Friends of Pushkin in the Lyceum. The happiest and most carefree years in the life of the poet

Lyceum years are the most joyful and carefree period in the life of the great Russian poet and prose writer of the 19th century, Alexander Pushkin. It was in the Lyceum that he revealed his unique talent, because he began to compose poems at the age of 13. Alexander Sergeyevich was never a clear leader, this place was assigned to Illichevsky, but nevertheless, the young talent actively participated in the cultural life of the educational institution, the poet in every possible way proved his worth, although his peers did not really interest him.

Pushkin’s friends in the Lyceum were not only the first to appreciate the talent of the future classic of Russian literature, but also to experience all his taunts and mockery. Close associates Alexander Sergeyevich could name only three people - Wilhelm Küchelbeker, Ivan Pushchin and Anton Delvig. In the last years of his studies, the writer made friends with many of his peers and older boys, but he spent most of his time at the institution with these three fellow students.

Pushkin's friends at the Lyceum
Ivan Ivanovich Pushchin is Pushkin’s best friend in the Lyceum, it was with him that he shared all the hardships and sorrows. Alexander and Ivan met at the entrance exams, lived in neighboring rooms. Pushchin remained a faithful and loyal comrade until the death of Pushkin. The boys had completely different characters, perhaps this attracted them to each other. Alexander was too quick-tempered, vulnerable, active, but Ivan conquered with prudence, calm, modesty and good nature.

Pushkin's friends at the Lyceum were his support and support. For example, at the end of each school day, Alexander Sergeyevich through the partition in the room told Pushchin about his problems and concerns, but he always understood him, helped with advice. They lived many happy days together, were participants and instigators of various undertakings. The poet always remembered with warmth and joy his lyceum years.

Pushkin's best friend at the Lyceum
Pushkin's friends at the Lyceum also shared his creative impulses. In poetic aspirations, Alexander agreed with Anton Delvig. This phlegmatic, lazy and sedentary baron loved to write poetry, but they were more for himself than for the public. It was Alexander Sergeyevich who made the silent young man demonstrate his work to everyone. Pushkin appreciated the works of Delvig, who, in turn, was the first to be honored to hear the new creations of the young genius. It was the unity of interests that bound these two such unlike people.

Pushkin's friends in the face photo
Repeatedly fired at by the bullying and witticisms of the poet, Pushkin’s friends in the lyceum. Photos of the comrades of the great Russian classic are preserved to this day. The educational institution brought Alexander Sergeevich with the good-natured and disinterested Wilhelm Küchelbeker. This man was most often attacked by a poet who honed his wit on him. Once the stupid, amusing and mediocre “Kyukhlya”, as Alexander called him, could not stand it and challenged him to a duel, but it all ended in peace.

Pushkin’s friends at the Lyceum also contributed to some extent to the development of the creative potential of Russia's future pride. Alexander Sergeevich needed support, approval, admiration, criticism, and in the end he received all this in full.


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