Dr. Clauder Cat Food: Review, Composition, Manufacturer

"Dr. Clauder" (Germany) - cat food from a well-known brand with more than 60 years of history. It is believed that German production should guarantee strict quality control and compliance with European standards. The range of "Dr. Clauder" presents premium and super-premium products. Below we’ll talk more about the feed of this brand.


On the shelves of veterinary stores you can find a large assortment of cat food Dr. Clauder. All products are divided according to taste characteristics, age characteristics and other parameters.

  • Premium dry feed. This diet can be distinguished by the inscription Premium Cat Food. It presents dry food intended for cats from 6 weeks and older. Separately, you can select dry food "Dietary meat" for animals that require calorie restriction or weight loss. Dry croquettes are sold in packages of 400 g and 15 kg (suitable for those with several pets). It is worth noting that the packages do not have zip fasteners, which creates inconvenience during storage.
dry cat food
  • Wet cat food "Dr. Clauder." This line includes rations in various packages and volumes: canned food (100 g in three flavor variations), spiders (100 g in seven flavor variations), canned food (tin cans of 415 g, nine flavors), pastes (tin cans of 200 g )
  • Medical products for pets with special needs (diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver, prone to allergies). This series is available in the form of canned food, packaged in cans of 200 g.

Wet nutrition is made on the basis of meat and fish components, as well as offal. This includes Dr. Clowders feed with chicken, rabbit, game, shrimp, salmon and tuna, heart and kidneys.

Super premium dry feed

This segment presents dry granules that allow you to take into account the various features of cats. Super Premium Series consists of four types of feed:

  • for elderly and sterilized animals;
  • universal for all breeds;
  • Dr. Clauder grain-free food for cats with sensitive digestion;
  • a special diet for pregnant and lactating animals, as well as for kittens.
Red Cat

In addition, in the segment there is a treatment series to correct various health deviations. There is a full-fledged diet, which is available in packages of 400 grams and two kilograms.

It is worth noting that despite the wide range of Dr. Clauder's, in the Russian market the most popular is the line of premium rations. They are most often sold in stores, while the super-premium series is found only at individual points of sale.

Composition analysis

Food for cats "Dr. Clauder" is presented in various series, which vary greatly in composition. That is why it will be fair to analyze samples of each of them individually. As a rule, the conclusion about the quality of feed is made by the first five ingredients, so we will consider them in more detail.

Premium Dry Food

dry food "Dr. Clauder" with salmon

We will analyze the feed in this line using the example of Dr. Clauder's salmon feed. Components indicated on the package:

  1. Meat and meat products (chicken). Used as a source of animal protein. The form of the raw material and its specific form are not indicated. But stranger is that in the feed with salmon in the first place appears chicken meat.
  2. Fish and fish products (salmon).
  3. Cereals. The quantity and type are not specified.
  4. Chicken Fat Cheap source of fatty acids.
  5. Vitamins and minerals.

The composition of the product, which the company positions as a premium class, actually corresponds to the economy option. All ingredients are indicated in general terms only. Percentage not at all noted. In addition, Dr. Clauder does not add any additional herbal supplements or extracts to the feed that should enrich the animal’s body with useful substances.

Wet food

canned food with Dr. Clauder game

We will analyze the composition of the wet diet using the example of Dr. Clauder canned food with game. The following components are marked on the package:

  • Meat and animal offal (game min. 4%). The source of animal protein, the only sign that says that canned food belongs to the premium class.
  • Cereals. Not indicated which.
  • Plant protein extracts. Not indicated which.
  • Minerals
  • Sugar. An ingredient harmful to cats, leading to obesity, arthritis, diabetes, tooth decay.

Unfortunately, the composition does not reach the premium class. It will be fair to attribute this product to the economy segment.

Super Premium Dry Feed

grainless cat food "Dr. Clauder"

We will analyze the composition of this series on the example of Dr. Clauder Adult Grainfree grain-free cat food. The first five elements:

  • Chicken meat (18%). The source of animal protein (it is not specified what parts of the chicken the product is made from).
  • Potato flour. A good source of fiber and carbohydrates, as are the following flakes. But the presence of this component in large quantities is harmful to the animal.
  • Chicken meat flour (15%).
  • Potato flakes.
  • Animal fats (chicken and beef). The source of fatty acids.

Additionally, the food is enriched with plant extracts and useful additives to maintain the health of the pet. It is worth noting that the super-premium dry ration is more balanced in relation to the rest of Dr. Clauder's products. And yet it raises additional questions due to the presence of a large amount of potato component.


Wet and dry food Dr. Clauder's has been sold on the Russian market for several years. They can be bought at almost every pet store or large supermarket, as well as purchased online.

The cost differs depending on the packaging volume and product category:

  • Meat pastes (200 g) - from 60 rubles.
  • Canned food (400 g) - from 59 rubles.
  • Pauchi (100 g) - from 32 rubles.
  • Canned medical line - from 145 rubles.
  • Dry granules super-premium - from 400 rubles (400 g), from 1,350 rubles (2 kg).
  • Premium Cat Food (400 g and 15 kg) - from 60 and 2,000 rubles, respectively.

Often online stores organize promotions and sales, allowing you to buy feed at an even lower cost.

Food for cats "Dr. Clauder": reviews of veterinarians

food for cats

Experts believe that the bulk of Dr. Clauder's products are in the economy class. Therefore, you should be more wary of such foods and buy better and balanced food for cats. Doctors do not recommend giving a ration with incomprehensible ingredients in the composition and a small volume of animal protein to animals, and even more so, to use it on an ongoing basis.

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