How to connect iPhone to TV: step-by-step instructions, features and recommendations

You can play back an iPhone image using a TV. This is a fairly simple task that can be solved in several ways. Each person can decide for himself what exactly he should do to connect to the TV. Some of the possible methods seem a bit confusing. But in fact, everything is extremely simple and clear. Today we will figure out how to connect the iPhone to the TV. It doesn't matter which model. Nevertheless, the possibilities of TV will also have to be taken into account. After all, some layouts do not take place in relation to specific TVs due to the lack of certain functions.

how iphone connect to tv

Connection Methods

Thinking about how to connect the iPhone to the TV, a person should understand that he will have quite a few ways to solve the problem. Almost all possible layouts work very efficiently and effectively.

You can connect in the following ways:

  • over Wi-Fi;
  • via USB;
  • using HDMI / VGA;
  • via Apple TV
  • using special adapters;
  • using ChromeCast.

Also popular is the connection via DLNA. This is a fairly common solution that does not require any special knowledge and skills.

Features of connecting to Samsung

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV? You can do this using one of the previously listed methods. But first you have to take into account some features of the operation.

Most methods require the user to install special software to display the home library. For Samsung, this is Smart TV. Without this utility, displaying an image from an iPhone on the screen will not work.

For LG

How to connect iPhone to LG TV? Approximately the same as with any other TV. The main thing is to have special software to translate ideas into reality.

how to connect iphone to samsung tv

As we already found out, Smart TV is a program for Samsung. LG also has a separate application for displaying your home library. It's about Smart Share. Once the appropriate utilities are installed, you can proceed with decisive action.

DLNA Online

How to connect iPhone to TV? You can use the technique that allows you to watch videos online directly from TV through the "apple" device. This is a fairly common scenario.

We offer detailed instructions:

  1. Install Twonky Beam on your mobile device. Without this utility, you can forget about connecting to a TV.
  2. Turn on the TV.
  3. Launch "Twim Bim" and click on the gear image in the upper left corner.
  4. Click on "Hide or show ...".
  5. Connect the Internet to the iPhone.
  6. Launch the music library application on your TV.
  7. Go to Twonks Bim and visit the video page.
  8. Start movie playback.
  9. Open the right side panel.
  10. Choose the model of the TV with which you plan to work.

Done! All these actions will display a TV image. There is nothing difficult about this.

how to connect iphone to lg tv

DLNA and offline

Now it’s clear how to connect the iPhone to the TV. This is only one possible scenario. The next trick is to use DLNA (the appropriate setting should be provided for on TV) offline.

The connection guide looks like this:

  1. Launch on the iPhone "Tvonki Bim".
  2. In the application settings, select "Hyde or Show ...".
  3. Click on the image of the house in the upper right corner of the application.
  4. Select the video on the smartphone that you want to display on the TV.
  5. Turn on the TV.
  6. On the iPhone, drag the taskbar from Twonky Beam to the left.
  7. Specify the model of the device to which the video will be transmitted.

It is done! All of these steps will help to display the video on the screen. No wires or additional software required. It’s enough to have a DLNA TV.

Apple tv

How to connect iPhone to TV? A rather interesting and simple trick is connecting through Apple TV. Typically, this decision comes to avid lovers of "apple" products. It makes sense for them to buy a special Apple TV box.

connect iphone to usb tv

To implement the task will have to:

  1. Turn on the console and connect it to Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect the TV to Wi-Fi. You need to connect the equipment to the same network as Apple TV.
  3. Connect the TV using an HDMI cable to the console from Apple.
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi on the iPhone and select the network to which the previously listed devices are connected.
  5. Swipe left on the screen, on the AirPlay panel select the TV model with which you plan to work.

Now you can open the video on your smartphone and watch it on the TV. To do this, on the TV in the settings you have to set the signal reception via HDMI.

No Wi-Fi or wires

How to connect iPhone to TV? If the TV does not have any connectivity to Wi-Fi, then you can go the other way. For example, buy a special adapter-transmitter. This device resembles a flash drive. With its help, the connection of "apple" devices to the TV is simplified to the maximum.

You must perform the following steps:

  1. Install iMediaShare on iPhone.
  2. Connect the transmitter to HDMI or USB (depending on the device model).
  3. On the TV, set the signal reception from the corresponding jack.
  4. Connect Wi-Fi on a mobile phone.
  5. Launch "AyMediaShea" and specify the TV model in the settings.
  6. Enable video on iPhone.

Quick, easy, convenient. Similarly, the connection is through ChromeCast. The difference is that this transmitter allows you to play videos even from YouTube.

USB wires

Need to connect iPhone to TV? Smart TV and other applications will help with this. But the simplest solution is to implement the task through the wires. Such a connection is not only simple, but also useful for an iPhone - during it the device is charged, which does not allow the battery to sit down when playing a video.

connect iphone to smart tv

Need to connect iPhone to TV? A USB cable will help with this. The user needs to do this:

  1. Connect the USB cable to the mobile phone.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the TV into the appropriate connector.
  3. Turn on the TV and open its settings.
  4. Specify the USB port in the type of signal reception.
  5. Open movie on iPhone.

In principle, that’s all. No further action is required. Connecting your iPhone 5S to your TV, like any other Apple device, is easy.

HDMI cable

Also popular is the connection via an HDMI cable. This technique, as is the case with USB, takes a minimum of time and effort. Of the shortcomings, one can distinguish only the presence of an extra wire, which does not allow you to leave with an iPhone for a long distance.

How to connect iPhone to TV via HDMI? To do this, you need:

  1. Plug the appropriate cable into the TV.
  2. Connect an adapter for iPhone to it.
  3. Stick the second end of the adapter to the mobile device.
  4. Turn on the TV and set it to receive data from the HDMI port.

Perhaps this is all. It remains only to select the desired video and start playing it on the "apple" device. Everything is much simpler than it sounds!

connect iphone 5s to tv

So, we got acquainted with the simplest and most common methods of connecting "apple" gadgets to televisions. All of the above methods really work. But their choice is mainly limited by the capabilities of TV. Accordingly, some tricks will not work on certain TV models. This is quite normal.


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