Tarot alignment for pregnancy: prediction, features of alignment, drawings, their meaning and interpretation

It is easiest to get an answer to a question about a possible pregnancy if you purchase a test strip. But sometimes Tarot cards help to predict a pleasant event no worse than modern methods. And also with their help, you can track an existing pregnancy.

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Which cards indicate an interesting position?

Before making the Tarot layout for pregnancy, it is useful to find out which Arcana will signal conception. As for cards from the category of Major Arcana, here most often the Jester falls on a similar question. Moreover, it does not matter with which deck the fortunetelling is performed. The jester is the Arkan, symbolizing the beginning of the path. Usually it depicts a young man or child with a satchel in his hands. In traditional layouts, this card indicates that the issue of interest to the questioner is related to the child. As for the Tarot layouts for pregnancy, the presence of the Jester in fortune-telling is almost an absolute probability.

Another good map is the sun. This Arkan says that a woman has every chance to conceive and give birth to a desired child. You should also pay attention if the Empress card appears in fortune-telling. This Arkan is especially positive in the Tarot layouts for pregnancy - because it means fertility, productivity. The Empress herself, depicted in the Arcana, is the mother.

Empress card

Also, Arcanum Moon may indicate conception. This card usually indicates some mysterious processes, hiding the truth. Pregnancy is also a kind of concealment of secrecy - until the baby is born.

Junior Arcana

Also a sign of conception are Pages of any suit of the Minor Arcana - with the exception of the Page of Swords. Although these cards show the chances of an “interesting position” and are less likely, they are nevertheless favorable. Therefore, if the Page of Pentacles, Staffs or Chalice fell out, you should think about checking with the test.

As for Aces of any suit, all of them are favorable for conception:

  • Ace of Cups portends good conditions for conception;
  • Ace Pentacles says that fertilization has occurred;
  • The Ace of Swords often portends the birth of a child;
  • Ace of Wands is more indicative of sexual contact than pregnancy itself.

A favorable card is also the Queen of Cups. 10 Bowls that fall in the Tarot layout for pregnancy can also be regarded as a positive response from the deck.

Cards that say no pregnancy

The following Arcana should be regarded as a negative answer about a possible pregnancy:

  • Arkan Moderation - nothing has changed in the body.
  • Queen of Swords or Four of Swords. Also, these Arcana points to possible problems with conception, diseases of the female genital area, abortion, obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
  • Eight Cups. There was no fertilization.

Tower, Death, Devil - these cards in the Tarot layout for pregnancy clearly do not speak in favor of conception. In addition, they may indicate an unfavorable course of pregnancy. Bearing a child may be interrupted. Therefore, a woman needs to be especially careful, and take these Arcana as a warning.

Fortune telling features

Tarot layout for pregnancy and conception is possible at any time. But the most optimal is still considered the period of Christmas fortune-telling. At this stage, you can see the likely events of the coming year, plan your life.

If fortune-telling is carried out during the year, then it is necessary to tie it to the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In terms of time, it is ideal for Tarot cards for pregnancy and conception any full moon evening, when the sun has already appeared in the sky. At this time, the energy field is most activated, and fortune-telling will be most reliable. But it is not recommended to guess from midnight to three in the morning. At this interval, an impure force is activated. Tarot cards about pregnancy can be asked no more than once a month.

tarot cards

Suitable decks

The following decks are most suitable for fortune telling:

  • Classical: Ryder-Waite, Lenormand, Marseille.
  • The deck of “78 Doors”.
  • Tarot of the Goddesses. One of the most “female” decks, fortune-telling on which evokes a feeling of calmness, tranquility, connection to light energy.
  • Tarot of the White Cats. These cards are very good for beginners. They are easy to "communicate", and clearly show what is happening. You can interpret the answer directly from the picture.
Tarot of White Cats

It is not recommended to use for the scenario "Is there a pregnancy?" Tarot that are configured for conflict, hierarchy and more. For example, Tarot Shadows are not very suitable for such divination.

Signifier selection

Before doing the alignment, some tarologists prefer to choose a card-signifier. This is the Arcanum by which the questioner denotes herself. The signifier does not have to be from the same deck on which the divination is performed. It can well be taken from other cards. Not only in the layouts and divination according to the Tarot for pregnancy, but also in the presence of any other questions, the signifier is usually chosen among the figured Arcana. A woman can choose one of the Ladies as her designation. The signifier is placed in divination separately. It can be placed both in the center of the alignment, and on the side - as the most guessing ones will like.

Cards to determine the gender of the child

Arcana, indicating that a woman will have a boy:

  • Among the Senior Arcana are the Emperor, Hierophant, Hermit, Mage.
  • Junior Arcana, portending the birth of a son - Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands, Pages and Knights of Swords and Wands.

