Dream Interpretation: why dream of breaking an egg? Why do you dream of broken eggs?

The egg is a symbol of the origin of life. In reality, we are not very respectful of this product, because many delicious dishes are made on its basis. However, in a dream, each event seems more significant and begins to take on a deeper meaning. Why dream of breaking an egg? People see this dream as an alarming omen. To find out whether it is or not, we turn to proven dream books.

why dream of breaking an egg

Idiomatic dream book

In this source, importance is attached to the stereotypes that have developed among the people about this or that subject. So, hatching eggs means freezing in anticipation for a specific purpose. Seeing someone being thrown with rotten eggs, portends in reality the overthrow of the authority of some universally recognized leader. But to keep an egg in a dream means in reality to be occupied with petty-egoistic concerns. And, of course, one cannot ignore the expression “give in the balls”, that is, in the most vulnerable place. In this sense, what dreams of breaking an egg involves breaking up with one's most cherished plans and hopes. But to lay a testicle in a dream means to give birth to some kind of brilliant idea in reality, to see the source of personal enrichment.

Female dream book

According to the women's dream book, eating eggs in a dream is not recommended - this can lead to unusual and disturbing events in your home. But what the broken eggs dream of portends a generous gift of fate. This means that you have an elevated mind and a sense of justice, so you will win the respect of many people. A nest with eggs in a dream symbolizes a successful marriage or an unexpected inheritance from distant relatives. And for women, such a dream portends numerous novels. A basket of eggs symbolizes a profitable business operation in which the dreamer will directly participate. But all of the above bonuses of fortune will fall on you only on condition that the eggs in the dream are fresh. The spectacle of rotten eggs in a dream, on the contrary, portends a decline in business and a loss of property.

why dream of breaking chicken eggs

Small Velesov dream book

In this dream book, everything is simple. Whole eggs dream of good and success, and those seen in large numbers symbolize large profits. True, to see them in the nest means to endure various troubles in reality, and when painted, to quarrel strongly with a loved one or run into an unscrupulous thief. Concerning what dreams of breaking an egg, this source has an unambiguous opinion - the dreamer will face the death of a relative, a major quarrel, loss, misfortune. If you see already broken eggs in a dream, this will entail the appearance in the house of a dead person or a dangerous disease in someone close to you. In general, the forecast of Velesov’s dream book is not happy.

dream book about broken eggs

Gypsy dream book

Eating an egg in a dream, according to a gypsy dream book, means waking up to gain profit or any benefit for yourself. But crushing it is a harbinger of a quarrel with someone from home, displeasure and annoyance. To get damaged eggs in a dream is to be pursued by enemies, and to eat them in a dream means to get sick or survive troubles. What dreams of breaking eggs, according to the information in this book, does not entail anything good.

why do you dream of broken eggs

Dream book of the sorceress Medea

On the whole, Medea’s dream book has a negative opinion regarding the dream we are considering. The eggs themselves are safe in a dream. They symbolize the birth of life, and to see the chicks hatching from them means to find harmony and tranquility in reality. But then why dream of breaking an egg? And this is a violation of the established order of things - a new life will not appear, which means that its purpose will not be fulfilled. What can symbolize such a dream? Only troubles and misfortunes! A broken shell in a dream threatens unfulfilled hopes in reality.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova

This authoritative esoteric had his own opinion about this or that dream. And it often coincided with reality. In his opinion, to see one or two eggs - at the arrival of guests, but if there are much more of them in a dream, it means that the dreamer will be very successful. Regarding what broken eggs dream of, Tsvetkov believes that such a dream will cause serious harm to the sleeping person in the future.

why dream of breaking eggs

Dreamwalker Dream Interpretation

In the Wanderer’s dream book, an egg is a symbol of the creation and unrealized potential of the sleeping person. A chick hatches from it, which means the embodiment of a certain creative idea, plan, plan. Therefore, what dreams of breaking chicken eggs always carries a negative meaning. Throwing them means to crash and expose. And to break - in reality, to lose something very valuable: career, business, and even the unborn child.

French dream book

According to the French dream book, the spectacle of white eggs in a dream entails the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. Red eggs in a dream mean an annoying and unexpected circumstance, which can greatly harm the sleeping person. Fresh and clean are the harbingers of good news. A basket filled with this product in a dream threatens the dreamer with participation in an unsuccessful enterprise. But as to what the broken raw chicken eggs dream of, in this dream book there is a disappointing answer - a similar picture is dreaming of deep sadness.

why do you have broken chicken eggs

Miller's Dream Book

But with Miller everything is predictable. A nest with eggs in a dream is a symbol of the hearth and happy marriage. For women, such a dream means frequent hobbies. Eating this product in a dream foreshadows the sleeping person with future troubles. What a raw broken egg dreams about is also not a secret for Miller. Such a dream symbolizes fast luck. Rotten eggs in a dream promise a sleeping loss of property and collapse in business. But to find bird eggs in the forest means to inherit from distant relatives.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

