Arcanum 7 Wands - meaning (Tarot). Description of the card, interpretation in divination

There are major and minor Arcana in the Tarot deck. Each of them carries its own load in the layouts. One cannot assume that some are more important than others. They are just different. For example, consider 7 Wands. The meaning of the Tarot in the global sense is that each lasso describes a certain state of a person. Their combinations and variations reflect almost all possible situations in life. When you decide to take cards seriously, you need to get to know each lasso in detail. Our theme is the Seven of Wands. Let's look at its general meaning, behavior in the layouts and combinations.

7 Wands Tarot

7 Wands - meaning (Tarot)

The cards of this suit describe the state and development of the physical world, that is, the situation in which the fortuneteller is located. After certain achievements (six), the period of setting new goals has come. It is described by 7 Wands. The meaning of the Tarot cannot be determined strictly without variations. Both major and minor lassos describe trends that influence a person or situation. Our map is connected with air, its unpredictable movement. This is the lasso of mystery and temptation. A person is under the influence of past victories and achievements, he wants more. He gazes thoughtfully at the alluring lights of the city, glowing in the distance, promising a lot of pleasure and immense happiness. He does not look at his feet where a stormy, deep, destructive river flows. This is the image that gives us 7 Wands. The value of the Tarot is desirable to consider voluminously, given all aspects of the situation. The fact is that the lassos describe its entirety, revealing facts and tendencies unknown to the fortuneteller. You need to try to identify them by a combination of cards. Our lasso speaks about prospects and dangers at the same time. This is a symbol of the upcoming exam, which will not be noticed by someone who is well prepared, has learned previous lessons, and has gained wisdom.

ace of wands

The Meaning of the Inverted Seven of Wands

Like any lasso, in this position the subject shows a negative side. It lies in the deception, the mass of mutually exclusive ephemeral chances that suddenly open before a person. They are incomprehensible, fantastic and absurd. A man stands on unsteady ground, trying to rely on accumulated experience. Namely, this is not worth doing. Only the brave can take off. The chance to conquer everything that a person dreamed of is foreshadowed by an inverted 7 Wands. But it must be chosen from others, determined. For this it is impossible to use logic, one should listen to intuition, give in to an impulse. If you fail to choose the right direction, crash. The meaning of the inverted lasso is a test of the spirit. This is a situation in which you can win or lose everything that is important. In addition, our lasso indicates that the fortuneteller has little time. It is necessary to respond quickly to changing circumstances, to act swiftly. The risk of error is very high. It will be impossible to fix it. That is, the situation can be called critical.

knight of wands

7 Wands of Tarot: Significance in a Relationship

If the alignment concerns love, then our lasso predicts not entirely pleasant events. Relations are on the decline. What previously carried away, excited the imagination, gave pleasure, will now appear in a different light. The fortuneteller will have to endure sobering up. The veil will fall from the eyes. He will see the real state of affairs, will understand that his partner is not perfect. The criticality of the moment is that parting, fading of feelings is quite likely. Can a person keep love under the pressure of a boring routine? To answer this himself. Arkan portends change is not for the better. Lonely, he speaks of a certain period of emptiness, lack of strength. It is too early for them to think about a new relationship. There is no willingness to accept a partner with all its shortcomings. The destiny of these people is to observe the happiness of others. Think of the situation as a necessary experience. If there is an Ace of Wands near our lasso, the situation changes radically. This combination will predict for lonely people a new, probably short, but stormy romance.

king of wands

The effect on the relationship of an inverted lasso

In this position, the card indicates that the fortuneteller does not understand what is happening. The meaning of events is hidden from his inner view. A person doubts a partner or his attitude towards him. The value of the Tarot cards of the 7 Wands upside down is almost always negative. If the moon is near, you are being deceived. Most likely, the beloved person has a different object of interest. When both lasso are upside down, wait for treason. In any case, changes are coming. Their meaning should be sought in the accompanying maps. If they are positive, then the doubts will be resolved in an incredible way and you will find happiness. The inverted seven promises a period of experiences for lonely people. In the near future, progress in personal life should not be expected. A person is not yet ripe for a deep feeling. All his aspirations are selfish, feelings are superficial.

seven wands

The value of the lasso in the relationship to business relations (direct position)

It is necessary to clearly follow the plans, verify the information, do not take the word for partners. The situation is changing rapidly. You can’t act with old methods, they no longer work. This is what the direct Tarot card of 7 Wands tells us. Significance in combination with other lasso - specifies the situation. If the Moon or the Tower is near, get ready for the collapse of plans, the betrayal of partners or colleagues. When in combination there is Peace, Star, Death - everything is not so bad. Change will be favorable. But one should rely on intuition. In the current situation, you should not trust anyone. Each, as they say, for himself. When it comes to generating income, it is advisable to be extremely attentive to the documents. Seven portends a fatal error that can be avoided. If the King of Wands falls nearby, then some influential man will come to the rescue. In some cases, this combination speaks of a promising offer that you should not refuse.

combination of wands

The influence of the inverted seven of wands on the business sphere

The fortuneteller will have a chance to change the situation for the better. It will most likely seem strange or absurd. One must be attentive to one's forebodings, not afraid to seem foolish. Take a chance, advises our lasso. If the moon is near, stop fooling yourself. This combination denotes illusions. When fortunetelling for money, she predicts losses due to deception or stupid carelessness. It is a different matter when the Knight of Wands (direct) lies nearby. This combination is favorable for the business sector. The fortuneteller has the strength to overcome a period of uncertainty. Tip: persistently move in the chosen direction despite critics and adverse circumstances.

Health Implications

Do not attach particular importance to minor ailments, recommends our lasso. Remember that diseases form in the head. If you think a lot about problems in the body, get an undesirable reaction from the organs. In the upright position, the seven indicates that nothing threatens health. Fears are far-fetched. If the question concerned surgical intervention, it should be postponed. So far, the outcome is unclear. Inverted, the card also does not portend problems, but hints at the fortuneteller having bad habits. They must be fought.


Of course, the alignment should be considered in its entirety. For example, the combination of Wands in it speaks of the development of the situation in the physical world, bowls - about the influence of feelings, pentacles - about the financial situation, swords reveal the emotional component. There are more cards of any suit, that area is more important in this matter. Our lasso means that instability is present precisely in this area of ​​life. Good luck


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