Price list for hair extensions in Moscow

For customers who are going to perform for the first time hair extension, price a sheet for salon services turns into a document of special importance, which can interest even more than a master’s diploma. In fact, the formation of the final amount of services is influenced by:

  • the complexity of the technology used;

  • number of donor strands;

  • individual wishes of customers;

  • the cost of the wizard.

If the client has never encountered an extension before, a qualified craftsman should tell her about all the existing technologies and help her choose the most optimal of them.

What are some ways to grow hair

There are two types of building:

  • It's cold. The attachment of donor strands occurs without exposure to high temperatures.

  • Hot. Fixing the lock on your own hair is done using keratin capsules or special glue.

In turn, each of the above species is divided into several subspecies. Hot building methods include:

  • Italian technology. The strands are fixed using keratin capsules formed at the end of the donor strand and special forceps. The clamps are heated to a certain temperature, not violating the structure of their own hair, and at the same time melting the capsule.

  • English technology. To attach the curls, organic resin and a glue gun are used. The only limitation to the use of English technology is the client’s hair length, which should be at least 5 cm.

Types of cold build:

  • German or tape. The donor strands are fixed at the roots using a special tape, along the edge of which a special hypoallergenic glue is applied.

  • Spanish Overhead and native curls are fixed using special glue. Since the glue capsule after hardening has a whitish tint, Spanish technology is performed mainly for blondes.

  • French It is practically no different from Spanish, except that coloring pigment is added to the glue. After solidification, the capsule turns out to be colored in tone with native strands.

  • South Korean or Japanese. The locks are fastened by means of metal rings or beads, matched to the tone of the native hair, the size of which is 2-3 mm. After threading the curls, the ring is crimped at a distance of 5 mm from the roots with special forceps.

To maintain maximum effect, donor strands need careful care and regular correction. Its time depends on the rate of root growth and the type of extension performed.


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