This famous interpreter sees something negative in the egg. For him, any surprise may be hidden under the shell, which will be a real shock to the sleeping person. In addition, the image of the egg also hides a sexual connotation, because it resembles male genitalia because of its shape. But what dreams of breaking eggs does not cause any complaints in Meneghetti. If this is done to prepare a dish, it means that a pleasant experience awaits the sleeper. For example, a dish of eggs and carrots symbolizes a quick erotic adventure.

why dream of breaking raw eggs

Freud's Dream Book

For the famous psychoanalyst, the symbol of the egg can only have an unambiguous interpretation - this is the personification of the male principle. For a woman to see this product in a dream means waking up on a date with a representative of the opposite sex, which will surprise her very much. For a man, a catcher of eggs in a dream apparently means having fun in a public bathhouse. But what dreams of breaking chicken eggs has a negative connotation for Freud - most likely, sleeping with a careless look or a word will offend some notorious person. Say better, says this dream, and you will not inflict a spiritual wound on your neighbor. Eating an egg is a close relationship with an old acquaintance, such as a co-worker. To paint eggs for Easter means to look at your intimate life from a new and unexpected side. It will occur to the sleeper to diversify his sensations, and he will show enviable ingenuity in this regard.

Dream Interpretation of Kopalinsky

And this source has its own interpretation of what dreams of breaking eggs. This spectacle portends dirty gossip and bad luck for the dreamer. Scrambled eggs made from a broken product will not fix the situation. Failure, in all its manifestations, will continue to threaten the sleeper. Only the whole egg symbolizes the good news, and painted in red - the coming abundance.

Dream Wanga

For the famous clairvoyant, an egg in a dream represents the planet, the world and all living things that surrounds us. If the sleeper saw it in a rotten form, it means that the threat of destruction awaits the Earth ahead, arising from the invention of new, more advanced types of weapons. What the broken eggs dream of is associated with a certain threat from outer space according to Wang. Perhaps in the near future a deadly meteorite city will fall on our planet, which will split it into pieces and destroy all life around. Eating an egg in a dream suggests that all creatures living on Earth exist due to the absorption of other creatures. And this state of affairs will never change. After such a dream, a person should warmly thank God for sending him food. To boil an egg in a dream means a quick universal drought, because of which people do not die, but change beyond recognition and begin to lead a different lifestyle. These are the global prophecies contained in Wangi's dream book.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

For Nostradamus, the egg symbolizes a new life, rebirth. Watching in a dream how a chick hatches from it means waking up to witness the appearance of some living creature. For a pregnant young woman, such a dream is a sign portending a successful birth. A person who has found in a dream a large egg of an unusual shape can actually find something similar in reality. For example, the egg of a long-extinct dinosaur. But regarding what dreams of breaking raw chicken eggs, Nostradamus has an original opinion. If you dreamed of this, it means that in reality you can commit some crime, even murder. If someone does this in a dream before your eyes, then soon you will become a witness to brutal destruction.

Esoteric dream book

This interpretation of the dream we are considering offers this famous dream book. "Why dream of broken eggs?" - you ask him. And you will learn that such a vision threatens infertility or an unsuccessful pregnancy. But seeing them whole foreshadows quick troubles with children, and the more eggs, the more babies you will have to patronize. And the Easter treat in a dream symbolizes joy and pride for their children, their help and respect.

what does a raw broken egg dream of

Numerological dream book

According to the numerological dream book, what dreams of breaking chicken eggs depends on its contents. If in a dream it will be possible to clearly see all its constituent parts - protein, shell and yolk, it means that at the moment your thoughts are busy searching for the meaning of life, and thinking about it does not bring you the desired reassurance. And if the egg turns out to be with an embryo or rotten, then in three months you will have depression, because you will cease to believe in your own strengths. In addition, you will begin to dig in and be very sorry for yourself. The freshness and brightness of a raw egg indicates that in three weeks you will find a new goal for yourself or do an unusual thing. The sight of a soft-boiled egg means that in reality your whole life will undergo unpleasant changes.

Dream Interpreter of Aesop

This source offers, perhaps, the most extensive interpretation of what dreams of breaking eggs. Such a dream warns a person against careless actions that can negatively affect his entire future destiny. Moreover, broken shells symbolize health problems, and a dish from this product is the appearance of a new fateful acquaintance. Rotten eggs in a dream are a bad sign foreshadowing sorrow, and a two-yolk embryo symbolizes the dual situation in which you will soon find yourself. Aesop offers an amusing interpretation of what makes raw eggs dream of breaking if a chicken crawls out of a damaged product in a dream. It turns out that such a spectacle makes it clear to a person that he is extremely unreasonably using his chance and can pass by his happiness. Turning God's gift into an omelet - seems to be the name of this act. A live chicken is a symbol of that very gift.

Now you know why broken chicken dreams. Interpretations that dream books offer are original and diverse. But they all belong to real people whose opinion can be relied on or completely ignored. Remember this when interpreting your dreams.

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