The cards indicate the birth of the girl:

  • Senior Arcana: Empress, Priestess, Star, Moon.
  • Minor Arcana - all the Ladies, Ace of Cups and Pentacles, Pages of Cups and Pentacles.

Fortune-telling "Conception"

The cards are laid out as follows:

  • 1 - the general physical condition of the questioner, the readiness of her body for pregnancy.
  • 2 - whether conception occurred.
  • 3 - possible difficulties with maintaining pregnancy.
  • 4, 5 - how the pregnancy will proceed.
  • 6 - the state of health of the fetus.
  • 7 - how the birth will proceed.
  • 8 - baby's health.

Fortune-telling "Pregnancy"

The questions for the cards in this layout of Tarot cards for pregnancy are as follows:

  • 1 - Does the questioner think that she is ready for the birth of a child?
  • 2 - Will she be a happy mother?
  • 3 - will the father of the child provide support, help?
  • 4 - will a woman feel connected due to the birth of a child?
Tarot layout "Conception"

You can also pull out additional cards, which will more clarify the situation:

  • 5 - from what things will you have to end up for the sake of motherhood?
  • 6 - will the child receive a good education in the future?
  • 7 - will the baby have health problems? And if so, which ones?
  • 8 - will parents help?

5-card layout

In this fortune telling cards have the following meanings:

  1. The willingness of the questioner to conceive.
  2. Difficulties at the stage of conception.
  3. Whether conception has occurred.
  4. What will be the health of the fetus.
  5. What will be the health of the mother during pregnancy.
five-card tarot

Fortune-telling "12 months"

Uses this Tarot Card for Pregnancy 12 cards. Arcana is laid out in 12 positions in a circle. Only the Senior Arcana is used. 12 positions in this scenario represent 12 months of the year. It is necessary to start the countdown from the moon. She indicates the first month of pregnancy. For example, if the Moon card falls in August, this means that conception will occur in August. Then they look at what month the sun fell. Thus, the moon indicates conception, the sun - birth. Maps located between the moon and the sun indicate the course of pregnancy. Arcana following the Sun, indicate the state of health of the child after childbirth, as well as their consequences for the health of women. The Thirteenth card is the advice of the Tarot deck - is it worth planning a pregnancy, or is it better to wait.

12-card deal

The interpretation options for this scenario are as follows:

  • If the Sun fell on the 10th month, then the period is reduced to the 9th month. Childbirth will occur on the 9th month. The duration of bearing a child will be the most complete. The 11th and 12th months indicate the state of health of the newborn and mother after childbirth or those events that will occur after the baby is born.
  • If the sun fell on the 11th or 12th months, then delays in fetal development or long, difficult births are possible. Additional information can be obtained from the card that falls on the 9th month.
  • The sun falls on the 7th or 8th month - nothing needs to be reduced. The card suggests that premature birth is possible. You need to look at those Arcana that fall on 5, 6, and also the 7th month. They may indicate possible dangers. Possible stresses, injuries, falls. In other words, what can cause premature birth.
  • If the Sun is absent at the 9th month, then the map that has fallen at this position shows how the birth process will go.
  • If the Sun is clearly located at the 9th month, then you need to look at the maps at 8 and 10 months. They will indicate the condition before and after childbirth.
  • If there is neither the Sun nor the Moon in divination, then pregnancy is not planned. Or so far this information is hidden from the questioner. In this case, it is necessary to analyze those cards that are located on the month in which fortunetelling is performed (it is conventionally taken as the 1st), as well as on the 9th. At these positions, cards may indicate the presence of problems that impede conception: poor heredity, diseases, energy negativity (damage, evil eye).
  • There is no Sun in the layout, but there is a Moon - heavy births, umbilical cord entanglements, and a child’s lack of energy are possible.
  • There is no moon, but the Sun is present - in this case, the Tarot for pregnancy portends difficulties with conception. They can be associated both with physiological problems, and with stress, blocks, lack of willingness of husband and wife to take the soul of a child.
  • The sun and moon are too close to each other (between them from 1 to 4 months). It is necessary to look at those cards that follow after the Sun. A miscarriage is possible (Death, Tower, Sword suit cards indicate them). These Arcana will tell you exactly what caused the miscarriage. Those that are located after the Sun will indicate the consequences. If the reason is not clear, then you can additionally get some more specifying Arcana.
tarot cards

Tarot is a good predictive tool. But in any situation, the cards show only the greatest probability of events. Therefore, guessing about pregnancy, do not forget about going to the doctor and more modern diagnostic methods.

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