the ornament and flowers in it. If this is a sample from a magazine or photograph, here is easier. The finished sketch is already before your eyes.

Next, we select shades. It happens that you want to create a pattern on the nails, but there are not enough β€œingredients”, for example, some shade of varnish or a thin brush. Then you have to look for another version of the idea or combine what is available. The color of some varnish can be replaced if it goes well with the rest.

Next, proceed to the execution. First, the nails are degreased, then they are coated with a base or immediately with the main varnish, which will be the background. And already further, after the background dries up, an ornament is drawn. It can be triangles, rhombuses, stripes, circles, a different cell and much more. You can complete such a cherry manicure with a geometric ornament and sparkles, and rhinestones, and various stickers. The main thing is not to overdo it.


This is an unusual type of manicure, when the shades of varnish from nail to nail turn into a lighter or darker. A gradient can be made on each nail (from the hole to the edge, the varnish becomes lighter or more saturated).

manicure with cherry varnish

Creating a manicure in cherry tones, you can use burgundy varnish on the middle finger, for example, to bring lighter shades to the little finger, and darker ones to the thumb, or vice versa. You can choose shades, focusing on color. That is, it should be similar, only darken or lighten. With burgundy varnish, you can create an excellent manicure by collecting all the shades of dark red to red, or vice versa: burgundy and darker, closer to black. It all depends on the imagination and taste of the owner.

If a gradient is created on each nail plate, the technique is a bit more complicated and requires some skill. First, after degreasing and applying the base, the nails are painted in a base color, then dried. A sponge or a piece of foam is taken, dipped in a different color with the edge, and with soaking movements, the varnish is applied to the nail from the middle or only to the edge. Next, the coating is fixed with a transparent finish


This type of nail decoration is very simple. Teenagers use it. Although you can create an unusual dark cherry manicure in this way. Manufacturing technology is very simple:

  • The main varnish is applied and dried.
  • The stamping seals with the image are taken, dipped in varnish, and an impression is made on the nail.

It is necessary to ensure that the composition does not drain from printing, but uniformly covers the convex image. On sale there are prints with cartoon characters, as well as with a simple ornament. Of course, it is difficult for an adult woman to choose something suitable, but when creating a geometric manicure, this type of application can be useful.

cherry manicure with design

You need to choose the easiest stamping with an image, for example, a circle. Next, the nails are covered with the main varnish, and circles are printed on top. They can be of several colors or one, can be on one finger or all. This way of decorating will look pretty organic at the same time for mom and daughter. The little fashionista will feel like an adult, and mother will support the girl's endeavors in the desire to be beautiful.


The article describes the most popular ways to perform burgundy manicure. Fashionistas are constantly experimenting to emphasize their personality. Proof of this - numerous photos. Cherry-colored manicure has many options. It all depends on the imagination and professionalism of the master.


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