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Eduard Khodos is a Ukrainian public figure, publicist, writer and founder of a unique library with a multi-million army of readers. How did he do it? The community consists of cells, each of which has 15 agitators conducting educational work. Thus, in Ukraine alone more than 1000 branches have been created. The author of the books of this unusual library is Eduard Davidovich Khodos.

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He was born on June 6, 1945. According to his autobiography, he graduated from Kharkov Pedagogical Institute. In 1990, Khodos took an active part in the reconstruction of the dilapidated Kharkov choral synagogue. Gradually, she settled in; services and holidays began to be held in her.

How it all began?

In October 1990, a delegation consisting of representatives of the six largest Jewish communities in the USSR flew to New York.

During a visit to America, guests from the USSR met with financiers and industrialists, attended meetings of the Senate, talked with senators and heads of the US rabbi. These events were widely covered in the press.

For three weeks, Hodos Eduard was in the United States at the personal invitation of the Lubavitcher Reb Schneerson. The one who blessed Khodos to a high position. According to the plans of Chabad, Baron Khodos was to become the viceroy in the post-Soviet space - the Jewish baron. He resigned, because it was then that he realized what this organization was.

In addition to official meetings, they met daily with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who posed certain tasks for them:

  • To use all the Jewish potential in the USSR in order to dominate in all spheres of life.
  • Contribute to the revitalization of Jewish life in communities and local capital. The main goal is to infiltrate the country's political institutions.

According to the baron, a specific task was personally set for him: to make the then mayor of Kharkov “his”, because according to Chabad, by his mother he is a Jew.

Then, in the USA, the charity organization “Gates of Mercy” was created, its entry into Kharkov was to take place through the Khodos Foundation. The project was obviously empty, its main goal was to reach the first person of the city.

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In 1991, Khodos Eduard Davidovich was appointed head of the Jewish community in Kharkov. At his invitation, the synagogue was visited by Metropolitan of Kharkov and Vladyka Nicodemus. In 1992, the city was visited by the head of security of the Chabad M. Slonim. From that moment, serious disagreements began between the rabbi of the Kharkov synagogue and this organization.

  • In June 1992, the city newspaper Vremya reported an explosion under the balcony of an apartment where Eduard Khodos was registered.
  • In 1993, the same newspaper published material in which there were extracts from a note with threats addressed to the baron.
  • A year later, the Panorama newspaper reported that a shell had been planted under the door to the chairman of the Jewish community, E. Hodos.
  • In 1995, materials about the conflict between Eduard Davidovich and the representative of Chabad M. Moskovich who arrived from abroad began to arrive at the prosecutor's office in Kharkov.
  • In 1997, Khodos was attacked.
  • A year later, a fire broke out in the Kharkov synagogue, the damage from which was colossal.
  • In 1999, the city authorities evicted their community from there. According to Khodos, the threats began after he entered into opposition with Chabad.

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Baron's Philosophy

According to Khodos, Chabad is a closed, kabalistic religious organization. Eduard Davidovich did an internship there, but was never a member of this community. Moreover, in his understanding - Chabad and the Jew are incompatible concepts.

Hodos considers himself a Jewish anti-fascist and fights against fascist ideology. CHABAD rules the world and causes irreparable damage, says Khodos Eduard Davidovich.

All books by this author contain facts and evidence:

  • 1993 - “Does Ukraine Need a Messiah from Brooklyn?”;
  • 1994 - The Power of the Werewolves;
  • 1999 - "Ax over Orthodoxy"; “President Kuchma”, “My struggle”;
  • 2000 - “The Coming of Judah”;
  • 2001 - “Jewish Syndrome” - books 1 and 2, “Christ is my brother”;
  • 2002 - continuation of the Jewish Syndrome-2 and book 3, Jewish Roulette;
  • 2003 - The Jewish Blow;
  • 2004 - “When the Jews march”, “Jewish Nord-Ost”;
  • 2005 - “Jewish Fascism”, “Choice - 2006”;
  • 2006 - "Chabad Brigade", "At the edge of the grave";
  • 2007 - The Jewish Tornado.

In the books, Khodos Eduard Davidovich exposes the organization of Chabad, cites the facts. He claims that the blessing with the dollar is the most terrible ritual of the sect. By the way, Schneerson blessed him himself with two dollars.

Hodos claims that this is a cynical and immoral ritual in which Kabbalistic elements are present. He gives an example that the width of the dollar is 66.6 mm. In other words, the number of Satan is encrypted in it - 666. The members of the Chabad bless them. This is nothing but worship of the golden calf.

Hodos Eduard Davidovich claims that recently the influence of Chabad has strengthened. This is the only Jewish sect that intervenes in world politics. Their presence negatively affected both in America and in the countries of the former USSR.

Khodos does not lead to any recipes to oppose this organization. He believes that he has an educational role. For this purpose, the HODOS Union was created.

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Followers and opponents

In 2005, Eduard Davidovich announced the creation of the HODOS program - a Christian liberation voluntary-united union. The essence of the program in the name itself is the fight against the Antichrist and the liberation from the Judeo-Nazi yoke. According to the creator of the organization, this is a call to the volunteer army and its goal is to stop fascism in any of its manifestations.

Khodos has many followers. Those who sincerely believe his "teaching." This is evidenced by numerous reviews of books and videos on Youtube.

But most readers criticize Hodos and accuse him of spreading myths about the Jewish nation. In addition, many believe that he is trying to spread the ideas of Stalinism in the Orthodox environment and blames all the sins and crimes of the powerful on CHABAD.

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Where did Hodos Edward go?

This question a few years ago was asked by admirers of the rabbi, as evidenced by entries in social networks and forums. They were worried that materials on the Khodos website had not been updated for a long time. After several attempts on him, the unrest is completely justified. But the long absence of Eduard Davidovich is due to the fact that he is active in social activities.

In July 2014, Khodos converted to Orthodoxy, which caused controversy among the public: some argue that this is true; others say this is not possible since Hodos is a rabbi.

But the monk Athanasius, to whom Khodos Eduard Davidovich came (photo above) in September 2015, confirmed that the baron was baptized by complete immersion. He denied the Talmud and said that Christ was always present in his mind. In evidence, he showed the monk of the Holy Mount Athos his notebooks with youthful verses, where Christian motifs are present. They recorded their conversation, put the video on Youtube.

In October 2015, Khodos Eduard Davidovich put forward his candidacy for mayor in Kharkov. The 70-year-old self-nominee was the eldest of the candidates. He was supported by the Party of Defenders of the Fatherland.

Hodos collects art masterpieces. In the days of the union was among the largest connoisseurs of antiques. His collection includes several hundred samples of sculpture, painting, bronze, porcelain, church icons and miniatures. This collection was exhibited in the Manege (in Moscow).

Eduard Davidovich also continues to engage in educational activities and urges to resist the world Hasidic conspiracy. In June 2017, new videos with his performances appeared on the Youtube channel. So the unrest of his supporters was in vain. We wish good health and many years to this unusual person.

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